No Honor Left From South Dakota’s Media

“Who Ignores Brady Folkens’ Grieving Mother Over Photos of Dr. Annette Bosworth?”

Brady Folkens
Brady Folkens

7-5-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. There once lived a boy whose name the state is desperately trying to get you to forget, going so far as to label the boy’s grieving mother as being part of Dr. Annette Bosworth’s “mouthpiece camp” in open court. His name was Brady Folkens, and you wont hear about him on the “Left Wing vs Right Wing” paradigm state-controlled media, because they literally walked passed Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen in Pierre last Wednesday at least a dozen times while they scurried about the courthouse grounds concerning themselves instead with a petitioning violations trial. Tired of their insults, Dawn confronted a dozen photographers and journalists waiting for Brady Folkens’s former doctor, Annette Bosworth, to exit the courthouse.

“The state murdered my son and why aren’t you as a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, standing beside me and demanding answers!!!” -Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen

All of their heads began facing downwards in shame. Only ONE photographer mustered the courage to even respond back to Dawn, but all he really said was that he would have a reporter “look into it” as there were dozens of reporters standing around. Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen can’t even find an attorney in the state of South Dakota with the courage to challenge the current government, one attorney going so far in dishonoring himself that he claimed to Dawn, “There is not enough money in it for me to take this case.”

“They said that Brady was throwing up in a waste paper basket, a guy (employee at STARS academy) said to Brady, ‘Folkens if your faking it you’re doing a damn good job of it.’ And Brady said to him, ‘Sir, I’m not faking it.'”

“I’ve had lawyers tell me that I have an open and shut case, then in maybe a month they come back and tell me they can no longer represent me and they walk away from me.”

Full Interview with Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen

“In a report even one of the people that worked at STAR mentioned that they didn’t even understand why Brady was even there, because thats who Brady was, just a nice kid.”

“A nurse came over to me and said, ‘Are you Brady’s mom?’ and I said yes and I was very distraught because I knew that there was something wrong.”

“They said I was present, but I wasn’t present when Brady died because his lips were blue, and his ears were blue and his fingertips were blue, and his body was very very cold.”

Dawn Speaking at the Downtown Library in Sioux Falls

“You can see where they blacked out screens covering up what exactly was going on in STARS academy. Where it talked about Brady throwing up, How many times, they didn’t want me to see that.”

“I asked the Governor to sit down and talk with me and he wont talk with me, Marty Jackley wont talk with me, nobody will talk with me.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.49.04 AM

How much longer will South Dakota allow themselves to be bamboozled with state-propaganda and commercial rubbish about Popeye’s Chicken? When did South Dakota’s self-proclaimed “media” become the mouthpieces of corrupted state officials hiding like rats from a mother seeking answers about the wrongful death of her child!? But most importantly, how much longer will it be until what happened to Dawn’s son happens to yours because of the media’s neglect to report on the state’s crimes?

GeorgeOrwell Quote

> > > Justice For Brady Alan Folkens Community Page < < <


“Lies, Deceit, & Murder: Nightmare at STAR Academy Bootcamp. ‘What Really Happened to Brady Alan Folkens?'”


14 thoughts on “No Honor Left From South Dakota’s Media

  1. I only saw like to of the videos on here but I got the message pretty well.. So the son is pretty much dying in those ” program” and they do nothing but then on top of that he actually does die! And they say nothing but we’re sorry…. Now your on the news about this and the first reporter I seen is talking about only the negative in ur son… Like why do we care what he did 6 years ago.. What happened was right now and when he was u see the protection of this “program”. Like that’s what is happening.. He didn’t die doing pot and skipping school.. He died Becuase you told me that I can’t take care of my child.. Knowing I’m a single parent.. On min wage.. You
    Try it.. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks… # rantfortheday


  2. This article is poorly written, you need to put more info on what institution he was put in, why he died, what the connection is between Bosworth. Im very confused. Whats the cause of death? How is the state at fault?


    • Agreed. And the institution is on there, STAR Academy. It use to be boot camp, sounds like it still might be, the name changed right after I left DOC custody as a minor. I had thought though that the whole program had changed. Its easy for me to see how this happened as I witnessed enough rough treatment out there.


  3. I lost a son last year. This Mother needs answers. You don’t know the pain unless you have been in her shoes. This needs everyone’s attention. You never want t poo be in her shoes, broken.


  4. Spelling and grammar errors abound! I think this is an interesting story, I clicked on it to read it. But an editor would do you a lot of good. Plus, as somebody else stated, there’s a lot missing. I feel like this is just some bones of a decent article, it just needs more information to make it make sense. Appreciate the effort and if what is being alleged is true, that’s horrific. But next time make somebody proofread this. You used the wrong form of there, it makes your credibility plummet when you can’t even use the correct word. Would love to know more and hope you’re able to update this with more info.


  5. A mother lost her son and all you are concerned about is spelling and grammar? I am pretty sure if this happened to you the last thing you would be concerned about is your typographical errors and improper use of a word. This is a life that was lost, not a spelling/grammar test.


  6. I am very saddened by this story. I am so sorry that this happened to your family. Some one needs to be held accountable for this, and pay that bill.
    The state of South Dakota would not help my family and daughter either. She did not pass away thank goodness. But an institution in SD was responsible for her care, and failed. She got very sick, and will have repercussions for the rest of her life. I wrote several letters, one was to Gov Daugaurd and separate one to his wife. All I received was a “so sorry letter” from the gov office.
    I have lived in the state of SD all my life, I used to be proud of this fact. But lately, I am questioning the capabilities of our higher government in this state.




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