The American Spring is… in November?

Are Central Authorities Controlling the Protests Taking Shape Across the Country? 

Ferguson, Missouri

11-26-14 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. If Ferguson, Missouri is indeed the captain of this show of resistance against police brutality being demonstrated nationwide, let us tackle this QB with a thought experiment shall we? Why Michael Brown? Why Him? Stop right there! If you believe the rest of this article is a rant by a White Conservative against Black Liberals, I assure you, you are mistaken; please continue on.

Times Square, New York City

Hopefully I am not pulling a #DonLemonReporting card out on this but, I have to ask. Does anybody honestly care about Michael Brown? Or have millions of American people, who had long since recognized this American police state for what it really is, simply been waiting for the right cop to murder the right martyr at the right time to build a movement around to vent years of building frustration? With a scoffing public that ignores them, and a government that continuously taunts them, were millions of like minded people desperate for any connection with each other for one common cause, be it even from the likes of Michael Brown’s suspected murderer, Darren Wison, going free; declaring  on state-fun media, the day after the grand jury decided not to indictment him, that he, “did nothing wrong,” when he was asked about killing Michael Brown, and that he would, “do it again,” when asked if he could return to August 9, 2014, the date of the fatal shooting.

Picture40One thing becomes abundantly clear from this chaos, either it is truth that Ferguson, Missouri is baring to light the weaknesses of a modern American society that is sick, that of those weaknesses are 6 corporate controlled media platforms which operates 90% of all media is the USA, and that an oligarchic class has risen to power using the tools they have at their disposal to subliminally program human beings they publicly consider to be their serfs, to do what ever it is that the greediest of the greedy deems best be done. Or the truth is the only alternative, that a collection of universally governed random chances became self aware and decided unanimously that they all appreciated the character “V” from a Hollywood motion picture, before demonstrating their appreciation with a real life event that is nearly identical to universal chance’s favorite film, by propagating the incident on social media via #Ferguson on Twitter.

Scene from "V for Vendetta"
Exhibit A: Scene from “V for Vendetta”/Social Programming of Millennial Generation.

 “With so much chaos, somebody will do something stupid. And when they do, things will turn nasty.” – V for Vendetta, 2005 Film

Pump your breaks, this is not a declaration that there is a conspiracy of extremely wealthy individuals gathering econ_onepercentchart15_630together to make greedy plans that they then aid into being realized by putting subliminal messages into Hollywood movies, and other state-fun media outlets, as a means to collectively encourage millions of people to adopt ideas that the top 1% of the top 1% holders of American’s wealth purposely want the public to have in order to ensure total control over their power acquired by their dead grandfathers through the accumulation of stolen wealth passed on to multiple generations; which are all now being safeguarded by the private central Federal Reserve Bank, also set up by their great grandfathers.

However, this IS a declaration that human beings are infamously susceptible to commands while under an entranced or extremely relaxed state, as is documented in a recent lawsuit involving several woman who noticed that time seemed to be passing quickly during meetings with their attorney, Michael Fine. Curiously, after being told a specific combination of words by Mr. Fine they would, hours later, awaken uncomfortably sweaty, and wet with their bras rearranged. Disturbed by these unexplainable occurrences, during their meetings with Fine, the women began to record themselves secretly.  To their horror they came to find that they were being hypnotized and then sexual assaulted by the man they had hired to represent them in court.  According to a criminal investigation the victims’ hired trial lawyer would initially hypnotize the woman using a “relaxation exercise” to calm them when preparing their separate cases. Their divorce attorney would then program the woman to, upon him saying coded words, visualize themselves having the “best sex they will ever have” picturing their “teacher” as the one performing the sexual acts upon them.

With this case as a fact, we can all now unanimously agree as human beings of planet earth, that it would be correct to declare in the affirmative, if and when a woman can be hypnotized by only a combination of few choice words to have sex with a total stranger, and not remember a thing about it; and that a man can be hypnotized, with only one word or no words at all, to have sex with a total stranger, and not remember a thing about it, then it goes without saying that all people can be hypnotized with only a combination of a few select words to be seduced by a total a stranger, and not remember anything about it.

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious.” – Inception, 2010 Film

Exhibit B, "Inception" (2010)  Social Programming of Millennial Generation through media
Exhibit B: Scene from “Inception” (2010) Social Programming of Millennial Generation through media

If a divorce attorney can use a “relaxation exercise” to program people into being his personal slaves on command, all while making his victims feel as if they are enjoying their assault as it is occurring, and then subsequently convince his victims into not remembering a sexual assault had ever taken place, then it is safe to assume that that secret trick on the human mind has been out of the bag for some time, and that it is being used and passed on generation upon generation for other perverted and sick desires of evil men.

Is it possible that maybe one of the six state-run corporate owned media outlets that own over 90% of all media companies in the U.S.A., could have succeeded in becoming a state-run corporate empire without any of their respective general counsels ever happening to have to come across this same disturbing trade secret used by the divorce attorney to screw his clients? no pun intended.

According to Denis R. Wier, the Director of the Trance Institute, who claims that “trance-induction from television media is well-known, and that television media  is, “often used for manipulating consumer tastes,” claiming further that, “the repetition of TV commercials all induce trances by limiting your attention and overloading your mind with repeated thoughts,” clarifying that, “this disassociated trance state is often combined with rewards,” going on to conclude that, “we go into trance even though this state (of mind) results in a somewhat disabled mental condition,” it becomes safe to assume that the the answer is a definitive no. Not only does each corporate state-fun media empire practice the same trade secrets as the rapist divorce attorney, they undoubtedly perfected the art of the skill, and are using it in an almost religious fashion on millions of people.

Picture38What does any of this have to do with Michael Brown or the nationwide protests against police brutality? While a small majority of the American public cling to their habitual lifestyles, and purposely distract themselves from anything that would stain their shrinking slices of heavenly thoughts such as, ‘the gov are the good guys’ or ‘I am American, so I know I can depend on others to think for me’, a beast, who is the master of those who would hold onto that ignorance for peace of mind, is feverishly pulling any string in its arsenal to stem the epidemic of awakening free thinking American Citizens; and painting protesters of an illegitimate police state as having an obsession with aluminum foil, (as crazy as it sounds) seems to be the US Federal Government’s Gestapo agencies’  favorite pastime, of all time.

Psychological Programming/ Character Assassination 101
Psychological Programming/ Character Assassination 101


Ferguson, Missouri
Ferguson, Missouri

Through data collected on an account of unconstitutional spy programs, police state officials clearly know when GIFSec.comthey are dealing with honest, concerned, and actual critical thinking American Citizens, only to label them either as ‘domestic terrorists’, ‘sovereign citizen terrorists’, ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘truthers’, ‘racists’, ‘illogically bigoted’, or my personal favorite ‘politically incorrect’;  while the U.S. Gestapo simultaneously praises as ‘honest’, ‘honorable’, ‘community serving’ and ‘outstanding citizens’, those who they know can not figure out for themselves what is happening within their environment, and are dependent on a false narrative from a central authority to excuse their laziness from performing even the slightest amount of homework in fact checking independently outside of class,

“The fundamental idea is clear; to bring forward a politically correct statute, which sets out the essence and justification of terror.” – Vladimir Lenin 1922

Bundy Ranch, Clark County Nevada. (May 2014)
Ferguson, Missouri ( August 2014)

‘No need for any apologies on brute solutions that work,’ seems to be the American way of thinking post 9/11. If enough Americans continue to ignore what they already know in their hearts to be true, that we are now and will forever be in the post-Ferguson era, that our state governments are the puppets of an illegitimate federal system elected through bribery, fraud, extortion, libel, slander, false flag terrorism, and assassinations; then the next generation will almost certainly adapt as their next heavenly thought, ‘No need for any apologies on brute solutions that don’t work either,’ as a means to get them through the next day without having to burden themselves with any questions unrelated to sports, shopping, pushing buttons, or turning screws, before a a self accepted fedcoat approved human start up program will kick in with, “As long as you can watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ every Tuesday night, You will turn a blind eye to what your honest central authorities tell you, and decree it always as absolute truth.”

Kushner-Anonymous-Ferguson-1200Which finally brings this thought experiment back full circle with an answer to my original question, why does anybody even care about Michael Brown? Why are all those who have been waiting  for all these years for the right tragedy to occur to find each other, unite as one front, come from the shadows and unanimously decide that this is it gentlemen, this is the murder that is going to be the final straw that broke our aching camel’s back? The answer is almost too simple to take seriously but I assure you it must be the truth; Twitter is the reason, and Twitter has been compromised by those who own the publicly traded company that it is, Wall-Street titans. The same Wall-Street titans who own state-fun media empires that exist solely because they have successfully entranced and programmed the most people into believing what ever it is that they wish for them to believe.

Mentions of Ferguson on Twitter are highlighted in yellow

Easily done with zombie accounts which account for many of Twitters users, the oligarchy is clearly using their brand new toy as a means of manipulating the national population into following the oligarchy’s malicious agenda ridden with false narratives, of them are that Twitter users are supposed to either care about Michael Brown being killed by Darren Wilson, or that they are supposed to care about not caring about Michael Brown, or that they are supposed to care about Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, and that only on this one case of police brutality in Ferguson will Twitter users be allowed to draw any judgments on the national police brutality epidemic; other cases are not nearly as important, there is no reason to think about why you care about Michael Brown, we at Wall-Street can assure you that this case of police brutality, broke your aching camels back, you can trust us, have we ever done the American people wrong or ever been caught misleading America before?

Why did the oligarchy pulling all the strings in the modern American police state chose the Michael Brown killing to propagate across the Internet with Twitter? Much as the “AlexFromTarget” marketing campaign was used by an advertising company to targeting horny disillusioned teenage girls, the bigger whales on the corporate block are doing the same technique with Ferguson, only instead of targeting little girls they are targeting their worst enemy, free thinking and honest human beings who tend to question absolutely everything about everything. The purpose is akin to the purpose of labeling critical thinking human beings as ‘conspiracy theorists’, except this character assassination method is on a much broader scale. The U.S. Gestapo have collected enough data for long enough to be able to ascertain accurately that their worst enemy, free thinking human beings, were becoming increasingly irate and spreading their awareness to others at a rapid pace. Beings that the oligarchy had prior knowledge they would no longer be able to program Americans effectively with countless free thinking human beings asking questions like why World Trade Center building #7 fell at free fall speeds according to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, the oligarchs proceeded to what they do best, character assassination. As long as the Oligarchy decides for the dissenters who the dissenters will chose as their martyr, and upon whom they will launch a national resistance campaign, the oligarchs know they have already won. No longer will anybody with credibility be asking important questions like what really happened to Seal Team 6, where are Lois Lerners emails, and who was running Operation Fast and Furious? Just to name a few.

Michael Brown was not the final straw of police brutality against the American people, the one whose death broke our camel’s back, the illuminater who would successfully ignite an entire national resistance movement all to stand together as one, risk life and limb to defend fundamental rights as free independent human beings against a tyrannical fedcoat regime, most in part because of the fact that that camels back, which had holding off the American Spring movement, had already been shattered four days prior by the true martyr of the nations only hope for a resistance Johnmovement; and that man’s name was John Crawford. God bless John Crawford, who is a true hero who could inspire an entire hurting nation to awaken, uphold justice, and restore American values. But the oligarchy is ever so desperate to keep his memory away from the lime light, and are blasting the Twittershphere with repetitive hypnotic programming to preoccupy free thinking people with controlled and populous dividing thoughts regarding only police state actions taken against Michael Brown; who died under enough questionable circumstances to successfully create a plentiful amount of divides riding waves off the surfs of the old wounds left over by the age of slavery and discrimination that are still plaguing now as they had every day of history since the birth of our relatively new country, the United States of America.

The differences between the two police killings are astronomical, but the similarities unfortunately are enough to keep at bay the automated programmed humanoids who used to think for themselves before the adaptations of their lengthy television regimes were enacted into their daily schedules. Darren Wilson killing Michael Brown only four days after the initial outrage pouring over John Crawford, couldn’t have been more of blessing in a gift-basket to the oligarchs pushing for a police state to protect them and their exponentially growing wealth from an exponentially awakening American populous. The U.S. Gestapo certainly knew well through various spy programs that when the video capturing Crawford’s death was released onto the Twittershpere to the growing masses of free thinking human beings vehemently demanding it’s release, there would be an uncontrollable and popular national uprising on there hands. The gig would be up, they knew the camel’s back had been broken, the frog had been boiled too quickly, and too many American citizens had become too outraged to stop themselves from outraging as many others as they could.

The era of falling on the old crutches of using a controlled Black vs White, Republican vs Democrat, or standard issued Liberal vs Conservative diagrams to divide and slow the American people down would have all but surely ended as John Crawford untimely and brutal passing doesn’t need to be defended by words, his last moments caught on film attest to decades of explaining and exposing of what the American dream in reality has become, a nightmare. But thanks to the successful “AlexFromTarget” knock off campaign that is #Ferguson, the oligarchy has enjoyed success once again in brainwashing the masses from focusing on the answer that is right in front of their eyes, while devilishly convincing them that what is harming them dearly is the key to any promising future that they may themselves come to enjoy.

To advert the Oligarchs, America needs to get this resistance movement back on the rights set of tracks,  forget your concerns over Ferguson, forget your concerns over Michael Brown, and forget your hatred or concerns for Darren Wilson. They are not any more your spontaneous original thoughts than AlexFromTarget was a spontaneous original thought. In fact they are not thoughts they are programs distilled into the population by 6 state-fun media corporations and a compromised social media network formally known as Twitter, and Facebook, hell bent on dividing, controlling and conquering the free will of as many men, women and children in this world as they can conquer to damn themselves to the furthest extents of the absence from love that they can muster.  America it is time for a reset. Shut it down, but begin not with the oligarchs buildings, and not the oligarch’s armies of badge wearing terrorists, but with the oligarchs compromising narratives disenfranchising you from your own free will. As always I will remember John Crawford, and fight for John Crawford’s murders to be brought to justice as if I am John Crawford, as if you are John Crawford, because all of America is John Crawford, and we will not stand to see a police state cancer growing that would seek all that is honest and pure in this nation to be destroyed and erased from history.

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