Is the Federal Government Exploiting Ferguson, Missouri to Test the Resolve of the American People?

“It is the Rule of War, when double your enemies strength, to be able to divide them” -Sun Tzu 

Image: More protests in Ferguson11/24/14 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. It seems everyone has a deeply seeded opinion regarding the mounting chaos erupting in the small community of Ferguson, Missouri, planted right smack in the middle of the American heartland; in the Dakota’s backyard. Since August 8th massive protests have been stirring throughout the greater St. Louis region sparked on an account of the Ferguson Police Department’s brutal killing of an unarmed 18 year old, Michael Brown, and from the looks of scenes on the ground, Ferguson’s defiant protesters show no signs of easing anytime soon. It appears in some sense that a final straw may have been laid on this camels back, a final straw recognized by both the marching supporters of Mike Brown, the vocal defenders of Darren Wilson, and by the uneasy onlookers raisingProtesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada alarms about the growing militarization of police forces. As was the case earlier this year with the BLM invasion of the Bundy Ranch in Clark County Nevada, a new info war has spawned. However, unlike with the Bundy Ranch standoff, where the camel’s back broke into only two distinctive standpoints, dozens of divides within the American thought process seem to be coming to surface in regards to the matters at hand in Ferguson, Missouri; dissected as follows:

                                                    The Conservatives

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan

On one side of this tragic story (of which our posterity will surely study in years to pass) is the conservative standpoint of resuming status quo law and order; who cringed, understandably, upon witnessing Ferguson demonstrators burning the National Flag. Likewise, a “Neo-Con” faction of conservatives affiliating themselves with the occultist practice of crucifix arson, known by some as the southern Democratic Party inspired Ku Klux Klan, has taken action. Born out of the ashes of racism in the confederacy, these KKK “Neo-Cons” who to this day remain infamously affiliated with and littered with multitudes of undercover federal operatives, are brandishing as their outcry the boldly cruel concept that American Citizens in Ferguson who are not Southern Baptists of pure European decent (except for the Irish), should be asphyxiated to death publicly by a rope to preserve the white (non-Catholic) race in America of pure (non-Irish) European decent. To baffle the outer reaches of ridiculousness and irony, the logic of the “Neo-Con” KKK ideology is often referenced to in the preaching of their many gospels of worship, all of which were originally inked in ancient Hebrew and Arabic; never the less, the Jewish and Arab populations, according to the “Neo-Con” KKK enthusiast, are all also to be ridden of this world.kkk

                The Mild Conservative

Those conservatives of a more mild persuasion claim that Darren Wilson is a police officer who was executing his duties in stopping Mike Brown for shoplifting, and that the police officer acted appropriately in using lethal force defending his life after being assaulted. In resolving the crises submerged in Ferguson, and elsewhere, the classic conservative believes that uprooting the growing infallacies of the Obama presidency, countering the ideology of liberals, taunting the objectives of the progressive movement, and deploring the actions of the Democratic Party will successfully counter the mild rebellions growing throughout the St. Louis region and the many other  poor urban communities across the nation; struggling communities of whom themselves are now marching against the excessive executions of law taken by a climbing number of police departments, and who are vehemently demanding more leniency to be delivered by local county courthouses in an effort to subvert escalating injustices.

                                                                                         The Liberal Conservative

Police Shooting MissouriIf the classic conservative tactic fails to adhere success the mild conservative will then likely resort one of two undertakings: The “mild-cons” will expect their more extreme “neo-con” counter parts to take swift action in either forcing or terrorizing any supporters of Michael Brown into submission. If that option is too much to stomach for the “mild-con”, it will unfortunately leave them only one other latter option within their scope of understanding, most famously taken by Benedict Arnold; the mild conservative will almost certainly have no choice but to convert into a full on liberal, and will then subsequently begin expecting a larger governmental police force to crack down on Ferguson dissenters. If the larger governmental policing force successfully cracks down on protesters and restores status quo law and order, the newly recruited Judas-liberals, formerly considered mild conservatives, will have only two of whom to thank; the Democratic Party’s FBI-FergusonMissourian Governor and his emergency use of national guard units, or the incumbent liberal president and his use of federal investigators, President Obama’s use of the Homeland Security Department, and Obama’s assignment of various militarized private contractors.

Supporters of Mike Brown

Pitted against the pouring outcry of conservatives are a growing band of documenters investigating police brutality, and exposing complacent systematic corruption, of whom attest along with the supporters of Michael Brown, that Brown was accosted by a terrorist, Darren Wilson, who executed the teenager for jaywalking in cold blood in broad daylight, surrounded by multiple witnesses, to make a statement to the Ferguson community and the rest of the nation; the state owns you, your right to live, and if you don’t recognize it by now, fortunately you will after today. Likewise an underground faction of central authority resisters, former “Occupy Wall-Street” live-streamers, and world renown anonymous computer hackers obsessed with the image of the infamous BLM monarchist Guy Fawkes, have banded and descended upon the current national spotlight city of Ferguson, countering threats made by the Ku Klux Klan, and red flagging the internet with every unconstitutional action ever taken by the Ferguson Police Department. Curiously, most supporters of Mike Brown have one pillar of common standing with that of the conservatives, in that they are also unhappy with the fallacies of the Obama administration, and feel that they have been used as political pawns by the Democratic Party for far too long. It is either miraculous that conservatives have yet to capitalize on thisanon to expand their own movement, or it is the latter, which draws to attention what some supporters of Mike Brown believe, that the Federal Government’s approval ratings are realistically much lower than advertised, and Washington D.C. is using the opportunity in the St. Louis region to create a divide in the nation which would otherwise be in agreement; bringing into question whether or not this effect has been planned by a central authority with an ulterior motive.

 Supporters of the Protesters

The Ferguson resistance movement seems to be in true Picasso effect, scattered, possessing a more varied scope of opinions in addressing the matters at play, as opposed to the supporters of Darren Wilson. Local supporters of Michael Brown insist that deep seeded racism and extensive unchecked corruption within the Ferguson Police Department is the culprit targeting African American teenagers to be murdered, harassed, and jailed disproportional to other races. Occupy Supporters of Mike Brown, who after digging up their old live-streaming gear collecting dust, are now blm2present simply sticking to the strict adherence of their independence pledge similarly applied during the banker bailouts, which requires the vigilant discrediting of every attempted talking point propagandized by the corporate owned media stations. Vocal supporters of Mike Brown want a sense of anarchy to ensue until Darren Wilson is either dead, imprisoned or at the very least indicted. Out of town supporters of Michael Brown are using his death towards their own ends, many agitating the chaos of which incited the looting plaguing the protest movements initial national support. Sympathy supporters of Mike Brown have been victimized themselves by their own local police department’s mistreatment of citizens, and want Darren Wilson imprisoned to be made an example of for all the hot heads wearing a badge and a uniform who believe they are God when carrying a gun. Chanting trendy supporters of Michael Brown are taking advantage of a free chance to chant and post a ferg3selfie on twitter. Geneva supporters of Mike Brown feel that the United Nations involvement will institute justice. But the consensus expressed by General Supporters of Mike Brown is that they are not necessarily in it to support the Brown family; they are mainly just unanimously appalled at the police’s continuous mistreatment of protesters and journalists on scene, and Ferguson officials’ blatant violations to the Right of Free Speech, to peacefully assemble, and enjoy freedom of the press.

Independent Protesters

Then comes into play, on the palette of Ferguson protestor standpoints, some that are the oddballs of sorts, but are collectively making more sense than most. Starting with the Blacksheep supporters of Mike Brown, who enthusiastically shared in their support of Cliven Bundy with conservatives, and who currently share in their view with conservatives that Mike Brown did assault Darren Wilson and try take his gun. The only difference is that Blacksheep Supporters are praising Mike Brown’s attempt in disarming Wilson, who they view as a terrorist. Blacksheep supporters attest that the current government is an illegal police state which has lost its consent to govern, and that it is a duty to overthrow; to re-institute and restore a legitimate government as is depicted in the Declaration of Independence. ferg2Libertarian supporters of Mike Brown hold true that the culprit of sorrows inflicting Ferguson, and many other poor communities across the nation, are the privately owned Federal Reserve Central Banks of whom are purposely disproportioning wealth away from communities like Ferguson to keep the residence desperate and dependent on the state. Conspiracy Analyst supporters of Mike Brown insist that the Federal Government is keeping the residents of Ferguson in conditions of desperation purposely to ensure the rate of crimes increases, further encouraging state voters to continue increasing policing budgets. Finally comes the Police State Watchdog Supporters of the protests in Ferguson who are generally former combat veterans mainly making their due appearances out of the woodwork after witnessing familiar vehicles used by the US Army in Iraq prowling down Ferguson’s streets.

The Federal Government

Picture1Clearly setting a precedent for the nation, as many Conspiracy Analyst Supporters of Mike Brown expect, the federal government undoubtedly does have the most to gain from the events in Ferguson. With their image hurting after the Feds failed attempt at executing a court order in the middle of the desert on Cliven Bundy’s ranch, federal officers are now scurrying to present an image of prestige and control over the American people; as they did to the Daividians in Waco, Texas. Without having to burn 76 men, woman, and children alive for justly defending their quiet isolated compound community, the circumstances resulting thereof Mike Brown’s death couldn’t have been more of a blessing for Washington D.C.. The protest movement throughout the St. Louis region and across the nation has brought in gift-wrap an easy distraction from President Obama’s agenda on Picture2immigration, spawns an easy ploy to divide the country and restore the federal governments demanded authority over law abiding American citizens, presents an effective distraction from the manipulation of the gold markets and Wall-Street by the Federal Reserve, further presents an outstanding distraction from Citigroup head honchos mysteriously getting their throats slashed in the million dollar heavily secured apartments, simultaneously serves as a distraction from the laughable penalties levied to major banking firms caught steal hundreds of billions of dollars manipulating international interest rates, all but completely buried Congress’s Investigation into the Bengahzi weapons transfers to ISIS, is completely overshadowing the current Grubergate scandal, and now Ferguson has opened wide an easy excuse for a rouge Congress to act further militarizing the nation’s police forces. national-guardConsequently, as was once propagandized by President Obama’s short lived Chief of Staff and Chicago’s current Mayor, the Godfather, Rahm Emanuel, in regarding the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, “never let a good crisis go to waste,” it would seem as if the Federal Government is continuing it’s policy of strategizing it’s national agenda by taking advantage of and in select cases inciting, or even further inflaming, the current crisis, which we now see on display in full view throughout the St. Louis region; demonstrated by the federal government’s evident tinkering with and it’s playing of all sides of the field regarding the unnerving developments arising from the community of Ferguson, especially in regard to the increasing prevalence of violent confrontations between protesters and police taking hold on the streets. It is not far fetched, as the Conspiracy Analyst Supporters of the Ferguson protesters put it, that undercover assets already known to have been historically planted in the KKK, the Black Panthers, and even in the Associated Press, will be out in full sway when the grand jury finally announces it’s decision on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, and they will surely be hitting the gas on their never ending quest to manifest conditions that would excuse setting the precedent of implementing marshal law on American soil.

approval rating
Congress Approval Rating 14%

Perhaps it is time for the American people to unite and set a new precedent against the federal government, if the fedcoats consider the American people as their personal chess pieces to use for political games and ulterior motives, then the American Tax Payer would be wise to consider the overreaching agencies of the federal government as their own pawns in this game concerning the proportion of the America’s national resources. And as pawns to the people of this great country, it is time Team America moves ahead to make some sacrifices; we need to get some more important pieces into the game.

Financial Fraud Prosecutions down 50%
Financial Fraud Prosecutions down 50%

 “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles” – Sun Tzu 


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