South Dakota’s Constitution Party Files Lawsuit Against Draconian Officials For Violating Constitution

“New Law Makes It Impossible For Anyone Except Major Parties to Place Candidates on Ballots”

6 – 15 – 15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. The Constitution Party lead by State-Chair Lori Stacey, and representatives of the Libertarian Party, have co-opted with the American Civil Liberties Union in filing a lawsuit against South Dakota’s law-makers, Attorney General Marty Jackley, and Secretary of State Shantel Krebs for violating both the 1st and 14th Amendments of the Constitution.

Washington_Constitutional_Convention_17871The lawsuit filed today at the U.S. District Court of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, claims that South Dakota’s elected officials have violated their oaths of office by committing the cowardly act of tampering with ballot access laws which have been put in place to protect the people of South Dakota from tyrants. Specifically cited in the lawsuit is the complaint that altering deadlines 3rd party candidates must adhere to in order to compete with the Republican/Democratic horde through-out fall elections forces third party candidates to, “collect signatures in the coldest months of winter,” according to the director emeritus of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, Laughlin McDonald, who also claims that these tactics are, “anti-democratic,” adding that they are, “effectively burdening candidates, voters, and blocking new parties from participating in elections.” Stephen Pevar, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program elaborates further, “an early filing deadline that prevents new parties from advancing their candidates for the state’s highest offices conflicts with an important political tradition that has proven it’s value over the course of American history.” State officials have demonstrated their leadership skills by, as of this release, not making a statement.





Woman Working At Dept. of Social Services in Rapid City Leaves Her Kids In Car While She is at Work

“Tells Concerned Citizens to go Fu*k Themselves”

6 – 12 – 15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Last Tuesday, a concerned citizen in Rapid City informed an attendant at the front desk of the Department of Social Services that a Pontiac in the 85 degree heat was parked in the DSS’s own parking lot with two small children occupying it, and no parent in the area. What happened next was astounding, the front desk attendant then called an EMPLOYEE working at DSS to inform her to move her children out of the car in the parking lot. Upon seeing that it was an employee at DSS who had left their kids in the car ALONE under the hot sun, the concerned citizen then questioned the employee,”EXCUSE ME you leave your kids in that car by themselves?” To which the Employee responded, “the oldest is 9,” and that the concerned citizen should, “go fuck yourself because I WORK HERE.”


UPDATE: According to an anonymous source who, “happens to know who the person this is about,” the mother was inside the Department of Social Services building in Rapid City for, “four minutes,” and that she was present at work, “to sign a time-card.” This anonymous individual claims that the children had a cell-phone to ward off any danger, and says the mother was not swearing although he/she does admit that a third witness was present at the scene. This third witness at the scene corroborates Megan’s version of events claiming, “I know who posted this story to begin with and I was there when it happened and yes the story is true.”

There are currently no laws in South Dakota regarding whether or not it is legal to leave children unattended in cars, however our good friends in Bismark, North Dakota recently ran a story on similar events and this is what they have to say…

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9.04.21 PM

Here is a case out of Pennsylvania also involving a 9-year-old left alone in a running vehicle…

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9.07.16 PM

According to, “Stories about kids and cars have a tendency to end badly.  Each year hundreds of children are hospitalized or even killed after accidentally setting a car into motion.”

So what does South Dakota think? Should children be allowed to be left alone in a car or not?


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Police Officer Using Emergency Space On Lunch Break Tells Sick Patients to Park Elsewhere

“Patient with Diabetic Infection in Both Feet Forced To Walk To Hospital!”

Cop at Hospital6 – 10 – 15 Sioux Falls, SD by Devin Saxon. A couple from Scotland, SD traveled to Sioux Falls earlier today to receive emergency medical treatment only to be told by a “snide officer” that essentially his lunch break pre-occupying the emergency spaces took prerogative over the couple’s emergency medical needs, and demanded that they, “move to another lot.” A sick patient with a diabetic infection in “both feet” was then forced to walk “across lots” in order to receive the care that he needed. Police Officers are known to receive FREE lunch at Avera Mckennan as well as many other establishments. The family wishing to remain anonymous, had this to say:

“I’m not sure on the officers name, however my Mother made a complaint to the hospital and they said they would handle it from there, and knew the specific officer.” – Mindy N.

Mindy N2

The Empire Strikes Back, South Dakota Levies 12 Felonies Against Christian Missionary

“Attorney investigating EB-5 found dead shortly after uncovering his findings of state-sponsored corruption”

History_10_Things_You_Dont_Know_About_Ben_Franklin_SF_still_624x352 5 – 28 -2015 Sioux Falls, SD by Devin Saxon. The idea was in doubt from the very beginning, causing Benjamin Franklin to question what type of government this beautiful new independent country should adopt, “A republic, if we can keep it.” he famously spoke. A noble quote indeed, but it seems heeding these crucial words has ultimately surpassed South Dakota’s vigilance for freedom and liberty, as we remain caught up in the illusion of her care-free place in the world, adopting instead the farce which believes that South Dakota is a little invincible state where nothing bad ever happens. If that were true it would only be because “bad” doesn’t even begin to tease the layman of the magnitude of horrendous atrocities that are taking place across this sleeping country-side, this so-called “republic.”

Hutterite Colony
Hutterite Colony

Exhibit A:  THE BILL OF RIGHTS: In a republic all the good people living within hardworking Hutterite colonies would be allowed to address their grievances by petitioning to allow their doctor, Annette Bosworth, to run as a candidate for their interests, but in South Dakota we call that a crime against humanity and guilty of 12 felonies, showing our patriotism further by levying less felony charges against child molesters, rapists, and murderers. Is it not also a form of redressing grievances in and of itself to personally petition to run for Senate to end corruption in government? When asked on his thoughts of Dr. Annette Bosworth’s trial, Independent Candidate for Governor of South Dakota and Professor of Law, Michael Myers, had this to say, “I used to teach all these guys, and as former students of mine, I want to know why an attorney isn’t being charged with a crime here.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.09.00 PM

Exhibit B: THE DEATH OF BRADY FOLKENS: Essentially kidnapped from his mother over a herb, Brady was then sent to the STARS academy in Rapid City while he had a dire health ailment. Only after Brady was near death did state officials in Rapid City allow for him to receive medical treatment, but it was too late, Brady passed away en route back to Sioux Falls. In a republic there would have been crowds gathered in outrage to support Brady’s mother in getting the justice she deserves, but in South Dakota the media ignores her, and following along so do the people. Dawn Folkens-Ballegooyen can not even find an attorney in this state that is willing to challenge the state government.

Exhibit C: THE DEATH OF RICHARD BENDA: Solely blamed by South Dakota’s state officials for millions of dollars stolen in the EB-5 scandal, Benda was then found dead in the woods with a crater in his stomach from a shotgun blast. Although the shotgun found nearby had a barrel length which made it impossible for him to have pulled the trigger himself, the state found that Benda had, “committed suicide.” In a republic the people would have appointed an investigator to uncover the truth, but in South Dakota that individual, Patrick Duffy dies, nobody notices, we get a lengthily delayed releasing of Benda’s death record, and the ‘death by stick’ theory is sent out to be gobbled by state-controlled media, case closed, go home, nothing to see here. When someone commits suicide in South Dakota they don’t do it in an inefficient and agonizing manner, you can go back to work now, and by the way, it was that Benda guy who stole all that EB-5 money, nothing else, carry on.


American-Revolution-Hero-HIn a republic, South Dakota would not prohibit the Hutterite people their God given RIGHTS to petition their grievances against the government by nominating Dr. Annette Bosworth to run on their behalf for Senate. In a republic there would be no need to petition to gain access to a ballet to begin with. In a republic economic development directors don’t wind up dead in the woods with out explanation. In a republic, the people of Sioux Falls would be utterly outraged that those damned hogs in Pierre would dare levy 12 felony counts against an independent christian physician living in our city. IN A REPUBLIC THE PEOPLE BEING DECENT AND HONORABLE WOULD NOT ALLOW A MOTHER TO BARE THE STRUGGLE ALONE IN RECEIVING JUSTICE FOR THE MURDER OF HER SON!!! IN A REPUBLIC THE PEOPLE OF SIOUX FALLS WOULD BE AT EVERY INTERSECTION OF THIS CITY SCREAMING HELL NO!!! THIS MUST STOP!!!! Is South Dakota a republic? Or is it as defectors of freedom, justice, and the Constitution have always claimed, “a shame from the beginning?”



 Scenes from Saturday’s Protest Against Corruption on 41st St & Louise Ave, Join Us Tomorrow at HIGH NOON on 41st St & Minnesota Ave!

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Marty Jackley Claims Justice Department is Playing Politics as he uses Courts to Persecute Political Rivals

“Jackley Accused of Widespread Voter Suppression on Hutterite Colonies”

“We will NEVER vote again!” suppressed Hutterites claim

Gun-Annette-Bible (1)
Dr. Annette Bosworth

5-19-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. A perversion of justice has taken place, that much is abundantly clear, the only question to ask now is who perpetrated this perversion upon individual rights ordained by GOD, and what to do with the scum of which they certainly are. Over in corner #1 we have an independent physician, Dr. Annette Bosworth, stunningly successful at managing to survive outside the realms of both Avera McKennan and Sanford Health. She is renown for helping to pay her low-income patient’s medications not covered by Obamacare, all while quietly raising more senate campaign funds than her counter-part, Senator Mike Rounds.

Attorney General Marty Jackley
Attorney General Marty Jackley

In corner #2 we have the estranged attorney general, Marty Jackley, accused of covering up allegations of fraud pertaining to the EB-5 scandal, covering up child molestation perpetrated by the Department of Social Services, and covering-up the murder of former economic development director Richard Benda. Jackley also stands accused of aiding the state in covering up the  homicide of 17-year-old Brady Folkens, and in kidnapping Native American children from their families; what some are considering systematic genocide.

Round 1 – Standing resilient, former U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth is charged with not being personally present to witness a few signatures on a petition to put her candidacy on the mid-term election ballot while she had been using her medical skills on a Christian mission in the Philippines.


Round 2 – Running scared back to corner #2, Attorney General Marty Jackley tosses a clumsy jab, claiming Bosworth’s actions aiding in the medical relief of the Philippines while on a Christian mission, and not being present for just a few signatures on a petition signed to put her on the ticket last November were, “serious, deliberate and must be addressed in order to preserve the integrity of our elections.”


Round 3 – Appearing flustered, Jackley with a heavy left hook in April 2014 sent Criminal Investigations Units to FOUR Hutterite Colonies intimidating members in front of their families prior to nation-wide elections last fall. He misses and lands filed complaints to the FBI, and recommendations of further investigations of election fraud committed by Jackley to the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice.


Round 4 – Bosworth, dodging another missed uppercut by the feared Hutterite Bully, now with the support of the crowd, prominent Christian groups, and Political Gurus on Capital Hill, who are all charging Attorney General Marty Jackley with extreme conflicts of interest in picking a fight with Bosworth, as he was appointed by Mike Rounds, the man who was running against Bosworth through-out the spring of 2014 and an undeniable major player in possessing the political motivation to be behind Jackley’s mindless bulldogging, clearly Bosworth is favored by the judges tonight.


Round 5 – Like a madman, Jackley uses his office to threaten witnesses away from telling the truth in court. But WAIT! The Honorable Judge John Brown is stepping into the ring, I’ve never seen this in all my years. Judge Brown is offering Jeff Beck protection from the Hutterite Colony bully, to ensure the law is upheld as it was meant to be. You are a TRUE Judge John Brown, bless you bringer of justice and hope!

Round 6 – Jackley is on the floor, wounded badly, 9, 8, 7, 6, Jackley makes a dumbfounded face as he struggles to stand back up on just ground, 5, 4, 3, Jackley still struggling to stand justly, he is arguing now that the Federal Courts and Justice Department are playing politics, the crowd is booing him, 2, 1 THAT’S IT FOLKS WE HAVE A WINNER BY KNOCK-OUT!


Judges Decision– Tonight’s fight between the The Christian Missionary and the Hutterite Colony Bully has concluded, tonight’s host Chuck Norris is now on stage to announce the final judge’s decision.




Firestorm Erupts After Rapid City Nurse Suggests Native Americans Can, “Suck The Mother Fu*king Fur Out of my Ass.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.09.20 PM5-11-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. A firestorm erupted on social media after a video showing a registered nurse, purportedly Ryane Oliva, surfaced exclaiming that, “Indians can suck the mother fucking fur out of my fucking ass because Indians fucking suck, they fucking suck!” Other apparent staff members are heard snickering in the background following her crude remarks. Since the video came to light a Facebook events page have been established titled, “Fire Ryane Oliva (Godkin) registered nurse at Rapid City Regional Hospital,” which as of today has over 930 planned attendees. According to a nurse reportedly did in fact tape a disturbing video outside her workplace in Rapid City, and was fired for violating the hospital’s code of ethics, in regards to which Brent Phillips, President and CEO of Regional Health states:

“Regional Health has a zero tolerance policy regarding this type of behavior by its caregivers inside or outside the workplace. We will not stand for any type of racism or bigotry on the part of our caregivers or physicians. We take this type of behavior very seriously and the employee has been terminated, as it clearly violates the Regional Health Code of Conduct. I believe the actions by this individual are an exception to the thoughts and behaviors of Regional Health caregivers. Our caregivers are upset by it. Let me be clear, Regional Health’s purpose is to help all of our patients and communities live well. We are focused on providing quality, compassionate care to all of our patients.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 4.49.38 PMRapid City Regional Hospital will be staging a counter event with community members at the same time as the posted Facebook event tomorrow at noon. Ryane Oliva posted a public apology onto her Facebook account exclaiming:

“About the terrible post guys I’m sorry. I was talking out of anger about an incident that involved my sister and a group of girls who actually chased them down with baseball bats and physically attacked one of her friends. It was reported to police. Truly sorry for the hurtful words and all the commotion this has caused.”

A copy of the offensive video can be found here —>

Exchange between Registered Nurse, and Mother —>

Exchange between Nurse and Mother
Exchange between Nurse and Mother
Exchange between Nurse and Mother
Exchange between Nurse and Mother

Plane Crashes in Wichita, Kansas One Day after This Warning was Posted on Facebook

10-30-14 By Devin Saxon. Late Thursday Morning as was reported by 5News, a small airplane has crashed shortly after takeoff en route to Mena, Arkansas. 2 People are dead, 4 are missing, and at least 6 remain unaccounted for.

Photo Taken by Eyewitness on Scene
Photo Taken by Eyewitness on Scene

This posting was made at 5:00pm on October 29th, 2014 by former CIA contractor Robert Tosh Plumlee

 disney threat“I received two of these reports.. one from a FB friend and another NOTAM from the FAA… information was received by anonymous tip by Law Enforcement who alerted HLS who alerted the FAA concerning the “unconfirmed” report received from an anonymous person. Alleged small aircraft to fly into Disney World from south Florida area.. I was request to hold on this for two days. I did….for your background only. … not confirmed but is being taken as a serous threat by HLS and the FAA.”

According to The Federal Aviation Administration’s website a No-Fly Zone was issued above Disney World Theme Park on October 27, 2014.

No-Fly-Zone Area
No-Fly-Zone Area

Could these two incidents possibly be related?

(developing story…)

flight path