Citizens’ Militia in Sioux Falls Takes Up Arms in Defense of Freedom

“South Dakota Regiment Stands Guard Outside Military Recruitment Center on 57th St & Louise Ave”

South Dakota Regiment
South Dakota Regiment

7-22-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. Following an Islamic militant attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, fatally wounding 5 US marines, military installations across the nation have rapidly begun being voluntarily safe-guarded by freedom loving American citizens — many of whom are appalled that recruitment centers for U.S. Armed Forces remain sitting duck “gun free zones.” However, instead of welcoming these preservationists of human rights with open arms, according to a newly released document written by the U.S. Marine Corps Recruitment Command, armed citizens are seemingly being discouraged from defending liberty in America, claiming that, “these citizens, while well intentioned, will be counter-productive to our recruiting operations.” Recruitment Center Doc1 Wouldn’t openly demonstrating resistance to Islamic-State radicalism be exceptionally productive to American military recruitment operations? If the U.S. Marine Corps Recruitment Command feels that peaceful armed men holding civilian-grade Radical-Islamrifles outside a public building are scaring potential new recruits away, shouldn’t these minute-men be THANKED? Who wants to have Marines that are afraid of humbly armed civilians? What kind of military is the government trying to recruit? One that is afraid of facing off against heavily armed barbaric enemies across seas — deploying wimpy men who can’t even look past friendly local militiamen’s firearms to walk in the front door?

The local corporate media’s news coverage was even disconcerting towards the Constitutionally inspired South Dakota Regiment minutemen, who guarded the Military Recruitment Center in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, claiming that these two proudly armed citizens possessed “military grade” weaponry, which was either a statement of ignorance or a blatant lie. Marines use 3-Round-Burst M4 Assault Rifles and civilians use the semi-automatic AR-15, if you don’t know the difference between them — don’t quit your day job.

Rifle Comparison

SD Regiment Logo What is it that America is fighting for if not for our freedoms — including our freedom to bare arms and assemble peacefully in a well-regulated militia in the face of mad-men and tyrannical Islamic-State sympathizers?  When did “being necessary for the security of a free state” get erased from the 2nd amendment of the Constitution? But most importantly, why are brave men and woman in the military disarmed at recruitment centers to begin with? Are American Marines not the most skilled and well-trained professional marksmen in the world? What disaster is the government expecting to occur by discontinuing the insanity of disarming our bravest men and woman of the armed forces simply because they are at a recruitment center or occupying a military base? Or is it that the government is afraid of armed marines wandering around on American soil while Congress and the President have the lowest approval ratings ever recorded? Until the truth is finally revealed all we can really say is Kudos to South Dakota Regiment and Oath Keepers for ensuring the security of our free state! 2nd-amendment-800x594CLICK HERE and “Like” SOUTH DAKOTA REGIMENT on Facebook!

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A New Hope: 3 Reasons Why Decriminalizing Cannabis Will Help Fight the Encroaching Police State


“POLL: Local Residents Demand an END to Incarcerating Citizens over Possessing Plant Matter”

7-16-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Although a recent petition launched by South Dakotans Against Prohibition (SDAP) may not exactly call for the full decriminalization of cannabis, allowing for some extortion to be committed by the occupying police state, it is a definitive and robust step towards the correct direction — demonstrating a fundamental commitment to human rights, social advancement, personal freedoms, and medical consciousness for all South Dakotans living throughout the heartland. The referendum, if passed into law, would prohibit the senseless incarceration of citizens possessing one ounce or less of marijuana. To some it may not be enough that a recent poll conducted by the Argus Leader resulted in 82% of respondents favoring decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis plant matter, which is due to receive some resistance from the dissenting 18% of uninformed citizens. However, three local developments have coincidentally come to transpire which would decisively be addressed by supporting this petition drive until it is voted into law come November, and resolving these prevalent issues at hand may potentially sway the dissenting opinion:


1.) The first and foremost reason is that South Dakota’s Prison System has maxed out it’s profitability for the state, and servants of the public’s interest are currently debating the cost effectiveness of imprisoning even more harmless citizens for petty offenses. 3 out of 5 citizens held in Minnehaha county jail today are still awaiting trial, and are unjustly held against their will due to the unaffordable costs of bail for non-violent offenses. Now is the ideal time to say: “NAY! WE DEMAND FREEDOM!” And a petition drive of this nature is a sublime way of making our statement loud and clear: “Enough is Enough!”

2.) Secondly, prisoners convicted of being in possession of one ounce or less of cannabis, or paraphernalia, are currently ostracized from society after serving their sentences, and are unable to find homes, which leads to more perpetual crime. Why are harmless marijuana users recklessly grouped together with actual transgressors against humanity: sex-offenders, rapists, domestic abusers, and meth dealers? Exercising our right to use any plant that sows seeds is ordained by God. Anybody convicted of possessing a natural substance, including cannabis, is ultimately a political prisoner, and have done nothing criminal according to thousands of years of human history.

Gold Bong
2,400 year old gold bong. Picture via National Geographic


3.) With the medical marijuana petition now circulating, and the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe’s recent decriminalization initiative, this additional referendum to decriminalize small amounts of the harmless plant cannabis will cement a permanent three-pronged base-camp for citizens to end the pointless drug war against marijuana once and for all — opening the floodgates on taxing this completely natural renewable resource as a commodity, and by doing so local governments would undoubtedly generate millions of dollars that could be spent on hiring more teachers, building new schools, and strengthening South Dakota’s lack luster education system. There is no excuse why South Dakota continuously struggles to find teachers to apply for teaching jobs due to low pay while Colorado has more cannabis-tax revenue allotted towards education than they know what to do with.

Hunter S. Thomson once wrote in regards to San Fransisco during the mid-60s:

“You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning… And that, I think, was the handle — that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply PREVAIL. There was no point in fighting — on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave… So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark — that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back.” – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.10.35 PM

And now today that lost rouge wave has finally risen again — up past the Rocky Mountains, free-flowing it’s way past the Colorado foothills, down over the Badlands, breaking on-top of the Great Plains, flooding out into all the heartland, crashing through-out the Big Sioux River, and beyond. Once again those sparks of a new age are firing up; once again it has become pointless to fight our momentum as we ride on the crest of this reborn high and beautiful wave. Only this time there will be no breaking and rolling back at the gates of Las Vegas; this time we will ride straight into the Atlantic. Do not be betrayed by the skewed ideological beliefs of the Old and the Wicked, this movement is not, and will never be about getting high, it’s about re-storing America’s constitutional principles, re-building our once dominant economy, and reclaiming our technological superiority. And by hell or high water there is nothing that will stop this revolutionary wave on the millennials’ go around, not fire, not armies, not gold.

hemp uses

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Allegations Arise: Springfield Cop Terminates Family’s Pet, Hides Body for 8 Months

“Family Seeks Justice for the Cover-Up and Slaying of their Beloved Labrador” 

7-12-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. A GoFundMe page written by a distressed grandmother has recently been circulating around Facebook alleging that a police officer working for the Springfield Police Department in South Dakota unabashedly shot and killed her grandchildren’s beloved pet Labrador, then hid the body out in the woods for an 8-month period. For over ten years the family’s Labrador, Duke, had been one of the family’s best friends. As of today the family’s fundraising page has raised $400, and they plan on raising several hundred more with the hopes of being able to retain an attorney and file a lawsuit.

Photo Circulating Around Facebook

According to the GoFundMe page, authored by Jan Juhnke, who claims to be the grandmother of the family involved, the police officer in question claimed that he was doing a humane deed because their old lab Duke appeared, “flea and tick infested.” He allegedly attested further that Duke was, “mangy looking,” continuing on to insist that Duke had, “missing hair on his lower back and butt.” Jan goes on to assert that this particular Springfield police officer concluded that her family’s pet Labrador was, “possibly diseased.” It is unclear whether or not this officer was referring to Duke being diseased while he was alive, or after Duke’s corpse was abandoned out in the woods for 8 months, but what is clear is that veterinarians generally determine whether or not an animal is diseased, and they do so professionally while the animal in question is still alive. Jan Juhnke goes on to make these comments on her GoFundMe page in regards to her family’s lost pet:

A couple weeks ago, my son drove 6 miles into the country and retrieved the decomposed remains of Duke. It was not a pretty site.

“What happened to Duke was wrong. Simply wrong. Duke was not a trouble making dog, he never had a run in with the law before. He was just an older gentle lab who made the mistake of going for a walk one Sunday afternoon last Sept. He didn’t bark at anyone, he didn’t growl at anyone, he didn’t get into anyone’s garbage, and he certainly wasn’t mangy looking. He was just a well behaved old dog who went for a walk and now he is dead.”

“A cop should not be lying to my grandkids. He made a terrible, terrible choice when he killed Duke. But you do not compound a wrong doing by committing more wrong doings.” 

A point of concern, towards the bottom of the Juhnke family’s GoFundMe Page, other residents have come forward with their own similar allegations against the same police officer. Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 6.17.06 PM

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Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 4.35.11 PM

UPDATE:  A petition drive has now been established wishing to re-open an investigation into Officer Douglas Magee of the Springfield Police Department. As of Thursday August 6th, the petition has amassed over 1700 signatures. The petition which can be found on, claims that the officer involved with the slaying of Duke violated 2 state laws:

  •  SDCL   {40-1-2.3.   Neglect, abandonment, or mistreatment of animal–Misdemeanor. No person owning or responsible for the care of an animal may neglect, abandon, or mistreat the animal. A violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Source: SL 1991, ch 331, § 3; SL 2014, ch 194, § 3.} {40-1-13.  
  • Euthanasia of fatally injured or diseased animal–Notice to euthanize–Violation as misdemeanor. Any animal injured or diseased past recovery shall be euthanized within twelve hours in a manner prescribed in rule by the board, by the owner or person in possession of the animal, after having been notified by any law enforcement officer, any agent or officer of any humane society, or any agent of the board to euthanize the animal. A violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Source: SDC 1939, § 40.2206; SL 1991, ch 186, § 8; SL 1991, ch 331, §§ 25, 27; SL 2014, ch 194, § 13.}

DakotaZFreePress has obtained a copy of the official police report which can be found below: DUKE report DUKE Report 2DUKE REPORT 3 “Cops claimed he didn’t know who the dog belonged to even though the town is a dinky town and the police department is half a block from Duke’s home. The cop had also seen Duke a month prior when he stopped at my son’s house. He is a liar. The tan building behind the trees is the police department.” – Jan Juhnke Duke's Home next to Police Station

No Honor Left From South Dakota’s Media

“Who Ignores Brady Folkens’ Grieving Mother Over Photos of Dr. Annette Bosworth?”

Brady Folkens
Brady Folkens

7-5-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. There once lived a boy whose name the state is desperately trying to get you to forget, going so far as to label the boy’s grieving mother as being part of Dr. Annette Bosworth’s “mouthpiece camp” in open court. His name was Brady Folkens, and you wont hear about him on the “Left Wing vs Right Wing” paradigm state-controlled media, because they literally walked passed Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen in Pierre last Wednesday at least a dozen times while they scurried about the courthouse grounds concerning themselves instead with a petitioning violations trial. Tired of their insults, Dawn confronted a dozen photographers and journalists waiting for Brady Folkens’s former doctor, Annette Bosworth, to exit the courthouse.

“The state murdered my son and why aren’t you as a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, standing beside me and demanding answers!!!” -Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen

All of their heads began facing downwards in shame. Only ONE photographer mustered the courage to even respond back to Dawn, but all he really said was that he would have a reporter “look into it” as there were dozens of reporters standing around. Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen can’t even find an attorney in the state of South Dakota with the courage to challenge the current government, one attorney going so far in dishonoring himself that he claimed to Dawn, “There is not enough money in it for me to take this case.”

“They said that Brady was throwing up in a waste paper basket, a guy (employee at STARS academy) said to Brady, ‘Folkens if your faking it you’re doing a damn good job of it.’ And Brady said to him, ‘Sir, I’m not faking it.'”

“I’ve had lawyers tell me that I have an open and shut case, then in maybe a month they come back and tell me they can no longer represent me and they walk away from me.”

Full Interview with Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen

“In a report even one of the people that worked at STAR mentioned that they didn’t even understand why Brady was even there, because thats who Brady was, just a nice kid.”

“A nurse came over to me and said, ‘Are you Brady’s mom?’ and I said yes and I was very distraught because I knew that there was something wrong.”

“They said I was present, but I wasn’t present when Brady died because his lips were blue, and his ears were blue and his fingertips were blue, and his body was very very cold.”

Dawn Speaking at the Downtown Library in Sioux Falls

“You can see where they blacked out screens covering up what exactly was going on in STARS academy. Where it talked about Brady throwing up, How many times, they didn’t want me to see that.”

“I asked the Governor to sit down and talk with me and he wont talk with me, Marty Jackley wont talk with me, nobody will talk with me.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.49.04 AM

How much longer will South Dakota allow themselves to be bamboozled with state-propaganda and commercial rubbish about Popeye’s Chicken? When did South Dakota’s self-proclaimed “media” become the mouthpieces of corrupted state officials hiding like rats from a mother seeking answers about the wrongful death of her child!? But most importantly, how much longer will it be until what happened to Dawn’s son happens to yours because of the media’s neglect to report on the state’s crimes?

GeorgeOrwell Quote

> > > Justice For Brady Alan Folkens Community Page < < <


“Lies, Deceit, & Murder: Nightmare at STAR Academy Bootcamp. ‘What Really Happened to Brady Alan Folkens?'”

Police Officer in Sioux Falls has Driving Malfunction

Sioux Falls Finest

6-28-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. A couple of photographs recently surfaced on Facebook showing a Sioux Falls Police Officer attempting to ram a metal rail to death with her squad car. It is unclear if tax-payers will be footing the bill on an account of this rail jumping out in front of this officer’s patrol car. Certainly Sioux Falls’s finest are not the culprits of this collision in any way, shape or form, it must have been the inanimate object’s fault somehow. Perhaps this officer swerved out of the way of a school of ducklings, or dodged a family of kittens, saving their lives, and in the process remodeled a random alleyway-railing downtown.

The photographs appear to have been taken near a parking ramp on Dakota Ave. Unfortunately there’s no word yet on whether or not the warm fuzzy cuddly creatures this officer must have swerved out of the way to protect are still safe from any harm.

Police lately seem eager to set up as many sobriety checkpoints in Sioux Falls as possible, however in light of recent events some residents are now calling for there to be random checkpoints specifically for Sioux Falls Police Officers to submit to, reassuring residents that law enforcement is not on any drugs or alcohol while they are out on patrol. AAA

Authorities Remove Signs In Minnesota Meant To Raise Public Awareness


“Federal Government Still Unable To Prove Their Case in Court”

6-20-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. According to Minnesota’s Department of Transportation, construction signs are, “meant to increase public awareness, and when people tamper with them it not only creates a distraction for drivers, it also prevents people from seeing the intended safety message.” Which is why it is puzzling that the subcontractor who put up this sign in Moorhead yesterday displaying, “Bush Did 9/11,” would then be asked to remove the message, and in doing so making the citizens of Minnesota unaware of the New World Order take-over of American Rights and American Sovereignty. Certainly nothing concerning public safety is more important than helping fellow Americans be aware of that simple fact. It would almost appear as if these supposed authorities in Minnesota still actually believe in the conspiracy theory that people living in caves in Afghanistan managed to put several tons of nano-thermite explosives into World Trade Center Building #7 over a one month long period before “pulling” that building down 5 hours after pulling down WTC Buildings #1 and #2. Why would anyone continue believing cave-men perpetrated 9/11 while the federal government is STILL unable to prove their case in court on all fronts, or show just one photograph of a plane hitting the Pentagon after all these years? Just because the REAL perpetrators of the crime of a century are yet to be put behind bars does not mean that the 9/11 false flag isn’t common knowledge to everyone with a functioning brain. 

Devil Challenged to ROCK-OFF at Bigs Sports Bar this Sunday at 7PM Sharp!

6-18-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. It has been well known for all ages of time that the Demon Code strictly forbids the devil from declining a Rock-Off Challenge, and in retaliation for the devastation brought against the good people of Delmont, SD the devil has officially been summoned to appear to face the wrath of South Dakota rock!Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.28.42 AMThe showdown will be held at Bigs Sports Bar on w. 12th St in Sioux Falls, SD on June 21st at 7 p.m. sharp. Five noble bands will be featured at the event to challenge satan on stage including Bobaflex, Seventh Calling, Aggrovent, Adaptsis, and Tons of ‘Em. If the devil loses he will be forced to pay everybody’s rent in Delmont, SD whose homes he had destroyed. WE absolutely can NOT let the devil win because if he does he will be taking Cage from the band Tenacious D back to hell with him to be his, “little bitch.” Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.44.25 AM Help Support These Noble Bands and the People of Delmont, SD! Don’t let the devil get away with trashing our state and denying us FEMA disaster relief. We must defeat him with our ROCK once and for all! SDAPrequest