Meade County Sheriff’s Vehicle Collides with Sturgis Bike Rally Motorcyclist

Photo via Tristan Barnard
Photo via Tristan Barnard


8/1/15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. A biker was struck by a Meade County Sheriff’s Department SUV yesterday afternoon. According to a witness on scene, who posted these images on Facebook, the sheriff’s vehicle was attempting a u-turn maneuver and failed to see the biker before “smashing” into him.

“Pretty messed up when you witness a cop make a u-turn and smash directly into a biker…. It’s then even worse when you try to see how badly the guy is hurt and try to help and the cop threatens you and then when you tell him you saw what he did… Yea, not a great start to the rally….” -Tristan Bernard

Photo via Tristan Bernard
Photo via Tristan Bernard

“I can accept the fact that accidents happen, I’ve almost caused a few of them myself, none of us are perfect. I do have a respect for law officers and I don’t think that it was more than an accident of course, it happened, he didn’t see the bikers behind him, pulled a u-turn and an accident happened. What bothered me was his reaction, and at the time I wasn’t thinking about what he must be feeling also, his initial thought was probably that he just killed a person, that would probably put me on edge also. I feel bad for all parties involved. I gave my statement exactly and factually.” – Tristan Bernard 

According to Kota Territory News, the injured biker was a 69-year-old man by the name of Francis Finley from Newport, Minnesota. The accident occurred on highway 79, and fortunately the biker only sustained non-life threatening injuries.


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