Marty Jackley Claims Justice Department is Playing Politics as he uses Courts to Persecute Political Rivals

“Jackley Accused of Widespread Voter Suppression on Hutterite Colonies”

“We will NEVER vote again!” suppressed Hutterites claim

Gun-Annette-Bible (1)
Dr. Annette Bosworth

5-19-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. A perversion of justice has taken place, that much is abundantly clear, the only question to ask now is who perpetrated this perversion upon individual rights ordained by GOD, and what to do with the scum of which they certainly are. Over in corner #1 we have an independent physician, Dr. Annette Bosworth, stunningly successful at managing to survive outside the realms of both Avera McKennan and Sanford Health. She is renown for helping to pay her low-income patient’s medications not covered by Obamacare, all while quietly raising more senate campaign funds than her counter-part, Senator Mike Rounds.

Attorney General Marty Jackley
Attorney General Marty Jackley

In corner #2 we have the estranged attorney general, Marty Jackley, accused of covering up allegations of fraud pertaining to the EB-5 scandal, covering up child molestation perpetrated by the Department of Social Services, and covering-up the murder of former economic development director Richard Benda. Jackley also stands accused of aiding the state in covering up the  homicide of 17-year-old Brady Folkens, and in kidnapping Native American children from their families; what some are considering systematic genocide.

Round 1 – Standing resilient, former U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth is charged with not being personally present to witness a few signatures on a petition to put her candidacy on the mid-term election ballot while she had been using her medical skills on a Christian mission in the Philippines.


Round 2 – Running scared back to corner #2, Attorney General Marty Jackley tosses a clumsy jab, claiming Bosworth’s actions aiding in the medical relief of the Philippines while on a Christian mission, and not being present for just a few signatures on a petition signed to put her on the ticket last November were, “serious, deliberate and must be addressed in order to preserve the integrity of our elections.”


Round 3 – Appearing flustered, Jackley with a heavy left hook in April 2014 sent Criminal Investigations Units to FOUR Hutterite Colonies intimidating members in front of their families prior to nation-wide elections last fall. He misses and lands filed complaints to the FBI, and recommendations of further investigations of election fraud committed by Jackley to the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice.


Round 4 – Bosworth, dodging another missed uppercut by the feared Hutterite Bully, now with the support of the crowd, prominent Christian groups, and Political Gurus on Capital Hill, who are all charging Attorney General Marty Jackley with extreme conflicts of interest in picking a fight with Bosworth, as he was appointed by Mike Rounds, the man who was running against Bosworth through-out the spring of 2014 and an undeniable major player in possessing the political motivation to be behind Jackley’s mindless bulldogging, clearly Bosworth is favored by the judges tonight.


Round 5 – Like a madman, Jackley uses his office to threaten witnesses away from telling the truth in court. But WAIT! The Honorable Judge John Brown is stepping into the ring, I’ve never seen this in all my years. Judge Brown is offering Jeff Beck protection from the Hutterite Colony bully, to ensure the law is upheld as it was meant to be. You are a TRUE Judge John Brown, bless you bringer of justice and hope!

Round 6 – Jackley is on the floor, wounded badly, 9, 8, 7, 6, Jackley makes a dumbfounded face as he struggles to stand back up on just ground, 5, 4, 3, Jackley still struggling to stand justly, he is arguing now that the Federal Courts and Justice Department are playing politics, the crowd is booing him, 2, 1 THAT’S IT FOLKS WE HAVE A WINNER BY KNOCK-OUT!


Judges Decision– Tonight’s fight between the The Christian Missionary and the Hutterite Colony Bully has concluded, tonight’s host Chuck Norris is now on stage to announce the final judge’s decision.





Tumor in Sioux Falls is Culprit of Over 400 Traffic Collisions, Dozens of Injuries

“At the Heart of Sioux Falls, 7 of the 10 Worst Intersections Encircle Two Golf Courses”

5-10-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. While City Councilors go on another mass annexation spree, removing five segments of land and property from their rightful owners by sinister agents of the state, for purposes unasked for by a fair majority of the populace, Sioux Falls continues on in a haze, as if their resources are being proportioned amongst the population automatically in an honorable fashion. Never-mind that tumor clogging the very center of the city causing an additional 15-minutes of hazy driving time through an idiotically established, and purposely hidden detour, of which city planners have evidentially deemed necessary that any residents who do not golf, or own a golf course, are to be considered peasant-folk, and they must travel around.

Statistics Since 2013
City Statistics Since 2013

It is clear that these so-called city planners are either morons of an absurd nature, or that they are in fact treating the citizens as cattle to be prodded throughout their ranch, desperately forcing residents into commercial districts through the use of only two routes to travel from east to west or vise versa. Why else would city officials assume that the traffic collisions are the fault of residents themselves? Silly, clumsily traveling local residents, shopping and not paying attention, that must be to blame if they are traveling on 41st St or West 12th St? What type of preposterous people come up with this crap?

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.19.35 AM

To push the bounds of ridiculousness even further, on behalf of the same residents the city blames for having poor driving ability, while blatantly ignoring their own lack of leadership skills kissing ass to golfers, the city is claiming to be focused on the annexation of land that contributes little to the costliness burdened upon the populace, such as the land currently forcing the majority of residents to drive around for miles every day to and from work, or when visiting family and friends. How long in the tax-payer’s name, will city planners continue to ignore this obvious blood clot currently clogging up the commercial center of this city? The answer to solving what is causing so many hard working people to suffer the costs incurred by 1-2 ton vehicles colliding with each other consistently like Hotwheels Racers once every other day in South Dakota’s largest city, is so simple that it’s insane in 2015 it has yet to be discussed.

DZFP Proposed Road connecting E 26th ST & W 26th St with onramps to I-29
Pat Costello - Economic Development Director
Pat Costello – Economic Development Director

These golf courses are marking on the Sioux Falls map, in full display, a clear symbol of who this city really belongs to, the money junkies. South Dakota has become the 8th most corrupt state in the country. Not only are these golf courses held as divine and untouchables, many golf courses in Sioux Falls are receiving, or have already received, unheard of benefits on an account of tax-payers. Back in 2009 as city councilor, the ever wise and noble Pat Costello voted for a $1.7 million tax-payer funded expenditure to be used to renovate the Prairie Green Golf Course, which ended up passing, and was supposedly intended to attract business owners to Sioux Falls. Afterwards Costello quietly voted against renovating the downtown library, laid off his employees, and sold his own business, the Timberlodge Steakhouse, before moving to Pierre after being offered the job he holds now, the economic development director of South Dakota serving under Governor Dennis Daugaard; hardly a noble example indeed. On top of that dabbling in genius, $5 million was awarded to the city to renovate a Sioux Falls-Owned Golf Course by the FAAstamping bright and clear for the whole nation to see Sioux Falls listed first in the National Spending Waste-Book. 

Excerpt from the National Spending Waste-book —>

Excerpts from National Waste-Book
Excerpt from National Waste-Book

Beings that the top 5 worst intersections in Sioux Falls are 41st Street and Kiwanis Ave, 41st Street and I-29, 41st Street and Louise Ave, 41st Street and Western Ave, and 41st Street and Marion Road, I can clearly see now, as the city council does, that our problem here must be on 57th Street and Bahnson Avenue on the south-Side, which is where there just so happens to be a small segment of land our greed-stricken city planners have their sights on annexing next. Perhaps the money junkies can use that land to move their sacred golf courses to the outskirts of town, as opposed to bottlenecking the entire city on two main routes, sparing the residents of Sioux Falls from 400+ traffic collisions every few dozen months, just so that the money junkies don’t have to go through the horror of driving an additional 15-minutes outside of town to go golfing.

Sioux Falls: Economic Plan

Sioux Falls Economic Plan

South Dakota Makes Example Out Of A 9-Year-Old: We Will Charge YOU! For Your Parent’s Pot

“Child in Sioux Falls Finds Himself Caught-Up in Mindless Drug War Crossfire”

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.36.00 PM5-14-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Often throughout the journey of time, the intrusive nature of crude barbaric recourses are burdened upon the lives of children. In America we founded a nation to combat that barbaric activity, and instituted protections against such ignorances from the state. Gladly it seems however, that South Dakota casts aside that sublime American ideology in favor of the failed policies of medieval chastisement. On May 8th, 2015, in the 8th most corrupt state of our country, a 9-year-old boy brought his parent’s marijuana to school and was charged for possession of a creation of God. Not since a fourteen year old boy’s head was hacked off for cutting down a ‘liberty-tree’ during the French Revolution has such an ill perversion of justice been committed by a compliant people idly standing by. Thankfully for the essence of liberty, ‘justice for all’ still rings out in dozens of concerned citizens who have pledged to protest this absurd atrocity. concernedparents3 concerned5joshua-heldreth-mdTo blatantly put it, any grown adult who would consider a 9-year-old with pot as a danger to society, is themselves either a coward, or a total psychopath, and more of a danger to society than any mere child still learning. By filing charges against this child these sociopathic lawyers seemingly wish to take South Dakota down the same route the guillotine fanatics of the French Republic traveled ages ago, not for themselves mind you, but for the rest of us, and especially for 9-year-olds in possession of a creation of God. Is there any doubt then that these senile prosecutors are by far the greatest threat to South Dakota? of whom essentially are the same attorneys responsible for our state as being rated the 8th most corrupt state in the nation? Is it not beyond an absolute certainty that this 9-year-old boy poses ZERO danger to society? Of course that is until he begins a long life of resentment against the state for destroying his family over a natural herb that grows from Earth’s soil. Even the child’s school didn’t feel as if the 9-year-old was a danger to the rest of the students at Hawthorne Elementary, or parents would have been informed that a child had brought a creation of God into the classroom for show and tell. concernedparent concernedparent2 Science tells us that perpetual motion machines are not possible in regards to the laws of physics, so what blasphemy to the natural order of the world is a political machine that brews criminals, hires criminals, and prosecutes children with criminals to create even more criminals, manifesting the highest incarceration rates of juveniles in the country, so much so that the entire world is laughing at us? Hawthorne Elementary Mission Statement: (EXCEPT for children carrying plant matter) Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.18.35 PM

Feds Grant $100 Million to South Dakota for Homeland Security, $0 Appropriated to Provide Drinking Water

“South Dakotans Forced to Dip into Local Coffers to Pay for The Lewis and Clark Project”

Senate Republicans Speak To Media After Weekly Policy Luncheon 4-4-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. While sporting his mockup farmer’s tan, looking sharp on the cover of, South Dakota’s suave pick for Senate, the Murdo native and godly gift to all of South Dakota, U.S. Senator John Thune, gallantly hammers away at his microphone, patriotically worrying for the sake of all 800,000 South Dakotans residing nationwide, about funding yet another Homeland Security bill. Cleverly never-minding that our supposed ‘Homeland Security’ is being run by a federal bureaucracy that had virtually not even existed prior to 2003, nobly ignoring statements made by our own local officials that, in the foreseeable future, South Dakota faces dismal risks of any likely terrorist attacks, sophisticatedly forgetting historical facts such as NO terrorists attacks having ever occurred anywhere near South Dakota since the Massacre at Wounded Knee over a hundred years ago, and humbly overlooking that South Dakota has already received Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.36.46 PMmore Homeland Security grant money per resident than all but 5 other states across the country, including New York, California, Virginia, and Maryland; so much so that even the 12 year old Homeland Security Department has found within itself the nerve to criticize the free citizens of this once-free state, for conservatively not spending our awarded grant money to militarize local law enforcement fast enough, an amount granted totaling thus far to over $100,000,000, is it any wonder then that our homely supposedly elected U.S. Senator, the highly honorable Murdo native John Thune, in serving the great people of South Dakota, saw himself justly fit in using another limelight opportunity, as the #3 in the GOP, to NOT discuss providing a measly $12.5 million in federal grant money towards completing the Lewis and Clark project? now ongoing for over 15 years, and comparatively amounting to only an 1/8th of what South Dakota had received for our ‘Homeland Security?’ a project which when is finally completed will furnish safe access to drinking water for tens of thousands of rural South Dakotans?

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.31.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.36.00 AM

Using his new found prestige and clout in Congress, not only did Mr. Thune choose NOT to provide for the general welfare of South Dakota, deciding instead to stress once again the direness of funding the federal Homeland Security Department, he has also saw fit to oblige the sacredness of our human lives by trading away our fundamental God-given rights over to the Capital City, in exchange for millions of more dollars in unnecessary ‘Homeland Security’ grants from bureaucrats in Washington D.C., currently occupied by an apparent Vichy government, and devilishly voting further on South Dakota’s behalf in allowing for the federal government to wiretap any South Dakotan citizen without first acquiring a warrant from a court, insidiously voting again in favor of allowing for the detainment of any South Dakotan Citizen by the Capital City without any charges or trial, recklessly voting NOT in favor of demanding the Central Intelligence Agency provide Congress with reports on detained terrorist suspects, or what dhs-domestic-armyinterrogation methods are being used on potential innocent detained South Dakotan Citizens, mercilessly voting NOT to limit the deployment of South Dakota’s men and women in combat to 12 months, all while shamelessly approving $140 million to order 1000 new border patrol agents, all of whom are paid to conveniently sit down like loyal dogs upon the President’s request, and all this is while the Homeland Security Department, that John Thune so desperately is seeking to fund, classifies any South Dakotan with a seven day supply of food, a gun, a flashlight, any ammunition, a phone to text with, or any South Dakotan citizen who uses cash at hotels or who questions the government, effectively 90% of the state’s population, as a suspected terrorist threat, and liable to be arrested by military police indefinitely with no family notification, no charges filed, no trial to defend themselves, and absolutely NO essential guarantees to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.37.32 PM

Thankfully, while his majesty John Thune’s Homeland Security Department was busy using collected income taxes from South Dakotan residents to build a Fusion Center for the purposes of spying on small business owners, South Dakota’s state legislature took it upon themselves to finally finance constructing the Lewis and Clark project into Madison, supplying millions of gallons of water to local residents throughout the area. Although South Dakotan’s are footing the bill for this project out of the Dakota’s own Treasury, federal officials datamining2insist that their Fusion Center, paid for by income taxes collected out of the pockets of local residents, protects South Dakota from a historically documented terrorist-cell inflicted casualty rate of ZERO, held by South Dakota since 1890; and of course none of that apparently matters to the ever never-minding nature of John Thune, fittingly detailed by only a few simple words spoken akin to an un-fabled twin of Forrest Gump, “I sa-w Thu-ne o-nce in grade schoo-l when he was our Represent-ative…   and that’s all I have to say about that.”

fusionctr&militarized cops.preview

Palmer Drought Index

According to a report made by the Department of Homeland Security, South Dakota stands as a major risk of producing lone-wolf” terrorists, potentially white supremest in nature, attacking uranium mines and yet to be built international oil pipelines buried throughout the state, however, according to every military strategist known to man-kind, it is the stifling of an enemies access to water, and in turn their availability of food, which delivers the death blow to an enemy’s forces, while minimally hampering the transmission of a nation’s oil supply, through just one isolated region, would only temporarily be economically damaging to a select few civilians’ pocketbooks, and would be realistically ineffective from a military standpoint. If the Capital City, backed by Prefect Thune, is purposely withdrawing resources from South Dakotans’ incomes, and are forcing local residents to provide substantially more of their hard earned money to fund basic community projects such as ones that provide safe and plentiful access to drinking water to hundreds of thousands of South Dakotan’s statewide, and in this treachery it becomes evident that federal government is purposely dragging out the construction of critical local infrastructure for over 15+ years, then Washington D.C. is effectively using tactics a foreign water crisis caliinvader would use immediately preceding them overtaking an indigenous population through force, and in doing so federal bureaucrats are essentially considering the humble, peaceful people of South Dakota as an enemy of their rouge Capital City, ultimately becoming clear that it should be expected that Washington D.C. is currently preparing for the transition of an already established asymmetric warfare strategy towards a more aggressive, and direct, full on occupational campaign, progressing into the marching of paramilitary federally labelled ‘peace-keepers’ straight into permanently patrolling our neighborhoods and families throughout the heartland.

“..especially if they hit the WATER SUPPLY to demoralize the enemy, other projectiles (were catapulted) included rotting carcasses, which could start plagues.. After a while the city’s (or fort’s) food supply would run droughtout, the defenders would die, and the Romans would have an easy victory.” – Victori: The Roman Military, Strategy and Tactics

“It was also common to see landscapes denuded of drinking water before set pieces of battles, such as Adrianopole in 378, and Rome in 409… submitting to the ravages of dehydration.” -A History on the Laws of War: Volume II

Vichy FedEither it is that the Capital City and the Federal Government are entirely incompetent in knowing where a hypothetical terrorist threat would strike, so much so that they are essentially endangering the livelihoods of South Dakotans through the immoral confiscation of our local communities’ resources for the pointless purposes of constructing facilities that serve nothing but to aimlessly record local residents’ personal information on Facebook, and to militarize a local police force that has NEVER been the target of a terrorist strike, all while certain quality projects that our federal income tax dollars could have gone to instead, had they stayed in local hands and been put to substantially far more effective use, not to mention, far, far more cheaply, all by simply modernizing our agriculturally driven countryside’s water supply, simultaneously answering the wishes of the local population, either it is that all these coincidences are negligently going ignored by the fedcoats on an account of a fluke; or washington dc 09 105 the home of all things evil 4862x3278 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_89it is that the United States’s Vichy occupied federal government and Capital City are in fact themselves the true terrorist threat, in perfect disguise cataloging free citizens’ profiles, using National Security Agency assets to provide reconnoissance on innocent civilians’ various participations within the typical American society, identifying specific vigilant citizens deemed likely to be uncooperative in the near future and likely to be engaging in undesired political dissidence of the Capital City’s growing parasitic status, in full coordination with the Fed working feverishly to isolate dissenters, to stomp out all forms of sedition, and to trample over all other decent human beings happily living within the captured State of South Dakota under the demented guise of labeling them first as high level threats, before predictably recommending such targets for their unfortunately prompt, and systematic exterminations, likewise as is in what any terrorist-cell insurgency would do as they strategically pick peaceful opposition off one at a time, and likewise is what this current domestic threat is doing now to this very day. Considering the conditions of Michigan and California, both harboring shorelines alongside vast bodies of water, yet both are suffering major shortages of that essential resource, it becomes quite obvious that all this is purposely orchestrated in preparation of an organized, malevolent stifling of the entire nation’s safe access to drinking water, alienating the people away from the individual states, and creating detroit-water-1artificial dependancies on the Capital City, Washington D.C., which in turn will most certainly demand more revenue from inflation and income taxes, to stack even more politicians into the Vichy government pyramid, build even more federal fusion centers, nationalize more land away from the people, and militarize even more local police forces, until a full textbook case of pure warfare in the asymmetric persuasion is achieved, and America’s rallying cry, “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” is violated by traitors, forgotten, rockfellerand re-written by this new conquering terrorist-cell of insurgents currently occupying our federal administrative buildings in Washington D.C. as, “the land of the Capital City, and the home of the New World Order,” of whom are undoubtedly America’s actual current and present danger. quote-i-hold-it-that-a-little-rebellion-now-and-then-is-a-good-thing-and-as-necessary-in-the-thomas-jefferson-240484

Empowered by international money changers, and the federal employees abiding them for nothing more than stacks of cut-out rectangles made out of pieces of paper, this real domestic threat is currently, and maliciously, pulling on all of the levers of the USA’s grid; plainly viewable but cleverly hidden, fate will surely witness this new den of vipers and thieves all ushered into total, utter failure, and by the eternal, may God have mercy on all of their damned souls! For when a new spirit of 1776 rises again in heated arms, and that breeze of awareness sweeps down our beautiful countryside to renew once more those many struggles for freedom fought for by our forefathers, through the hearts and minds of today’s great patriots occupying this liberty loving nation, and as foretold by America’s timeless prophetic victories against that beast of injustice, evil will roam at it’s leisure here never more, freedom for all will rise again to reign supreme over our glorious lands, and fearlessly, freedom will continue on it’s mission through hell or high water, sprinting ahead always to battle the countless evils of this damsel world in full charge! Destined forever to be in this timeless pursuit, the honor of American strength and courage will stride out gallantly, forever fighting onward until all the devil’s tedious fits of JasonHeuser06corruption are ostracized and banished to hell fire so far, and deep, that a scope of true liberty finally rings out across this entire planet called Earth with such vibrance that only soaring eagles and roaring winds could ever have dreamt it; our plights only stopping momentarily to rest when the ghost of General Washington himself appears from the clouds, beckoning down below, bellowing proudly upon us in full salute, “God Bless You America! Our Great Country’s Undying Mission Has Now Been Completed, Semper- Fi!”

Unexplained pit in California

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Have You Ever Been Cheated On? If You Live in South Dakota, the Answer is YES

“STUNNING New Revelations of Mass Election Fraud, and State Mandated Child Abuse!!”

Sioux Falls, SD. 3-23-15 By Devin Saxon. Not that long ago, on August 1, 1946, a highly anticipated election was taking place in Athens, Tennessee.  Although in celebration of the long awaited conclusion to WW2, for many residents in Athens, unfortunately only an unnerving alarm could be felt returning home from serving multiple tours of duty in Europe and in the South Pacific, finding that in their absence defending their country, and in an inconceivable fashion, that their local governments had been profiteering off of arresting and incarcerating innocent American citizens throughout McMinn County. Knowing that the votes of the returning veterans would offset the incumbents’ chances of victory, throughout the election of 1946, some 200 armed deputies patrolled the voting precincts, shootingbattle one man before confiscating the election ballot boxes, and fleeing to hole themselves up at the local jailhouse to illegally tally the results of the vote. In order to preserve the election process that countless GI’s had fought and died for in the Islands of the Pacific, on Normandy Beach, and in the bitter German winter, more than 2000 returning World War Two Veterans took up arms from the Tennessee National Guard Armory, dynamited the jailhouse open, and counted the ballots for the first time in years in open view of the public, breaking wide open one of the largest election fraud scandals in history. 

Historical Reenactment of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946

Coincidently, not that long ago, on November 4, 2014, an election was held across the State of South Dakota. Similarly, many residents have grown increasingly alarmed that since Governor Daugaard has taken office, child abuse cases have dramatically skyrocketed, leading many to believe understandably that their Governor, along with their Attorney General, Marty Jackley, are unethically profiteering off of the inhuman practice of removing children from the custody of their innocent parents, and instituting them into physically abusive, emotionally damaging, and unsafe foster care homes.  

“It’s a tough thing for your children to be begging for help, and mom and dad, are not allowed to speak with our children on the phone… It’s not about truth, It’s not about justice, It’s about the dollars they made stealing my children. Innocence should not cost you everything.” -Wendel Hiland, Butte County South Dakota

Brady Folkens
Brady Folkens

In one instance, citing that because her son had consumed a natural herb, the State insisted that it was now more suited to care for the well-being of her child than her herself, and threatened Dawn (Folkens) Van Ballegooyen to turn over custody of her teenage son, Brady Folkens, to the STARS program, or face potential criminal charges. Shortly there-after him being instituted into state custody and STARS academy staff assuming responsibility over the safety of her son Brady, age 17, he began suffering from a serious medical ailment under the full knowledge of STARS officials, and which went ignored by STARS staff members for over four weeks. Trapped in the state’s nightmare, Dawn’s child then found himself being treated by unqualified STARS program officials, who negligently failed to inform Brady’s mother of his prolonged illness, and then failed to immediately seek medical professionals for an examination; instead self-prescribing Brady a cocktail of assorted over-the-counter medications, definitively implicating multiple officials of the STARS academy as being complacent in further complicating of Brady’s health, leading to the unmanageable deterioration of his condition, and in doing so having committed multiple counts of criminally-negligent manslaughter. One staff member reportedly claimed to Brady’s mother that he thought Brady was only, “faking it,” further admitting that he foolishly complimented Brady for doing, “a damn good job,” of acting while Dawn’s child was in a chronic and alarming state of nausea. Only when Brady was near death did the State finally make a decision to transfer him, frail and clinging to life, by air to Sioux Falls for emergency medical treatment, where the pronouncement of his death was delayed until after the arrival of his mother, who had only been informed hours prior that her son had ever been ill to begin with. Unnervingly, in a true Gestapo fashion, Marty Jackley had state custody of Brady transferred back to his mother moments before doctors officially declared that Brady was medically deceased, effectively delivering back, after kidnapping her child, a deceased son, before heartlessly transferring over to Brady’s grieving mother financial obligations amounting into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency medical transportation bills, all of which the murderers at the state’s STAR program in Custer are liable to pay. Further complimenting this tasteless gesture, Attorney General Marty Jackley denied Brady’s mother Dawn, Brady’s own personal journal for several months; Brady’s mom only receiving her child’s final journal entries, upon them being tampered with, and erased. 

Heartbreaking Testimony from Dawn (Folkens) Van Ballegooyen, Mother of Brady Folkens

“There was in a report even that one of the people who work at STAR mentioned he didn’t understand why Brady was even there. That’s who Brady is, just a nice smart kid. Brady was the type of boy he always tried to protect me, he didn’t want me to worry… When I saw him, he was yellow. They had a curtain around his bed, on the other side was the doctor and 5 other gentlemen from STAR academy, they were whispering..  Brady was already going into shock when he was on that ambulance, before they even loaded him onto that plane, but someone made the call to continue that airplane ride, which is very very hard on you when you are sick, to be up in that high of an altitude. The state said I was present, but I wasn’t present when Brady died. His lips were blue, and his ears were blue, and his fingertips were blue, and his body was very very cold. He was already gone.”-Dawn Ballegooyen

Is it any wonder, as was the case 68 years prior in Athens, Tennessee, that armed deputies were once again illegally patrolling the voting precincts this 2014 Mid-Term election? as it grows ever clearer that the men these officers call their bosses, Marty Jackley and Dennis Daugaard, are involved in yet another sick endeavor endangering the lives, safety, and health of South Dakota’s children!? Why would a sitting Attorney General fire Brandon Taliaferro? the prosecutor who was suingmette-phor the Department of Social Services, and the man who was finally taking the initiative fulfilling South Dakota’s needs to reign in on unbound reports of sexual abuse by predators posing as foster parents!? And what officer of the law would choose NOT to assist in the investigations conducted by Taliaferro, who is quoting as saying his dismissal by Marty Jackley’s office was due to an account of Taliaferro’s refusing to, “cover-up in misconduct.”  But most of all, if not but to sacrifice their victims’ innocence for the purposes of the devil, and to pocket more murder money from hard working South Dakotan parents, why would Dennis Daugaard and Marty Jackley ever plot to do this to the outstanding citizens of this great state?

“Whoever, being an officer of the Army or Navy, or other person in the civil, military, or naval service of the United States, orders, brings, keeps, or has under his authority or control any troops or armed men at any place where a general or special election is held, unless such force be necessary to repel armed enemies of the Unites States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both; and be disqualified from holding any office of honor, profit, or trust under the United States.” – 18 U.S. Code>592

53d841020143f.preview-620Adding to the heartland’s ever worrying plights, earlier this past election season, Richard Benda, South Dakota’s Economic Development Director, was found dead with a shotgun wound to his abdomen. For the sake of pitying insanity, the same armed deputies who were documented illegally patrolling polling places on November 4, 2014, all of who also answer to Governor Daugaard and Marty Jackley, and whose investigations unanimously concluded that the man found dead with a shotgun wound to his abdomen was solely responsible for the millions of dollars in revenue stolen from South Dakota’s corrupted EB-5 program, coincidently are all the same authorities whose ill-placed audacity also believes that although the length of the shotgun prevented Benda from shooting himself, that that gap in the official report was adequately explained and filled conveniently by the Attorney General’s office with the classic, “Suicide by Stick,” theory; a theory which is barely a notch above the believability that, “my dog ate my homework,” which, ironically enough, was seemingly the excuse used by South Dakota’s Secretary of State this last election year, whose dog evidently ate out of the section of his law books where it clearly spells out that it is illegal under state law to not automatically add to the ballot a candidate who is running unopposed in their party. Consequently, two candidates running on restoring the principles of the U.S. Constitution, and who were running unopposed in their parties, were illegally removed from the ballot by SD Secretary of State, Jason Gant, during the 2014 mid-term elections.

 “Unopposed candidate automatically nominated–Primary not held if no contest. A candidate for the nomination to an office, or election to a party office, having no opposing candidate within his party, shall automatically become the nominee of his party or elected party official for said office, and his name shall not be printed on the primary election ballot. If there are no opposing candidates for the nomination or election of either state or county candidates in any county, no primary election shall be held in that count, and the candidates shall be automatically nominated or elected.” – SD Statute 12-6-9

Although it is clear, that unlike the people of Athens, Tennessee, from 1946, the people of South Dakota in 2015, in keeping with ideal justice, and in ever-minding our sublime American honor, are not going to raid the local National Guard Armory in Sioux Falls, and dynamite state administrative buildings open until our votes are truly properly counted, still, one can’t help but wonder, what if South Dakotans possessed an identical freedom loving spirit as to what Americans had shared in 1946? and that our votes were counted by hand for a change; fairly and openly in front of the public? Would we, as the people of Athens had, also uncover our own case of potentially one of the most expansive schemes of election fraud in U.S. history? According to research conducted by esteemed mathematician and election fraud specialist Richard Charnin, and the frugal investigations conducted by the Chairwoman of South Dakota’s Constitution Party, and former Secretary of State candidate, Lori Stacey, the answer is a conclusive, clear as day, and definitively casted (YES) ballot. 

Lori Stacey must now be considered one of the best election activists in the unending battle for election transparency. I had the pleasure of working with her in developing the cumulative vote share analysis. The graphics reveal election fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. This article (Questions Loom Over South Dakota’s Mid-Term Elections), written by Lori is one of the best I have read in my 14 years of election fraud analysis.” -Richard Charnin, MS in Applied Mathematics, author of Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts, and the author of Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes, and the National Exit Poll

Excerpts from Lori Stacey’s Article on “Questions Loom Over South Dakota Mid-Term Elections”


 “For this county (Minnehaha) to end in a highly improbable 15% margin of victory in the most heavily populated county in the state is a glaring finding of suspected, significant election fraud.” -Lori Stacey


 “Brown County’s graphs show even more cause for concern as to the rightful likely county winners. I heard people joke about Rick Weiland’s campaign slogan, ‘Take it back!’ Well now, maybe Weiland needs to try to do just that.” -Lori Stacey

newsfff“You will, find a very similar, suspicious pattern with the margin between Krebs and Schultz beginning at less than 3%, and ended up spreading out to an unbelievable victory margin of 25.7%. Add to this the mysterious record low turnout numbers and I believe this race’s final numbers statewide are also literally Unbelievable.” – Lori Stacey

President Andrew Jackson once said, when ending wide-spread corruption committed by the Second National Bank of the United States, “Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you’ve won, you divided the profits amongst yourselves, and when you’ve lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves, and by the Eternal I will rout you out!”

Finally full circle, in the spirit of Andrew Jackson, and in the spirit of true American patriotism, should we all now nobly admit today, that we have all been hoodwinked by false gentlemen, that for far too long we have had men and women watching that hydra beast of corruption roaming freely throughout our beautiful countryside, and in doing so allowed the destruction of tens of thousands of families’ lives, our good names may endure some shame, but in exposing this new den of vipers and thieves ‘We the People’ allowed to manifest in our backyards, there sins will not be on our hands; but should we go on and ignore these transgressions taken against us, against our families, and against our Dakotan ways of life, and in doing so allow more innocent children to be devastated by our compliance in ignoring these dire issues pressing at hand, leading 50,000 more families to devastation, then these sins that had been dealt out by Dennis Daugaard and Marty Jackley will most definitely land squarely on our plates. For it would have been ‘We the People’ who had knowingly allowed the work of the devil to occur, and to shamelessly forsake our neighbors while we sheepishly awaited to suffer all the same, as was what came to be the conclusion of these guys’ horrifying fates. 11010619_1563273740615939_6427211855400678344_n

Governor Daugaard Targets South Dakota’s Students With Devastating Penalties

“New State Debt Collection Office to be Managed by a Computer, Operated by a Private Party”

  newsmeme22-2-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Governor Daugaard, whose leadership skills quietly oversaw more than $500,000 being stolen from a corrupted EB-5 program by his partner in Pierre, Richard Benda, now seeks to levy penalties on South Dakotan students. In the most disturbing fashion, South Dakota’s State Government is currently seeking to recoup revenue lost on an account of Governor Daugaard’s fallacies by issuing contracts out to private parties pursuing to collectivize South Dakotan students’ bank accounts and personal assets. Under Senate Bill 59, introduced upon recommendation of Daugaard appointed Department of Revenue Secretary Andy Gerlach, a new State “Debt Collection Office” would be instituted targeting students who owe any loans within the South Dakota Board of Regents system with strict penalties such as seizure of bank accounts, 100% wage garnishment, restrictions from obtaining vehicle registration, preventing access to hunting and fishing licenses, and the denying of professional licenses to obtain quality paying jobs. Not only would this bill prevent students from accessing these basic economy driving community services, this legislation would give contracted third parties access to students’ personal data to make collections for the state; Senate Bill 59 stressing clearly that no decisions made my the new debt collection office are to construed as being made by an elected body.

Andy Gerlach
Andy Gerlach, SD Revenue Secretary

This is after South Dakota’s Banking Commission voted 4 – 0 declaring that the British Virgin Islands Company Epoch Star, which was created solely to loan out 30 million dollars to the now bankrupt Northern Beef Plant at 29% interest, was not engaged in money lending, directly leading to the loss hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from revenue that South Dakota’s Treasury earns charging licensing fees, and taxing banking franchises operating out of offshore tax havens. Mercilessly, while hammering down on struggling students, Governor Daaugard has saw fit to retain the man who lead the decision to cheat South Dakota taxpayers on the Epoch Star decision, John Lillibridge, within South Dakota’s Banking Commission. Lillibridge claims to David Montegomery of the Argus Leader that he doesn’t “recall” missing out on an overly justifiably opportunity to tax a company earning 29% interest on a $30 million loan operating out of an international tax haven. Of course we are also lead to believe that Richard Benda, who work along side Daugaard in Pierre as South Dakota’s Economic Development Director, and was supposedly solely responsible for stealing money from South Dakotan tax payers during Daugaard’s tenure as Lieutenant Governor, and supposedly solely managed to suicide himself with a stick. Safely assumable on the credit of facts, let alone the words of Senator Mike Rounds himself, our Governor was either too incompetent to stop Benda, or had consciously allowed Benda to steal over $500,000 from South Dakota’s EB-5 program. And who does the State now seek to re-coup the losses incurred under Daugaard’s blind eyes? None other than the future leaders of this great country, honest and hard-working students, decimated by the recession not cause by them, but suffered terribly by millennials as they graduated into it.


Now, after a recession has been inflicted upon them, that was voted for to come into existence while they were still children, South Dakota’s students are being ordered to submit to the wrath of the State, which seeks to plug in every debt management decision conducted by education seekers into the limited capacity and thoughtless rational of a centralized computer, all of which will be established and maintained by a separate contracted third party. This third party operating and controlling the state’s centralized computer would be given students’ names, social security numbers, addresses, bank accounts, and the balances in each account. Goodness, I can’t imagine anything going wrong there. Thankfully, SD Senate Bill 59 claims to prohibit these contracted third parties, who would maintain the state’s centralized managerial decision making computer, which feeds only on collectivized personal student data, from disclosing any information of South Dakotan students other than to the State Debt Collection Office; similar in fashion to the Apple Corporation’s assurances to Jennifer Lawrence, and JP Morgan’s empty promises to more depositors than there are people living in South Dakota.

ramen_t700Although more than just students who have borrowed money to obtain an education are being targeted by SD Senate Bill 59, beings that parents who are behind on child support payments are already barred from accessing hunting licenses or acquiring car registrations, and beings that the majority of South Dakota’s financial aid services are provided primarily to those seeking an education nearer to home, SD Senate Bill 59 is clearly designed specifically to target South Dakota’s esteemed students. Not only would the state’s new debt collection office issue administrative wage assignments on employers to garnish the paychecks of their employed students, this bill would allow students’ employers to charge fees for the homely service of providing their employee’s personal data over to bureaucrats. Incredulously, SD Senate Bill 59 would garnish the entire paychecks of students should they give notice that they are quitting their jobs, essentially a loophole towards legalizing debt slavery. Hoping the courts will be able to resolve this horrid dilemma would likely be a fruitless endeavor, as SD Senate Bill 59 insidiously gives employers and financial institutions immunity from civil or legal penalties for disclosing their employees or clients’ information.student-debt

In essence SD Senate Bill 59 would create an office that does absolutely nothing to benefit society other than establishing another bureaucracy to issue contracts out to “third parties” to store private citizens data, all while issuing out even more contracts out to additional third parties to construct and operate a decision making computer, and issuing other contracts out to other “third parties” to collect on debts that this centralized managerial decision making computer claims are to be made. Who in their right minds on this side of hell could have written SD Senate Bill 59, if not but satan himself? And who in their right minds would ever vote for this bill, other than being in right with corruption, and in right with the devil?

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” -Revelations 13:17

college cost trendsMontana and Iowa are currently the only two States with penalties on students bogged down by commercial banking running amok as strict as those that would be levied under SD Senate Bill 59’s Debt Collection Office, and beings there are no penalties imposed on struggling students in the 47 other States, should SD Bill 59 become enacted as law, South Dakota’s Senate might as well institute a bounty hunting office to track down South Dakota’s youth fleeing nationwide.

National Financial Institutions were caught stealing over 1 Trillion crop380w_20100812edloans_vs_ccards_2461_image002dollars over a 30 year period manipulating LIBOR international interest rates. According to SD Senate BIll 59, if a 20% fee on the principle balanced of student loan debt is to be imposed on hardworking students, similarly, collecting the stolen $1,000,000,000,000 from national commercial financial institutions, and imposing a 20% collection fee on that principle debt would raise $1,200,000,000,000. Coincidently in America today, the total amount of debt owed by all American Students is also $1,200,000,000,000. I may not be a managerial order issuing computer that is centralized and operated by a contracted third party for an unelected debt collection office, but I do know quite simply that America’s education has been hijacked by hedge fund gamblers.


How has Governor Daugaard, who in 2013 was skydiving to honor Dakota State college students after they participated in purchasing over 32,000 Blizzards at a local Dairy Queen to raise money for charity, now today become their Judas, as he is seeking to recover debts owed by that same spirited youth, to recoup taxpayer money Daugaard lost under his leadership as Governor, and revenue squandered away while Daugaard was conveniently the sleeping Lieutenant Governor under Mike Rounds? SB59P

The American Spring is… in November?

Are Central Authorities Controlling the Protests Taking Shape Across the Country? 

Ferguson, Missouri

11-26-14 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. If Ferguson, Missouri is indeed the captain of this show of resistance against police brutality being demonstrated nationwide, let us tackle this QB with a thought experiment shall we? Why Michael Brown? Why Him? Stop right there! If you believe the rest of this article is a rant by a White Conservative against Black Liberals, I assure you, you are mistaken; please continue on.

Times Square, New York City

Hopefully I am not pulling a #DonLemonReporting card out on this but, I have to ask. Does anybody honestly care about Michael Brown? Or have millions of American people, who had long since recognized this American police state for what it really is, simply been waiting for the right cop to murder the right martyr at the right time to build a movement around to vent years of building frustration? With a scoffing public that ignores them, and a government that continuously taunts them, were millions of like minded people desperate for any connection with each other for one common cause, be it even from the likes of Michael Brown’s suspected murderer, Darren Wison, going free; declaring  on state-fun media, the day after the grand jury decided not to indictment him, that he, “did nothing wrong,” when he was asked about killing Michael Brown, and that he would, “do it again,” when asked if he could return to August 9, 2014, the date of the fatal shooting.

Picture40One thing becomes abundantly clear from this chaos, either it is truth that Ferguson, Missouri is baring to light the weaknesses of a modern American society that is sick, that of those weaknesses are 6 corporate controlled media platforms which operates 90% of all media is the USA, and that an oligarchic class has risen to power using the tools they have at their disposal to subliminally program human beings they publicly consider to be their serfs, to do what ever it is that the greediest of the greedy deems best be done. Or the truth is the only alternative, that a collection of universally governed random chances became self aware and decided unanimously that they all appreciated the character “V” from a Hollywood motion picture, before demonstrating their appreciation with a real life event that is nearly identical to universal chance’s favorite film, by propagating the incident on social media via #Ferguson on Twitter.

Scene from "V for Vendetta"
Exhibit A: Scene from “V for Vendetta”/Social Programming of Millennial Generation.

 “With so much chaos, somebody will do something stupid. And when they do, things will turn nasty.” – V for Vendetta, 2005 Film

Pump your breaks, this is not a declaration that there is a conspiracy of extremely wealthy individuals gathering econ_onepercentchart15_630together to make greedy plans that they then aid into being realized by putting subliminal messages into Hollywood movies, and other state-fun media outlets, as a means to collectively encourage millions of people to adopt ideas that the top 1% of the top 1% holders of American’s wealth purposely want the public to have in order to ensure total control over their power acquired by their dead grandfathers through the accumulation of stolen wealth passed on to multiple generations; which are all now being safeguarded by the private central Federal Reserve Bank, also set up by their great grandfathers.

However, this IS a declaration that human beings are infamously susceptible to commands while under an entranced or extremely relaxed state, as is documented in a recent lawsuit involving several woman who noticed that time seemed to be passing quickly during meetings with their attorney, Michael Fine. Curiously, after being told a specific combination of words by Mr. Fine they would, hours later, awaken uncomfortably sweaty, and wet with their bras rearranged. Disturbed by these unexplainable occurrences, during their meetings with Fine, the women began to record themselves secretly.  To their horror they came to find that they were being hypnotized and then sexual assaulted by the man they had hired to represent them in court.  According to a criminal investigation the victims’ hired trial lawyer would initially hypnotize the woman using a “relaxation exercise” to calm them when preparing their separate cases. Their divorce attorney would then program the woman to, upon him saying coded words, visualize themselves having the “best sex they will ever have” picturing their “teacher” as the one performing the sexual acts upon them.

With this case as a fact, we can all now unanimously agree as human beings of planet earth, that it would be correct to declare in the affirmative, if and when a woman can be hypnotized by only a combination of few choice words to have sex with a total stranger, and not remember a thing about it; and that a man can be hypnotized, with only one word or no words at all, to have sex with a total stranger, and not remember a thing about it, then it goes without saying that all people can be hypnotized with only a combination of a few select words to be seduced by a total a stranger, and not remember anything about it.

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious.” – Inception, 2010 Film

Exhibit B, "Inception" (2010)  Social Programming of Millennial Generation through media
Exhibit B: Scene from “Inception” (2010) Social Programming of Millennial Generation through media

If a divorce attorney can use a “relaxation exercise” to program people into being his personal slaves on command, all while making his victims feel as if they are enjoying their assault as it is occurring, and then subsequently convince his victims into not remembering a sexual assault had ever taken place, then it is safe to assume that that secret trick on the human mind has been out of the bag for some time, and that it is being used and passed on generation upon generation for other perverted and sick desires of evil men.

Is it possible that maybe one of the six state-run corporate owned media outlets that own over 90% of all media companies in the U.S.A., could have succeeded in becoming a state-run corporate empire without any of their respective general counsels ever happening to have to come across this same disturbing trade secret used by the divorce attorney to screw his clients? no pun intended.

According to Denis R. Wier, the Director of the Trance Institute, who claims that “trance-induction from television media is well-known, and that television media  is, “often used for manipulating consumer tastes,” claiming further that, “the repetition of TV commercials all induce trances by limiting your attention and overloading your mind with repeated thoughts,” clarifying that, “this disassociated trance state is often combined with rewards,” going on to conclude that, “we go into trance even though this state (of mind) results in a somewhat disabled mental condition,” it becomes safe to assume that the the answer is a definitive no. Not only does each corporate state-fun media empire practice the same trade secrets as the rapist divorce attorney, they undoubtedly perfected the art of the skill, and are using it in an almost religious fashion on millions of people.

Picture38What does any of this have to do with Michael Brown or the nationwide protests against police brutality? While a small majority of the American public cling to their habitual lifestyles, and purposely distract themselves from anything that would stain their shrinking slices of heavenly thoughts such as, ‘the gov are the good guys’ or ‘I am American, so I know I can depend on others to think for me’, a beast, who is the master of those who would hold onto that ignorance for peace of mind, is feverishly pulling any string in its arsenal to stem the epidemic of awakening free thinking American Citizens; and painting protesters of an illegitimate police state as having an obsession with aluminum foil, (as crazy as it sounds) seems to be the US Federal Government’s Gestapo agencies’  favorite pastime, of all time.

Psychological Programming/ Character Assassination 101
Psychological Programming/ Character Assassination 101


Ferguson, Missouri
Ferguson, Missouri

Through data collected on an account of unconstitutional spy programs, police state officials clearly know when GIFSec.comthey are dealing with honest, concerned, and actual critical thinking American Citizens, only to label them either as ‘domestic terrorists’, ‘sovereign citizen terrorists’, ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘truthers’, ‘racists’, ‘illogically bigoted’, or my personal favorite ‘politically incorrect’;  while the U.S. Gestapo simultaneously praises as ‘honest’, ‘honorable’, ‘community serving’ and ‘outstanding citizens’, those who they know can not figure out for themselves what is happening within their environment, and are dependent on a false narrative from a central authority to excuse their laziness from performing even the slightest amount of homework in fact checking independently outside of class,

“The fundamental idea is clear; to bring forward a politically correct statute, which sets out the essence and justification of terror.” – Vladimir Lenin 1922

Bundy Ranch, Clark County Nevada. (May 2014)
Ferguson, Missouri ( August 2014)

‘No need for any apologies on brute solutions that work,’ seems to be the American way of thinking post 9/11. If enough Americans continue to ignore what they already know in their hearts to be true, that we are now and will forever be in the post-Ferguson era, that our state governments are the puppets of an illegitimate federal system elected through bribery, fraud, extortion, libel, slander, false flag terrorism, and assassinations; then the next generation will almost certainly adapt as their next heavenly thought, ‘No need for any apologies on brute solutions that don’t work either,’ as a means to get them through the next day without having to burden themselves with any questions unrelated to sports, shopping, pushing buttons, or turning screws, before a a self accepted fedcoat approved human start up program will kick in with, “As long as you can watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ every Tuesday night, You will turn a blind eye to what your honest central authorities tell you, and decree it always as absolute truth.”

Kushner-Anonymous-Ferguson-1200Which finally brings this thought experiment back full circle with an answer to my original question, why does anybody even care about Michael Brown? Why are all those who have been waiting  for all these years for the right tragedy to occur to find each other, unite as one front, come from the shadows and unanimously decide that this is it gentlemen, this is the murder that is going to be the final straw that broke our aching camel’s back? The answer is almost too simple to take seriously but I assure you it must be the truth; Twitter is the reason, and Twitter has been compromised by those who own the publicly traded company that it is, Wall-Street titans. The same Wall-Street titans who own state-fun media empires that exist solely because they have successfully entranced and programmed the most people into believing what ever it is that they wish for them to believe.

Mentions of Ferguson on Twitter are highlighted in yellow

Easily done with zombie accounts which account for many of Twitters users, the oligarchy is clearly using their brand new toy as a means of manipulating the national population into following the oligarchy’s malicious agenda ridden with false narratives, of them are that Twitter users are supposed to either care about Michael Brown being killed by Darren Wilson, or that they are supposed to care about not caring about Michael Brown, or that they are supposed to care about Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, and that only on this one case of police brutality in Ferguson will Twitter users be allowed to draw any judgments on the national police brutality epidemic; other cases are not nearly as important, there is no reason to think about why you care about Michael Brown, we at Wall-Street can assure you that this case of police brutality, broke your aching camels back, you can trust us, have we ever done the American people wrong or ever been caught misleading America before?

Why did the oligarchy pulling all the strings in the modern American police state chose the Michael Brown killing to propagate across the Internet with Twitter? Much as the “AlexFromTarget” marketing campaign was used by an advertising company to targeting horny disillusioned teenage girls, the bigger whales on the corporate block are doing the same technique with Ferguson, only instead of targeting little girls they are targeting their worst enemy, free thinking and honest human beings who tend to question absolutely everything about everything. The purpose is akin to the purpose of labeling critical thinking human beings as ‘conspiracy theorists’, except this character assassination method is on a much broader scale. The U.S. Gestapo have collected enough data for long enough to be able to ascertain accurately that their worst enemy, free thinking human beings, were becoming increasingly irate and spreading their awareness to others at a rapid pace. Beings that the oligarchy had prior knowledge they would no longer be able to program Americans effectively with countless free thinking human beings asking questions like why World Trade Center building #7 fell at free fall speeds according to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, the oligarchs proceeded to what they do best, character assassination. As long as the Oligarchy decides for the dissenters who the dissenters will chose as their martyr, and upon whom they will launch a national resistance campaign, the oligarchs know they have already won. No longer will anybody with credibility be asking important questions like what really happened to Seal Team 6, where are Lois Lerners emails, and who was running Operation Fast and Furious? Just to name a few.

Michael Brown was not the final straw of police brutality against the American people, the one whose death broke our camel’s back, the illuminater who would successfully ignite an entire national resistance movement all to stand together as one, risk life and limb to defend fundamental rights as free independent human beings against a tyrannical fedcoat regime, most in part because of the fact that that camels back, which had holding off the American Spring movement, had already been shattered four days prior by the true martyr of the nations only hope for a resistance Johnmovement; and that man’s name was John Crawford. God bless John Crawford, who is a true hero who could inspire an entire hurting nation to awaken, uphold justice, and restore American values. But the oligarchy is ever so desperate to keep his memory away from the lime light, and are blasting the Twittershphere with repetitive hypnotic programming to preoccupy free thinking people with controlled and populous dividing thoughts regarding only police state actions taken against Michael Brown; who died under enough questionable circumstances to successfully create a plentiful amount of divides riding waves off the surfs of the old wounds left over by the age of slavery and discrimination that are still plaguing now as they had every day of history since the birth of our relatively new country, the United States of America.

The differences between the two police killings are astronomical, but the similarities unfortunately are enough to keep at bay the automated programmed humanoids who used to think for themselves before the adaptations of their lengthy television regimes were enacted into their daily schedules. Darren Wilson killing Michael Brown only four days after the initial outrage pouring over John Crawford, couldn’t have been more of blessing in a gift-basket to the oligarchs pushing for a police state to protect them and their exponentially growing wealth from an exponentially awakening American populous. The U.S. Gestapo certainly knew well through various spy programs that when the video capturing Crawford’s death was released onto the Twittershpere to the growing masses of free thinking human beings vehemently demanding it’s release, there would be an uncontrollable and popular national uprising on there hands. The gig would be up, they knew the camel’s back had been broken, the frog had been boiled too quickly, and too many American citizens had become too outraged to stop themselves from outraging as many others as they could.

The era of falling on the old crutches of using a controlled Black vs White, Republican vs Democrat, or standard issued Liberal vs Conservative diagrams to divide and slow the American people down would have all but surely ended as John Crawford untimely and brutal passing doesn’t need to be defended by words, his last moments caught on film attest to decades of explaining and exposing of what the American dream in reality has become, a nightmare. But thanks to the successful “AlexFromTarget” knock off campaign that is #Ferguson, the oligarchy has enjoyed success once again in brainwashing the masses from focusing on the answer that is right in front of their eyes, while devilishly convincing them that what is harming them dearly is the key to any promising future that they may themselves come to enjoy.

To advert the Oligarchs, America needs to get this resistance movement back on the rights set of tracks,  forget your concerns over Ferguson, forget your concerns over Michael Brown, and forget your hatred or concerns for Darren Wilson. They are not any more your spontaneous original thoughts than AlexFromTarget was a spontaneous original thought. In fact they are not thoughts they are programs distilled into the population by 6 state-fun media corporations and a compromised social media network formally known as Twitter, and Facebook, hell bent on dividing, controlling and conquering the free will of as many men, women and children in this world as they can conquer to damn themselves to the furthest extents of the absence from love that they can muster.  America it is time for a reset. Shut it down, but begin not with the oligarchs buildings, and not the oligarch’s armies of badge wearing terrorists, but with the oligarchs compromising narratives disenfranchising you from your own free will. As always I will remember John Crawford, and fight for John Crawford’s murders to be brought to justice as if I am John Crawford, as if you are John Crawford, because all of America is John Crawford, and we will not stand to see a police state cancer growing that would seek all that is honest and pure in this nation to be destroyed and erased from history.

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