Plane Crashes in Wichita, Kansas One Day after This Warning was Posted on Facebook

10-30-14 By Devin Saxon. Late Thursday Morning as was reported by 5News, a small airplane has crashed shortly after takeoff en route to Mena, Arkansas. 2 People are dead, 4 are missing, and at least 6 remain unaccounted for.

Photo Taken by Eyewitness on Scene
Photo Taken by Eyewitness on Scene

This posting was made at 5:00pm on October 29th, 2014 by former CIA contractor Robert Tosh Plumlee

 disney threat“I received two of these reports.. one from a FB friend and another NOTAM from the FAA… information was received by anonymous tip by Law Enforcement who alerted HLS who alerted the FAA concerning the “unconfirmed” report received from an anonymous person. Alleged small aircraft to fly into Disney World from south Florida area.. I was request to hold on this for two days. I did….for your background only. … not confirmed but is being taken as a serous threat by HLS and the FAA.”

According to The Federal Aviation Administration’s website a No-Fly Zone was issued above Disney World Theme Park on October 27, 2014.

No-Fly-Zone Area
No-Fly-Zone Area

Could these two incidents possibly be related?

(developing story…)

flight path


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