Feds Grant $100 Million to South Dakota for Homeland Security, $0 Appropriated to Provide Drinking Water

“South Dakotans Forced to Dip into Local Coffers to Pay for The Lewis and Clark Project”

Senate Republicans Speak To Media After Weekly Policy Luncheon 4-4-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. While sporting his mockup farmer’s tan, looking sharp on the cover of Politico.com, South Dakota’s suave pick for Senate, the Murdo native and godly gift to all of South Dakota, U.S. Senator John Thune, gallantly hammers away at his microphone, patriotically worrying for the sake of all 800,000 South Dakotans residing nationwide, about funding yet another Homeland Security bill. Cleverly never-minding that our supposed ‘Homeland Security’ is being run by a federal bureaucracy that had virtually not even existed prior to 2003, nobly ignoring statements made by our own local officials that, in the foreseeable future, South Dakota faces dismal risks of any likely terrorist attacks, sophisticatedly forgetting historical facts such as NO terrorists attacks having ever occurred anywhere near South Dakota since the Massacre at Wounded Knee over a hundred years ago, and humbly overlooking that South Dakota has already received Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.36.46 PMmore Homeland Security grant money per resident than all but 5 other states across the country, including New York, California, Virginia, and Maryland; so much so that even the 12 year old Homeland Security Department has found within itself the nerve to criticize the free citizens of this once-free state, for conservatively not spending our awarded grant money to militarize local law enforcement fast enough, an amount granted totaling thus far to over $100,000,000, is it any wonder then that our homely supposedly elected U.S. Senator, the highly honorable Murdo native John Thune, in serving the great people of South Dakota, saw himself justly fit in using another limelight opportunity, as the #3 in the GOP, to NOT discuss providing a measly $12.5 million in federal grant money towards completing the Lewis and Clark project? now ongoing for over 15 years, and comparatively amounting to only an 1/8th of what South Dakota had received for our ‘Homeland Security?’ a project which when is finally completed will furnish safe access to drinking water for tens of thousands of rural South Dakotans?

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.31.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.36.00 AM

Using his new found prestige and clout in Congress, not only did Mr. Thune choose NOT to provide for the general welfare of South Dakota, deciding instead to stress once again the direness of funding the federal Homeland Security Department, he has also saw fit to oblige the sacredness of our human lives by trading away our fundamental God-given rights over to the Capital City, in exchange for millions of more dollars in unnecessary ‘Homeland Security’ grants from bureaucrats in Washington D.C., currently occupied by an apparent Vichy government, and devilishly voting further on South Dakota’s behalf in allowing for the federal government to wiretap any South Dakotan citizen without first acquiring a warrant from a court, insidiously voting again in favor of allowing for the detainment of any South Dakotan Citizen by the Capital City without any charges or trial, recklessly voting NOT in favor of demanding the Central Intelligence Agency provide Congress with reports on detained terrorist suspects, or what dhs-domestic-armyinterrogation methods are being used on potential innocent detained South Dakotan Citizens, mercilessly voting NOT to limit the deployment of South Dakota’s men and women in combat to 12 months, all while shamelessly approving $140 million to order 1000 new border patrol agents, all of whom are paid to conveniently sit down like loyal dogs upon the President’s request, and all this is while the Homeland Security Department, that John Thune so desperately is seeking to fund, classifies any South Dakotan with a seven day supply of food, a gun, a flashlight, any ammunition, a phone to text with, or any South Dakotan citizen who uses cash at hotels or who questions the government, effectively 90% of the state’s population, as a suspected terrorist threat, and liable to be arrested by military police indefinitely with no family notification, no charges filed, no trial to defend themselves, and absolutely NO essential guarantees to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.37.32 PM

Thankfully, while his majesty John Thune’s Homeland Security Department was busy using collected income taxes from South Dakotan residents to build a Fusion Center for the purposes of spying on small business owners, South Dakota’s state legislature took it upon themselves to finally finance constructing the Lewis and Clark project into Madison, supplying millions of gallons of water to local residents throughout the area. Although South Dakotan’s are footing the bill for this project out of the Dakota’s own Treasury, federal officials datamining2insist that their Fusion Center, paid for by income taxes collected out of the pockets of local residents, protects South Dakota from a historically documented terrorist-cell inflicted casualty rate of ZERO, held by South Dakota since 1890; and of course none of that apparently matters to the ever never-minding nature of John Thune, fittingly detailed by only a few simple words spoken akin to an un-fabled twin of Forrest Gump, “I sa-w Thu-ne o-nce in grade schoo-l when he was our Represent-ative…   and that’s all I have to say about that.”

fusionctr&militarized cops.preview

Palmer Drought Index

According to a report made by the Department of Homeland Security, South Dakota stands as a major risk of producing lone-wolf” terrorists, potentially white supremest in nature, attacking uranium mines and yet to be built international oil pipelines buried throughout the state, however, according to every military strategist known to man-kind, it is the stifling of an enemies access to water, and in turn their availability of food, which delivers the death blow to an enemy’s forces, while minimally hampering the transmission of a nation’s oil supply, through just one isolated region, would only temporarily be economically damaging to a select few civilians’ pocketbooks, and would be realistically ineffective from a military standpoint. If the Capital City, backed by Prefect Thune, is purposely withdrawing resources from South Dakotans’ incomes, and are forcing local residents to provide substantially more of their hard earned money to fund basic community projects such as ones that provide safe and plentiful access to drinking water to hundreds of thousands of South Dakotan’s statewide, and in this treachery it becomes evident that federal government is purposely dragging out the construction of critical local infrastructure for over 15+ years, then Washington D.C. is effectively using tactics a foreign water crisis caliinvader would use immediately preceding them overtaking an indigenous population through force, and in doing so federal bureaucrats are essentially considering the humble, peaceful people of South Dakota as an enemy of their rouge Capital City, ultimately becoming clear that it should be expected that Washington D.C. is currently preparing for the transition of an already established asymmetric warfare strategy towards a more aggressive, and direct, full on occupational campaign, progressing into the marching of paramilitary federally labelled ‘peace-keepers’ straight into permanently patrolling our neighborhoods and families throughout the heartland.

“..especially if they hit the WATER SUPPLY to demoralize the enemy, other projectiles (were catapulted) included rotting carcasses, which could start plagues.. After a while the city’s (or fort’s) food supply would run droughtout, the defenders would die, and the Romans would have an easy victory.” – Victori: The Roman Military, Strategy and Tactics

“It was also common to see landscapes denuded of drinking water before set pieces of battles, such as Adrianopole in 378, and Rome in 409… submitting to the ravages of dehydration.” -A History on the Laws of War: Volume II

Vichy FedEither it is that the Capital City and the Federal Government are entirely incompetent in knowing where a hypothetical terrorist threat would strike, so much so that they are essentially endangering the livelihoods of South Dakotans through the immoral confiscation of our local communities’ resources for the pointless purposes of constructing facilities that serve nothing but to aimlessly record local residents’ personal information on Facebook, and to militarize a local police force that has NEVER been the target of a terrorist strike, all while certain quality projects that our federal income tax dollars could have gone to instead, had they stayed in local hands and been put to substantially far more effective use, not to mention, far, far more cheaply, all by simply modernizing our agriculturally driven countryside’s water supply, simultaneously answering the wishes of the local population, either it is that all these coincidences are negligently going ignored by the fedcoats on an account of a fluke; or washington dc 09 105 the home of all things evil 4862x3278 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_89it is that the United States’s Vichy occupied federal government and Capital City are in fact themselves the true terrorist threat, in perfect disguise cataloging free citizens’ profiles, using National Security Agency assets to provide reconnoissance on innocent civilians’ various participations within the typical American society, identifying specific vigilant citizens deemed likely to be uncooperative in the near future and likely to be engaging in undesired political dissidence of the Capital City’s growing parasitic status, in full coordination with the Fed working feverishly to isolate dissenters, to stomp out all forms of sedition, and to trample over all other decent human beings happily living within the captured State of South Dakota under the demented guise of labeling them first as high level threats, before predictably recommending such targets for their unfortunately prompt, and systematic exterminations, likewise as is in what any terrorist-cell insurgency would do as they strategically pick peaceful opposition off one at a time, and likewise is what this current domestic threat is doing now to this very day. Considering the conditions of Michigan and California, both harboring shorelines alongside vast bodies of water, yet both are suffering major shortages of that essential resource, it becomes quite obvious that all this is purposely orchestrated in preparation of an organized, malevolent stifling of the entire nation’s safe access to drinking water, alienating the people away from the individual states, and creating detroit-water-1artificial dependancies on the Capital City, Washington D.C., which in turn will most certainly demand more revenue from inflation and income taxes, to stack even more politicians into the Vichy government pyramid, build even more federal fusion centers, nationalize more land away from the people, and militarize even more local police forces, until a full textbook case of pure warfare in the asymmetric persuasion is achieved, and America’s rallying cry, “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” is violated by traitors, forgotten, rockfellerand re-written by this new conquering terrorist-cell of insurgents currently occupying our federal administrative buildings in Washington D.C. as, “the land of the Capital City, and the home of the New World Order,” of whom are undoubtedly America’s actual current and present danger. quote-i-hold-it-that-a-little-rebellion-now-and-then-is-a-good-thing-and-as-necessary-in-the-thomas-jefferson-240484

Empowered by international money changers, and the federal employees abiding them for nothing more than stacks of cut-out rectangles made out of pieces of paper, this real domestic threat is currently, and maliciously, pulling on all of the levers of the USA’s grid; plainly viewable but cleverly hidden, fate will surely witness this new den of vipers and thieves all ushered into total, utter failure, and by the eternal, may God have mercy on all of their damned souls! For when a new spirit of 1776 rises again in heated arms, and that breeze of awareness sweeps down our beautiful countryside to renew once more those many struggles for freedom fought for by our forefathers, through the hearts and minds of today’s great patriots occupying this liberty loving nation, and as foretold by America’s timeless prophetic victories against that beast of injustice, evil will roam at it’s leisure here never more, freedom for all will rise again to reign supreme over our glorious lands, and fearlessly, freedom will continue on it’s mission through hell or high water, sprinting ahead always to battle the countless evils of this damsel world in full charge! Destined forever to be in this timeless pursuit, the honor of American strength and courage will stride out gallantly, forever fighting onward until all the devil’s tedious fits of JasonHeuser06corruption are ostracized and banished to hell fire so far, and deep, that a scope of true liberty finally rings out across this entire planet called Earth with such vibrance that only soaring eagles and roaring winds could ever have dreamt it; our plights only stopping momentarily to rest when the ghost of General Washington himself appears from the clouds, beckoning down below, bellowing proudly upon us in full salute, “God Bless You America! Our Great Country’s Undying Mission Has Now Been Completed, Semper- Fi!”

Unexplained pit in California

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