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3 thoughts on “About Us / Contact Info

  1. I just wanted to correct some information in your artical about the citizens guarding the armed forces center most commonly used rifle in the military is an m4 now. As far as the M16A4 it does not have full auto that was the M16A1 and that has been phased out along time ago the M16A4 along with the M4 have safe-semi-3 round burst. I am not against the story at all as my brother is one of those citizens i just wanted to correct an error


  2. Hey. Awesome website!! This is what we need more of here in South Dakota. Rights are being violated, the ‘inner class’ and police/law/politicians live as gods at the expense of the public. I just want to provide you my email so you have it. Perhaps we can start our own media company and take over the beast? I’m down. Anyway, great stuff and you have my support.


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