Lies, Deceit, & Murder: Nightmare at STAR Academy Bootcamp

“What Really Happened to Brady Alan Folkens?”

Brady Alan Folkens
Brady Alan Folkens

8/14/15 Custer, SD. By Devin Saxon. Intent on keeping children in South Dakota as indoctrinated as possible, the first reaction to a teenager not showing up for school is to threaten the parents with truancy. After these threats the state will encourage parents to file a CHINS ( Child in Need Of Supervision) petition. Once this is done anything from wearing your hat backwards in school, to failing a urinary analysis for a herb, will land that child in Custer, SD, at a bootcamp called the STAR academy. Under these exact same circumstances and using these same methods, It was not that long ago that the state forced Brady Alan Folkens, 17, into their custody. Less than 90 days later Brady passed away due to a severe liver ailment that went ignored by the state; his mother buried him on Christmas.  Although Brady grew ill in state custody and the state ignored his plights for medical attention, Brady Folkens’ mother, Dawn Van Ballegooyen, was charged over $250,000 in medical bills.  The state claims a rare virus shut down Brady’s liver, and that they are not responsible, but documents show a more logical cause of death, one that implicates the state’s involvement in a massive cover-up.

STARS Academy
STAR Academy

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.34.21 PM

The follow document, found in the Department of Criminal Investigation’s report on the death Brady Folkens, clearly shows that staff at the STAR academy in Custer had prescribed Brady, without his mother’s knowledge, Minocyline — an antibiotic used to treat acne. An official at STAR academy initialed that they had administered the medication to Brady up until the day he died on the 21st of December.   


Brady describes in his journal receiving this medication on December 5th 2013,  2 weeks before his passing.

“I went to see the doctor today. I got prescribed an anti-biotic. I’ve taken it before so hopefully I wont be immune. Also I’ve gotten like three other antibiotics — one the past year. I wonder if that effects anything.” – Brady Folkens

Brady's Journal - Entry 12/5/15

Not long after, on December 10th and on December 16th,  Brady describes feeling unusual and not well:

“Today I felt really weird this morning… I felt really tired in school.” Brady Folkens, December 10th 2013 entry

“I’ve been really tired these last couple of days which sucks, and I’m not entirely sure as to why. I’m not looking forward to PT as usual. My mom comes to visit this weekend which makes me really excited.” – Brady Alan Folkens, December 16th 2013 entry

That weekend was the last time Brady’s mother saw him alive; she didn’t even know he had been ill.

Brady's journal entry 12/10/13

Brady's Journal 12/15/15
Brady’s Journal 12/16/15 7 days before Brady died

According to the National Library of Medicine, extended use of Minocycline may result in an injury to the liver, “sometimes after several years of use.” Patients using Minocycline are advised to stop taking the medication and “contact a doctor immediately” if they have any of the following symptoms: “nausea, extreme tiredness, weakness, stomach pain, vomiting, or yellowing of the skin.”

Source: National Library of Medicine
Source: National Library of Medicine
Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine
Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

Documents from Custer Regional Hospital claim that Brady was told them he had abdominal pain, was nauseous and vomiting, had diarrhea, and was suffering from extreme exhaustion since at least the 17th of December, FOUR days prior to being admitted to the hospital on the 21st of December, and THREE days before STAR academy officials claim they noticed Brady was sick. Brady told Custer hospital staff that he was experiencing the “worst possible pain” at the time of his admittance into the care of professional medical officials.

Custer Regional Hospital Report

Custer Regional Hospital Doc

Although Brady had complained in writing that he had been ill for several days on the 16th of December, and told Custer Regional Hospital he had been vomiting since at least the 17th of December, the Department of Criminal Investigations concluded that Brady had only been sick since the 20th of December. Shortly after Brady’s death, Brady’s mother Dawn, describes in an interview with Lee Stranahan receiving a phone call from a staff member at STAR academy wishing to tell Dawn “a story she really needs to hear.” This mystery caller told Dawn that they witnessed Brady throwing up in a waste paper basket for several days prior to when the state admits Brady’s illness was acknowledged. The caller told Dawn that when one of the staff members noticed Brady vomiting the guard exclaimed, “Folkens, if you’re faking it you’re doing a damn good job of it.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 9.00.36 AM

The report conducted by the Department of Criminal Investigations also states that several staff members at STARS academy administered Tylenol to Brady after he had complained of symptoms including: “vomiting, feeling weak, exhaustion, abdominal pain, and a yellowing skin tone.” All of which are identical symptoms to liver injury due to the extended use of the anti-biotic medication Minocycline. A doctor was not contacted immediately, and STAR Academy staff continued administering Minocycline along with Tylenol.

According to, “Liver failure is the most serious side effect of Tylenol. Under normal conditions the liver eliminates acetaminophen (Tylenol) and it’s byproducts without a problem.” If Brady’s liver was suffering from autoimmunity due to the extended use of Minocycline, the STAR Academy staff’s decision to add Tylenol to the equation and not consult a doctor immediately after Brady complained of symptoms identical to complications with Minocyclin could have been the fatal element leading to Brady’s death.


According to the DCI Report on the death of Brady Folkens, Brady was forced to shovel snow on the 20th of December, the day before his death, even after STAR academy staff admit he complained he was feeling extremely ill.  Medical staff at Custer Regional Hospital were told by Brady that he had been nauseous, vomiting, and feeling exhausted since at least the 17th of December, THREE DAYS prior to being forced to shovel snow. It would be 24 more hours until Brady would receive any medical attention where doctors would later determine that Brady had a blot clot in his liver. He died en route to Avera Mckennan Hospital in Sioux Falls on the 21st of December.

When Governor Daugaard was confronted by Dawn about the death of her child he did NOT apologize, but instead told her, “That’s a not a good deal.” Brady’s mom later received a $250,000 medical bill in the mail, and a $50,000 bill for the emergency charted jet.

DCI report

According to a study conducted by Neil S. Goldstein, MD, Nasser Bayatti, MD, Ann L. Silverman, MD, and Stuart D. Gordan, MD, Brady’s life may have been saved had STAR academy staff not continued administering Brady’s prescribed Minocycline upon the first signs of severe side-effects from that medication. In their study a 16-year old who had taken Minocycline for acne had complained of symptoms similar to Brady’s. Her doctor told her to stop taking Minocycline immediately; after four weeks her liver was functioning normally again.

Minocycline Study

Minocycline Study

A pathology report conducted by Raed A. Sulaiman, MD, found that Parvovirus B-19 DNA and anti-bodies were found in a sample of Brady’s blood. Although it is extremely rare, Dr. Sulaiman concluded that Brady died from complications induced by this rare virus generally found in animal life. However author Fabio R. Tarvio, MD, PHD claims that Lymphocytic Myocarditis is not only initiated by Parovirus B-19, but also augmented by autoimmunity. Autoimmunity is a complication where the body attacks it’s own cells, and is caused by disease or severe reactions to medications. Severe reactions like the ones caused by complications from Minocycline, the same Minocycline prescribed to Brady, along with Tylenol, leading up to his death. Dr. Raed Sulaiman’s pathology report also states that Lymphocytic Myocarditis can also be caused by “auto-immune disease and drug reactions.”

Pathology Report - Brady

What kind of perversion is it when children are sent out to their deaths for skipping school and failing a test for the consumption of herbs? Is it really a trait of intelligence to be “obedient” to a master? Are public schools in America today even actually giving children an “education,” or are they simply indoctrinating the youth to adopt submissive beliefs? Was Brady ever asked if he wasn’t being challenged enough attending school?

The following audio clip was found on Soundcloud and was uploaded by Brady Folkens shortly before being admitted into the STAR academy. Does this sound like a dumb student who smoked herbs and deserved to die, or an extremely gifted and talented musician who simply had things on his mind above and beyond his peers?

Brady Tweet

 “Recording of Brady Folkens Playing Guitar at age 15”

Perhaps South Dakota needs to re-think how it handles children before another gifted artist gets murdered by poisoning and neglect until liver failure is imminent. Who are they to expect that every single 17-year-old in South Dakota is not capable of independently educating themselves? Such as how Abraham Lincoln independently educated himself on becoming a lawyer. Time and time again America’s greatest leaders are those who don’t abide by the norms of their peers.

Brady’s mother pleaded with the state to send her son to a treatment facility over the herb detected in Brady’s urinary analysis. The state concluded that it would be more profitable to charge Dawn $300 a month for them to slowly murder her son, then transfer custody back over to her after Brady had turned blue, and had been deceased for some time, so that they would not have to be responsible for the $250,000+ in medical bills and emergency air flights.

Skipping school and smoking a herb does not equate to needing to send that child to a bootcamp EVER, and it is especially not worth it to scare the youth into attending class for “educational purposes” with a possible death sentence hanging over their heads. Will Dawn ever get justice for the negligent homicide committed by the state? I hope so, but all I can really say for certain is that God has a bootcamp for all those involved in this cover up, and all those involved with the murder of this child. Full Interviews with Dawn Van Ballegooyen can be found at the following links:

“No Honor Left From South Dakota’s Media”

“Brady Folkens: The Facts and Unanswered Questions” via Dakota Reporter

“Justice for Brady Alan Folkens”  FaceBook Page

“In Loving Memory of Brady Alan Folkens” FaceBook Page


60 thoughts on “Lies, Deceit, & Murder: Nightmare at STAR Academy Bootcamp

    • Do you work for at STAR Academy or something! This was a well researched article with scientific evidence and documention to support the claims! That’s not fictional writing!


        • Majority of the “counselors” from CYCC in the 90s were child molesters plain and simple whether they were engaged in it or just simply failed to report it. I watched over the years as some of these people rose to directors of these programs. After experiencing South Dakotas “justice” system I can see why these people were never held accountable. its a pick and choose system, what benefits (us)society in the long run. If some “out-of-control’ children were neglected, molested or murdered who cares they were only our future…..Progress is a slow Process.


    • Ryeder is obviously a correctional officer that gets his jollies hurting little kids. I’d love to curb stomp his teeth in the name of a thousand boys and girls that have been through the torture this young man went through.


      • I was an addiction counselor working with the youth. Your threat just lowers your character to that of a complete loser, liar and idiot. Go flip hamburgers somewhere. It sounds like that would be a perfect job for you…


      • The wayward child had an adverse reaction to the antibiotic causing acute liver failure, giving Tylenol, which the liver metabolizes, complicated this and later caused death. The writer is obviously biased. It’s tragic, but not a crime especially not a homicide, take the emotion out and read the facts.


        • As a Registered Nurse–I am APPALLED that the “wayward child” (who was in STATE CUSTODY!) did not receive a medical assessment the minute that he tossed his cookies in the trash can! It is TRAGIC that this student was not assessed or cared for appropriately. If someone had checked Brady’e vital signs, which should include skin color, he likely would be with us today.

          The young lady who died in state custody in Plankinton had the SAME issue. The RN did not even check her vital signs!

          That is a crime! It is called medical malpractice or at least neglect.

          If parents neglected to get a medical assessment for a child that was vomiting, tired, and yellow–and forced that child to shovel snow–CPS would be on the scene charging the the PARENTS! Whatever do you think makes the state immune? Where was the academy’s nurse and why are there no documented vital signs??


          • As a nurse, I find this especially troubling. My son was in Plankinton around the same time Gina Score died. I hope the nurse lost her license.


          • Not the first defiantly won’t be the last. Some people come to work for the pay check and do what they need to do to avoid paperwork.


    • I was sent to Custer in 1999. It was then called the the something Brady Academy, nothing to do with his name,RIP. I was sent for the same reason. I was supposed to go for 3 to 4 months, I was there almost 9. After 2 months in RFP I was inducted into 1st platoon. We were torn down down mentally/physically for over 24 hours with no sleep. After that were to lay face up in the attention position for two hours then tossed off our bunks to do it all over again and given a liquid laxative and unable to sit on a toilet for 2 more days. It was disgusting. For a month I was picked out bye all the marine drill instructers. I was chocked were I could hardly swallow for 2 weeks. I was put in pressure holds to not leave bruises and my lips became so chapped there was pus coming out before I was able to get medical attention. We were threatened to be recycled if we said anything to a counselor because we would be breaking the chains of cammand. For this I was recycled to 2nd platoon to start all over again. The P.T. was unbearable and went on for months. My last run was 12 miles including boot camp hill and the sand box with no water. Then a girl from Canton SD died from heat stroke in the girls boot camp ran by the same people. The boot camp was then under investigation and we had no more P.T., no more abuse, only school and studies. The sickest thing is I was thankful that girl died at that time and I’m sorry I thought that way but that’s what got me out.


      • This place is as sick as it used to be. If they didn’t scare me so bad I would have told my parents when they finally got to visit me. That day 1 hour before visitation I was told I lost my privilege. I cried so hard they dressed me like I was in 3rd phase and made me promise to act like a robot and not converse but to only say sir yes sir mam yes mam.


        • I’m sorry you had to endure that abuse. No one deserves to be treated the way you were treated. I am going to write a book about Plankton, so if you would like to share your experience with me, call me at 651 219-0399.


          • I was in custer bootcamp in 1995..and i can tell you that it was no place for a troubled teen. I would love to tell you my story…also..I only wish those who punished me would suffer the same pain I did…I was just a child


            • Ben, I am so sorry that you were treated as if you had no value. I hope you are able to tell your story. Maybe there will be others that you can help move from childhood to adulthood without experiencing the abuse that you did.


    • As an addition counselor–if you had contact with the students–it was every bit as much your responsibility to assess students and make sure that they got the medical attention that they deserved!


  1. You ryeder are one that believes the twin towers were dropped by rag-heads from Iraq, vote Republican “or soon will”, believe the State and Federal governments are fair and honest, and like living at home and working your minimum wage job so you can buy more video games to play in your mommy and daddy’s basement. You are truly one of the stupidest to comment in awhile. I apologize if your one of the mentally challenged, but you need to open your eyes and learn to comprehend what the meaning of certain words or at least learn to read first then comprehend the depth of this tragedy. When the government is involved in a death and their involvement is suspect reason of death, investigation and prosecution should follow. We would like to see you get away with this in the private sector and I’m sure you know how that would go for you.


  2. BS huh? Apparently you’re either part of the problem or you have no idea what you are talking about. I suppose when raylene layne ran Gina Score to death in plankinton back in 1999 that was BS too? Please enlighten everybody who experienced the bull shit the South Dakota Department Of Corrections puts children through. I first hand have experienced the abuse and malpractice of these institutions. Don’t say something if you don’t know. And like I said if you do know, then you’re lying.


  3. STAR Academy doesn’t want to take responsibility for this issue because they would have to admit a mistake was made but instead they covered it up! I am so sorry for the loss Dawn is experiencing. I hope she find justice.


  4. “Perhaps South Dakota needs to re-think how it handles children before another gifted artist gets murdered by poisoning and neglect until liver failure is imminent.”

    Or perhaps the kid shouldn’t have been such a little shit, got his ass disciplined once or twice, and maybe he wouldn’t have been sentenced. We should probably mourn the loss of inmates too huh? The kid died. Its sad for his family, but life happens. Misbehave, break laws, get locked up. Simple as that.


    • So, you’re saying it’s right to neglect the medical needs of others? I work as a nurse on child and adolescent psych with some of these same types of kids with conduct disorder who haven’t met enough “points” to end up at JDC. Do you know how up in arms everyone would be and how much of a tragedy this would be if it happened in a psych hospital instead of the STAR academy? This death has nothing to do with his behavior and everything to do with the system. You seem like you have no idea what you’re talking about. Get an education bud.


    • “Such a little shit”, He didn’t do well in school, and smoked. Those were the reasoning behind him being put into the STARS program. But yeah if he was forced into an institution he didn’t like and smoked a substance that some don’t find healthy, he is completely at fault….. Yet tons drink, and do way way way worse acts on a daily basis. Let the government set up more bullshit laws to force kids into school and punish them when they don’t want to learn/ have trouble learning the history and or education that this government rules you MUST have.


    • Juveniles can still be saved. That’s why there isn’t a death penalty for kids. Yes he screwed up. But does that warrant him to be killed from neglect?


    • Simple as that? Symptoms ignored by people who are entrusted with the safety of children !! All involved should lose their jobs.


    • My son at the age of 11 was in Plankinton because I was fooled into signing a CHNS petition, just like this mother was. He was sentenced by a judge even though the public defender told him she hadn’t had time to look over his file. I purposely took my son’s medical file to her office days before. The judge said, “I have no choice but to sentence him to Plankton.” He did not have fair representation. He threatened suicide. I asked his probation officer if they were going to send him home in a box. My son was horribly abused there. It was around the time Gina Score died there. There is a special place in hell for the people who abused these children there. Plankton was shut down after Gina Score died, but reopened by a private company no better than the state held prison. I will be writing a book about this, so if anyone else has had an experience with the South Dakota Juvenile System, I’d like to hear from them.


  5. I thought Marijuana cured everything? Oh sorry i mean “Herb”. I was under the impression that smoking marijuana cured every ailment known to man. I just think it’s funny that the Author intentionaly refered to it as herb in some attempt to down play what it really was. Just call it what it is and stop with the “i’m to smart and crafty” BS.

    I feel bad for this young man and his family. My daughter went through a CHINS order and Youth Emergency Services. They tried all kinds of crap. I had the ability to get a good lawyer and they finally backed down. I know not everyone has that option and are taken advantage of. Hopefully things turn around for the mother.


  6. The forms are valid. I can verify them from having been at star academy. Staffs names I recognize are true. Further more I can say star wouldn’t take accountability even if I could. STAR stands for some
    The state itself would have to admit it. The death in Plankington in 1999 is an example. As well as Springfield academy’s death from staff restraining a youth who couldn’t breathe and the nurse was there supervising the restraint saying to stay on him he’s only trying to get out of it. So yeah death does happen at facilties both adult and juvenile. I spent 7 years getting myself together in delinquency ages 12-17. So yes I believe this could happen. As for STAR itself I do believe it to be a life saver. Yes this happened but places like it aren’t going to disappear so the only choice is to supervise them better.


  7. His liver had to be contaminated before he arrived at the STAR Academy because in the amount of time he was there taking his medication his liver wouldn’t have gotten damaged enough to have caused a blood clot. The damage began before he arrived there. When a youth is sick at the STAR Academy they are given a doctors request sheet that asks them to put down their reason and symptoms of their visit and sickness. STAR staff then follows the doctors orders. The only thing that STAR staff can give out to the youth per their request is Tylenol or Ibuprofin. STAR staff does not go to Med school to understand all of the meds and symptoms that go along with them, thats why there is medical staff working there.Death of a child or teen is a terrible thing but there is a time to grieve and not blame. The Corrections system and the Education system did not force the boy to skip school or to take “herbs”. And also if it is everyone elses fault that he was placed in STAR Academy, then where the parents at to make sure he didnt skip school and that he didn’t take herbs, to make sure he stayed out of trouble and didnt have to go on probation. What was all on his “rap sheet” for being placed on probation. Sorry but this article does not justify the boys death at all. All it does is anger those people that are innocent in the mind when it comes to the correction system and educational system to join in a witch hunt, and to not hold the parents responsible for not taking care of him to make sure he didn’t get put on probation which led to the STAR Academy and on.


    • You are wrong! I called the police when my son wouldn’t go to school. I wanted to scare him straight by sending him to the Juvenile Care Facility over a weekend. The officer said I would have to sign a CHNS petition in order to do that. I was unaware that a CHNS petition was signing my son over to the state or I definitely would not have done it. The officer was negligent in explaining to me was a CHNS petition was. My son was diagnosed with a behavioral disorder as early as two. I had all the documentation. The public defender was given his medical records, but told the judge she did not have time to review them. At that point the judge said he had no choice but to send him to Plankton Prison where Gina Score died right around the same time. YOU do not know how these children were TORTURED there. If any of us, as parents, would have done ANY of these things to our children we would have gone to prison. People are so quick to judge when they don’t have all the facts. And YOU don’t know the heartache we parents have suffered at the loss of what a child could have been. Your last sentence shows just how ignorant you are.


    • Why do you post anonymously? That is cowardly. “The Corrections system and the Education system did not force the boy to skip school or take “herbs”. What caused the boy not to want to go to school? Why don’t you ask yourself that.? That would be more appropriate than chastising his mother. People who have not been in this position are always quick to judge. Don’t you think we parents who have had a child go into the juvenile justice system have had enough grief and heartache? It isn’t always because the parents didn’t raise their kid right or that they were neglected. You don’t understand all the complications of probation, the courts, public defenders who don’t give a shit about your child. They are just another case. STOP JUDGING!


  8. Crock of poop. … I live less than one mile from Sanator. Star for you pilgrims. .when I was a kid my ASS was whipped which a leather switch when I pulled stuff. My mother would be in prison for those whipping today but, I have never been in trouble. .never used drugs (herbs to you…bull SHIT to me ) and have a healthy respect for the law because of my parents. Now parents better not touch a kid or he can have them arrested. …. schools, medical personal and social workers are required to report any sigh of abuse, that in my day was correction. Perhaps abuse that was not abuse. . But correction. My parents raised me to that end. Mom was home to make a home for us. Dad made the living. .they didn’t sit in bars or ignore teaching life values including religion and the value of education. …… I volunteered , years ago, at the youth forest camp..and a short time at star conducting AA type meetings. .. I never saw any abuse or any hint of it. The boys that attended were polite and interested as well as interesting. .. I realize not all were of this disposition and there is always run always. Usally these run always cause a lot of local damage before being caught. I find it hard to belive all theses kids needed to be there and find it hard to belive inmates are treated as you described. I have know some of the boys that were in that facility and never heard any stories of abuse. …. perhaps if This boys parents were more attentive to teaching life values to him he would still be with them. …. being a single parent is no excuse.


    • What gives you the right to judge Dan Dooley? I am a Christian who taught her son Christian values. I was a single mom, but that didn’t stop me from raising my child with values. I didn’t sit in bars. I worked. He got spanked. But, he had Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder diagnosed when he was very small. I ASKED social services for help in dealing with my son. They suggested giving him two choices I could live with to avoid the opposition. But you know…the system doesn’t work that way. I moved to South Dakota thinking it would be better for him and to have family support. It was the worst decision of my life! The schools were not prepared to deal with someone like my son. The courts were archaic. He was railroaded when the attorney appointed to him told the judge she hadn’t had time to read his medical reports about his diagnosis. The judge said he had no choice but to send him to Plankinton Prison. He was sent to prison for saying his name was Jack instead of Jordan. It was considered false impersonation. He was 11 YEARS OLD! There is so much more to this story. It is just wrong to send a child to a juvenile facility at the age of 11. Because of his disorder, he ended up being in facilities until 18. There are so many kids who have mental health issues in prison. It’s just wrong. They go in with a minor offense and come out worse than when they went in. They are taught by other older kids how to really be criminals. It’s about time to stop making private institutions rich on the backs of kids who have mental health issues. Unless you have been in one of those facilities, or had a child in one of those facilities, you just don’t know. Gina Score died at Plankinton for what? Shoplifting. Do you think she should have died for that? What is wrong with you that you think you are so high and mighty to judge others? Plankinton was closed down by the Federal Government for it’s atrocities…enough said?


  9. It’s a bunch of Bill shot there staff do not care like we only had like two minutes to take a Shit and staff would say if I don’t see veins you ain’t doing it right Mr rogers someone even got a hemroid and staff just gave him ointment wtf the governor came we got brand new clothes and tried to hide all the bad stuff but when he left they took all the new stuff back and we got crappie clothes again plus they started doing all the bad stuff again I got yelled at by Mr mitchkalskie for exercising all the time trying to tell me if he sees one drop of sweat I’m losing points man this state crooked as fuck all they want ismoneym


  10. My daughter was sent to star academy because she skipped school and smoked pot. It is an 8hr drive from where we live, so I was only able to see her one time. The week before I was to visit, staff brought her to visiting area where she waited for me to show up. Staff had the wrong date. This was after she had been there six mths with no visit. She has ADD and was taking 70 mgs vyvanse before Star. When she got there, they put her on 70mgs in the a.m and another 30mgs at noon, then gave her 200 mg of trazadone in evening. She was trouble much of her stay, for reading a book in bed, pushing her sleeves up, saying the soup was hot, out loud, kicked out of church because she gave a girl the peace sign, not drinking eight water full water bottles everyday, not wanting to take her meds on weekends, not counting out loud in the restroom, etc… I called very often to see how she was and hopefully talk to her, a staff member told me I should stop calling so much and that I had separation anxiety. Same staff later told me she was the worst kid there, she was so stressed that she didn’t have a period for the 8 mths she was there. I was able to talk to a advocate from Sioux falls, who went to Custer to talk to her, without her knowing who she was, my daughter thought it was some higher employee and said it was okay. Her letters to me were either black out in parts or never sent to me at all. Not all the time, but enough. She wasn’t allowed to listen to music, T.V., no sugar, no gum, etc… Who teaches thier children these rules? I think Star academy was teaching them for institutional living. She was unable to finish the program due to ADD (I’m assuming), after 8 mths she was sent to Clarinda,Iowa, which is only two hours away. I asked her probation officer why she wasn’t sent to Clarinda first, she said because the state wants to keep the money in South Dakota. Had nothing to do with what was best for the youth. The probation officer even said, off the record, she didn’t agree with alot of what they taught the youth there. Custer made her feel useless, worthless and helpless which is a far cry from rehabilitation! She was there from June 2012 to February or March 2013. I’m very glad it closed down!!


  11. Majority of the staff that worked there in the 90’s and that continued to work there till they closed are child molesters, Whether or not they engaged in it or just knew about it and failed to report. That’s just how it is in South Dakota’s juvenile system. I sat there for three years and was subjected to the staffs perverse culture, so I can understand fully the pain Brady’s family feels.
    Why can’t these people be held accountable? They are “professionals” in there field, and should be held liable, along with the people or state that appointed them. I never thought that legal representatives would turn a cold shoulder to these situations and keep the states interest before child welfare.
    Progress is a slow process.


  12. Most of the counselors that worked CYCC in the 90’s are child molesters whether they were engaging in it or just flat out failed to report it to the “proper authorities”. I watched these people over the years rise to directors of the programs, never being held accountable for there actions. I have come to realize the ugly nature of South Dakota’s pick and choose judicial system. Who cares about child neglect, child physical and sexual abuse and child murders. it’s what benefits us(society) now. We always have to keep the states best interests right? They say it took plants on earth hundreds of thousands of years to produce there first flower….progress is a slow process


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