Lies, Deceit, & Murder: Nightmare at STAR Academy Bootcamp

“What Really Happened to Brady Alan Folkens?”

Brady Alan Folkens
Brady Alan Folkens

8/14/15 Custer, SD. By Devin Saxon. Intent on keeping children in South Dakota as indoctrinated as possible, the first reaction to a teenager not showing up for school is to threaten the parents with truancy. After these threats the state will encourage parents to file a CHINS ( Child in Need Of Supervision) petition. Once this is done anything from wearing your hat backwards in school, to failing a urinary analysis for a herb, will land that child in Custer, SD, at a bootcamp called the STAR academy. Under these exact same circumstances and using these same methods, It was not that long ago that the state forced Brady Alan Folkens, 17, into their custody. Less than 90 days later Brady passed away due to a severe liver ailment that went ignored by the state; his mother buried him on Christmas.  Although Brady grew ill in state custody and the state ignored his plights for medical attention, Brady Folkens’ mother, Dawn Van Ballegooyen, was charged over $250,000 in medical bills.  The state claims a rare virus shut down Brady’s liver, and that they are not responsible, but documents show a more logical cause of death, one that implicates the state’s involvement in a massive cover-up.

STARS Academy
STAR Academy

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.34.21 PM

The follow document, found in the Department of Criminal Investigation’s report on the death Brady Folkens, clearly shows that staff at the STAR academy in Custer had prescribed Brady, without his mother’s knowledge, Minocyline — an antibiotic used to treat acne. An official at STAR academy initialed that they had administered the medication to Brady up until the day he died on the 21st of December.   


Brady describes in his journal receiving this medication on December 5th 2013,  2 weeks before his passing.

“I went to see the doctor today. I got prescribed an anti-biotic. I’ve taken it before so hopefully I wont be immune. Also I’ve gotten like three other antibiotics — one the past year. I wonder if that effects anything.” – Brady Folkens

Brady's Journal - Entry 12/5/15

Not long after, on December 10th and on December 16th,  Brady describes feeling unusual and not well:

“Today I felt really weird this morning… I felt really tired in school.” Brady Folkens, December 10th 2013 entry

“I’ve been really tired these last couple of days which sucks, and I’m not entirely sure as to why. I’m not looking forward to PT as usual. My mom comes to visit this weekend which makes me really excited.” – Brady Alan Folkens, December 16th 2013 entry

That weekend was the last time Brady’s mother saw him alive; she didn’t even know he had been ill.

Brady's journal entry 12/10/13

Brady's Journal 12/15/15
Brady’s Journal 12/16/15 7 days before Brady died

According to the National Library of Medicine, extended use of Minocycline may result in an injury to the liver, “sometimes after several years of use.” Patients using Minocycline are advised to stop taking the medication and “contact a doctor immediately” if they have any of the following symptoms: “nausea, extreme tiredness, weakness, stomach pain, vomiting, or yellowing of the skin.”

Source: National Library of Medicine
Source: National Library of Medicine
Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine
Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

Documents from Custer Regional Hospital claim that Brady was told them he had abdominal pain, was nauseous and vomiting, had diarrhea, and was suffering from extreme exhaustion since at least the 17th of December, FOUR days prior to being admitted to the hospital on the 21st of December, and THREE days before STAR academy officials claim they noticed Brady was sick. Brady told Custer hospital staff that he was experiencing the “worst possible pain” at the time of his admittance into the care of professional medical officials.

Custer Regional Hospital Report

Custer Regional Hospital Doc

Although Brady had complained in writing that he had been ill for several days on the 16th of December, and told Custer Regional Hospital he had been vomiting since at least the 17th of December, the Department of Criminal Investigations concluded that Brady had only been sick since the 20th of December. Shortly after Brady’s death, Brady’s mother Dawn, describes in an interview with Lee Stranahan receiving a phone call from a staff member at STAR academy wishing to tell Dawn “a story she really needs to hear.” This mystery caller told Dawn that they witnessed Brady throwing up in a waste paper basket for several days prior to when the state admits Brady’s illness was acknowledged. The caller told Dawn that when one of the staff members noticed Brady vomiting the guard exclaimed, “Folkens, if you’re faking it you’re doing a damn good job of it.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 9.00.36 AM

The report conducted by the Department of Criminal Investigations also states that several staff members at STARS academy administered Tylenol to Brady after he had complained of symptoms including: “vomiting, feeling weak, exhaustion, abdominal pain, and a yellowing skin tone.” All of which are identical symptoms to liver injury due to the extended use of the anti-biotic medication Minocycline. A doctor was not contacted immediately, and STAR Academy staff continued administering Minocycline along with Tylenol.

According to, “Liver failure is the most serious side effect of Tylenol. Under normal conditions the liver eliminates acetaminophen (Tylenol) and it’s byproducts without a problem.” If Brady’s liver was suffering from autoimmunity due to the extended use of Minocycline, the STAR Academy staff’s decision to add Tylenol to the equation and not consult a doctor immediately after Brady complained of symptoms identical to complications with Minocyclin could have been the fatal element leading to Brady’s death.


According to the DCI Report on the death of Brady Folkens, Brady was forced to shovel snow on the 20th of December, the day before his death, even after STAR academy staff admit he complained he was feeling extremely ill.  Medical staff at Custer Regional Hospital were told by Brady that he had been nauseous, vomiting, and feeling exhausted since at least the 17th of December, THREE DAYS prior to being forced to shovel snow. It would be 24 more hours until Brady would receive any medical attention where doctors would later determine that Brady had a blot clot in his liver. He died en route to Avera Mckennan Hospital in Sioux Falls on the 21st of December.

When Governor Daugaard was confronted by Dawn about the death of her child he did NOT apologize, but instead told her, “That’s a not a good deal.” Brady’s mom later received a $250,000 medical bill in the mail, and a $50,000 bill for the emergency charted jet.

DCI report

According to a study conducted by Neil S. Goldstein, MD, Nasser Bayatti, MD, Ann L. Silverman, MD, and Stuart D. Gordan, MD, Brady’s life may have been saved had STAR academy staff not continued administering Brady’s prescribed Minocycline upon the first signs of severe side-effects from that medication. In their study a 16-year old who had taken Minocycline for acne had complained of symptoms similar to Brady’s. Her doctor told her to stop taking Minocycline immediately; after four weeks her liver was functioning normally again.

Minocycline Study

Minocycline Study

A pathology report conducted by Raed A. Sulaiman, MD, found that Parvovirus B-19 DNA and anti-bodies were found in a sample of Brady’s blood. Although it is extremely rare, Dr. Sulaiman concluded that Brady died from complications induced by this rare virus generally found in animal life. However author Fabio R. Tarvio, MD, PHD claims that Lymphocytic Myocarditis is not only initiated by Parovirus B-19, but also augmented by autoimmunity. Autoimmunity is a complication where the body attacks it’s own cells, and is caused by disease or severe reactions to medications. Severe reactions like the ones caused by complications from Minocycline, the same Minocycline prescribed to Brady, along with Tylenol, leading up to his death. Dr. Raed Sulaiman’s pathology report also states that Lymphocytic Myocarditis can also be caused by “auto-immune disease and drug reactions.”

Pathology Report - Brady

What kind of perversion is it when children are sent out to their deaths for skipping school and failing a test for the consumption of herbs? Is it really a trait of intelligence to be “obedient” to a master? Are public schools in America today even actually giving children an “education,” or are they simply indoctrinating the youth to adopt submissive beliefs? Was Brady ever asked if he wasn’t being challenged enough attending school?

The following audio clip was found on Soundcloud and was uploaded by Brady Folkens shortly before being admitted into the STAR academy. Does this sound like a dumb student who smoked herbs and deserved to die, or an extremely gifted and talented musician who simply had things on his mind above and beyond his peers?

Brady Tweet

 “Recording of Brady Folkens Playing Guitar at age 15”

Perhaps South Dakota needs to re-think how it handles children before another gifted artist gets murdered by poisoning and neglect until liver failure is imminent. Who are they to expect that every single 17-year-old in South Dakota is not capable of independently educating themselves? Such as how Abraham Lincoln independently educated himself on becoming a lawyer. Time and time again America’s greatest leaders are those who don’t abide by the norms of their peers.

Brady’s mother pleaded with the state to send her son to a treatment facility over the herb detected in Brady’s urinary analysis. The state concluded that it would be more profitable to charge Dawn $300 a month for them to slowly murder her son, then transfer custody back over to her after Brady had turned blue, and had been deceased for some time, so that they would not have to be responsible for the $250,000+ in medical bills and emergency air flights.

Skipping school and smoking a herb does not equate to needing to send that child to a bootcamp EVER, and it is especially not worth it to scare the youth into attending class for “educational purposes” with a possible death sentence hanging over their heads. Will Dawn ever get justice for the negligent homicide committed by the state? I hope so, but all I can really say for certain is that God has a bootcamp for all those involved in this cover up, and all those involved with the murder of this child. Full Interviews with Dawn Van Ballegooyen can be found at the following links:

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No Honor Left From South Dakota’s Media

“Who Ignores Brady Folkens’ Grieving Mother Over Photos of Dr. Annette Bosworth?”

Brady Folkens
Brady Folkens

7-5-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. There once lived a boy whose name the state is desperately trying to get you to forget, going so far as to label the boy’s grieving mother as being part of Dr. Annette Bosworth’s “mouthpiece camp” in open court. His name was Brady Folkens, and you wont hear about him on the “Left Wing vs Right Wing” paradigm state-controlled media, because they literally walked passed Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen in Pierre last Wednesday at least a dozen times while they scurried about the courthouse grounds concerning themselves instead with a petitioning violations trial. Tired of their insults, Dawn confronted a dozen photographers and journalists waiting for Brady Folkens’s former doctor, Annette Bosworth, to exit the courthouse.

“The state murdered my son and why aren’t you as a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, standing beside me and demanding answers!!!” -Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen

All of their heads began facing downwards in shame. Only ONE photographer mustered the courage to even respond back to Dawn, but all he really said was that he would have a reporter “look into it” as there were dozens of reporters standing around. Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen can’t even find an attorney in the state of South Dakota with the courage to challenge the current government, one attorney going so far in dishonoring himself that he claimed to Dawn, “There is not enough money in it for me to take this case.”

“They said that Brady was throwing up in a waste paper basket, a guy (employee at STARS academy) said to Brady, ‘Folkens if your faking it you’re doing a damn good job of it.’ And Brady said to him, ‘Sir, I’m not faking it.'”

“I’ve had lawyers tell me that I have an open and shut case, then in maybe a month they come back and tell me they can no longer represent me and they walk away from me.”

Full Interview with Dawn Folkens Ballegooyen

“In a report even one of the people that worked at STAR mentioned that they didn’t even understand why Brady was even there, because thats who Brady was, just a nice kid.”

“A nurse came over to me and said, ‘Are you Brady’s mom?’ and I said yes and I was very distraught because I knew that there was something wrong.”

“They said I was present, but I wasn’t present when Brady died because his lips were blue, and his ears were blue and his fingertips were blue, and his body was very very cold.”

Dawn Speaking at the Downtown Library in Sioux Falls

“You can see where they blacked out screens covering up what exactly was going on in STARS academy. Where it talked about Brady throwing up, How many times, they didn’t want me to see that.”

“I asked the Governor to sit down and talk with me and he wont talk with me, Marty Jackley wont talk with me, nobody will talk with me.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.49.04 AM

How much longer will South Dakota allow themselves to be bamboozled with state-propaganda and commercial rubbish about Popeye’s Chicken? When did South Dakota’s self-proclaimed “media” become the mouthpieces of corrupted state officials hiding like rats from a mother seeking answers about the wrongful death of her child!? But most importantly, how much longer will it be until what happened to Dawn’s son happens to yours because of the media’s neglect to report on the state’s crimes?

GeorgeOrwell Quote

> > > Justice For Brady Alan Folkens Community Page < < <


“Lies, Deceit, & Murder: Nightmare at STAR Academy Bootcamp. ‘What Really Happened to Brady Alan Folkens?'”

The Empire Strikes Back, South Dakota Levies 12 Felonies Against Christian Missionary

“Attorney investigating EB-5 found dead shortly after uncovering his findings of state-sponsored corruption”

History_10_Things_You_Dont_Know_About_Ben_Franklin_SF_still_624x352 5 – 28 -2015 Sioux Falls, SD by Devin Saxon. The idea was in doubt from the very beginning, causing Benjamin Franklin to question what type of government this beautiful new independent country should adopt, “A republic, if we can keep it.” he famously spoke. A noble quote indeed, but it seems heeding these crucial words has ultimately surpassed South Dakota’s vigilance for freedom and liberty, as we remain caught up in the illusion of her care-free place in the world, adopting instead the farce which believes that South Dakota is a little invincible state where nothing bad ever happens. If that were true it would only be because “bad” doesn’t even begin to tease the layman of the magnitude of horrendous atrocities that are taking place across this sleeping country-side, this so-called “republic.”

Hutterite Colony
Hutterite Colony

Exhibit A:  THE BILL OF RIGHTS: In a republic all the good people living within hardworking Hutterite colonies would be allowed to address their grievances by petitioning to allow their doctor, Annette Bosworth, to run as a candidate for their interests, but in South Dakota we call that a crime against humanity and guilty of 12 felonies, showing our patriotism further by levying less felony charges against child molesters, rapists, and murderers. Is it not also a form of redressing grievances in and of itself to personally petition to run for Senate to end corruption in government? When asked on his thoughts of Dr. Annette Bosworth’s trial, Independent Candidate for Governor of South Dakota and Professor of Law, Michael Myers, had this to say, “I used to teach all these guys, and as former students of mine, I want to know why an attorney isn’t being charged with a crime here.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.09.00 PM

Exhibit B: THE DEATH OF BRADY FOLKENS: Essentially kidnapped from his mother over a herb, Brady was then sent to the STARS academy in Rapid City while he had a dire health ailment. Only after Brady was near death did state officials in Rapid City allow for him to receive medical treatment, but it was too late, Brady passed away en route back to Sioux Falls. In a republic there would have been crowds gathered in outrage to support Brady’s mother in getting the justice she deserves, but in South Dakota the media ignores her, and following along so do the people. Dawn Folkens-Ballegooyen can not even find an attorney in this state that is willing to challenge the state government.

Exhibit C: THE DEATH OF RICHARD BENDA: Solely blamed by South Dakota’s state officials for millions of dollars stolen in the EB-5 scandal, Benda was then found dead in the woods with a crater in his stomach from a shotgun blast. Although the shotgun found nearby had a barrel length which made it impossible for him to have pulled the trigger himself, the state found that Benda had, “committed suicide.” In a republic the people would have appointed an investigator to uncover the truth, but in South Dakota that individual, Patrick Duffy dies, nobody notices, we get a lengthily delayed releasing of Benda’s death record, and the ‘death by stick’ theory is sent out to be gobbled by state-controlled media, case closed, go home, nothing to see here. When someone commits suicide in South Dakota they don’t do it in an inefficient and agonizing manner, you can go back to work now, and by the way, it was that Benda guy who stole all that EB-5 money, nothing else, carry on.


American-Revolution-Hero-HIn a republic, South Dakota would not prohibit the Hutterite people their God given RIGHTS to petition their grievances against the government by nominating Dr. Annette Bosworth to run on their behalf for Senate. In a republic there would be no need to petition to gain access to a ballet to begin with. In a republic economic development directors don’t wind up dead in the woods with out explanation. In a republic, the people of Sioux Falls would be utterly outraged that those damned hogs in Pierre would dare levy 12 felony counts against an independent christian physician living in our city. IN A REPUBLIC THE PEOPLE BEING DECENT AND HONORABLE WOULD NOT ALLOW A MOTHER TO BARE THE STRUGGLE ALONE IN RECEIVING JUSTICE FOR THE MURDER OF HER SON!!! IN A REPUBLIC THE PEOPLE OF SIOUX FALLS WOULD BE AT EVERY INTERSECTION OF THIS CITY SCREAMING HELL NO!!! THIS MUST STOP!!!! Is South Dakota a republic? Or is it as defectors of freedom, justice, and the Constitution have always claimed, “a shame from the beginning?”



 Scenes from Saturday’s Protest Against Corruption on 41st St & Louise Ave, Join Us Tomorrow at HIGH NOON on 41st St & Minnesota Ave!

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Have You Ever Been Cheated On? If You Live in South Dakota, the Answer is YES

“STUNNING New Revelations of Mass Election Fraud, and State Mandated Child Abuse!!”

Sioux Falls, SD. 3-23-15 By Devin Saxon. Not that long ago, on August 1, 1946, a highly anticipated election was taking place in Athens, Tennessee.  Although in celebration of the long awaited conclusion to WW2, for many residents in Athens, unfortunately only an unnerving alarm could be felt returning home from serving multiple tours of duty in Europe and in the South Pacific, finding that in their absence defending their country, and in an inconceivable fashion, that their local governments had been profiteering off of arresting and incarcerating innocent American citizens throughout McMinn County. Knowing that the votes of the returning veterans would offset the incumbents’ chances of victory, throughout the election of 1946, some 200 armed deputies patrolled the voting precincts, shootingbattle one man before confiscating the election ballot boxes, and fleeing to hole themselves up at the local jailhouse to illegally tally the results of the vote. In order to preserve the election process that countless GI’s had fought and died for in the Islands of the Pacific, on Normandy Beach, and in the bitter German winter, more than 2000 returning World War Two Veterans took up arms from the Tennessee National Guard Armory, dynamited the jailhouse open, and counted the ballots for the first time in years in open view of the public, breaking wide open one of the largest election fraud scandals in history. 

Historical Reenactment of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946

Coincidently, not that long ago, on November 4, 2014, an election was held across the State of South Dakota. Similarly, many residents have grown increasingly alarmed that since Governor Daugaard has taken office, child abuse cases have dramatically skyrocketed, leading many to believe understandably that their Governor, along with their Attorney General, Marty Jackley, are unethically profiteering off of the inhuman practice of removing children from the custody of their innocent parents, and instituting them into physically abusive, emotionally damaging, and unsafe foster care homes.  

“It’s a tough thing for your children to be begging for help, and mom and dad, are not allowed to speak with our children on the phone… It’s not about truth, It’s not about justice, It’s about the dollars they made stealing my children. Innocence should not cost you everything.” -Wendel Hiland, Butte County South Dakota

Brady Folkens
Brady Folkens

In one instance, citing that because her son had consumed a natural herb, the State insisted that it was now more suited to care for the well-being of her child than her herself, and threatened Dawn (Folkens) Van Ballegooyen to turn over custody of her teenage son, Brady Folkens, to the STARS program, or face potential criminal charges. Shortly there-after him being instituted into state custody and STARS academy staff assuming responsibility over the safety of her son Brady, age 17, he began suffering from a serious medical ailment under the full knowledge of STARS officials, and which went ignored by STARS staff members for over four weeks. Trapped in the state’s nightmare, Dawn’s child then found himself being treated by unqualified STARS program officials, who negligently failed to inform Brady’s mother of his prolonged illness, and then failed to immediately seek medical professionals for an examination; instead self-prescribing Brady a cocktail of assorted over-the-counter medications, definitively implicating multiple officials of the STARS academy as being complacent in further complicating of Brady’s health, leading to the unmanageable deterioration of his condition, and in doing so having committed multiple counts of criminally-negligent manslaughter. One staff member reportedly claimed to Brady’s mother that he thought Brady was only, “faking it,” further admitting that he foolishly complimented Brady for doing, “a damn good job,” of acting while Dawn’s child was in a chronic and alarming state of nausea. Only when Brady was near death did the State finally make a decision to transfer him, frail and clinging to life, by air to Sioux Falls for emergency medical treatment, where the pronouncement of his death was delayed until after the arrival of his mother, who had only been informed hours prior that her son had ever been ill to begin with. Unnervingly, in a true Gestapo fashion, Marty Jackley had state custody of Brady transferred back to his mother moments before doctors officially declared that Brady was medically deceased, effectively delivering back, after kidnapping her child, a deceased son, before heartlessly transferring over to Brady’s grieving mother financial obligations amounting into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency medical transportation bills, all of which the murderers at the state’s STAR program in Custer are liable to pay. Further complimenting this tasteless gesture, Attorney General Marty Jackley denied Brady’s mother Dawn, Brady’s own personal journal for several months; Brady’s mom only receiving her child’s final journal entries, upon them being tampered with, and erased. 

Heartbreaking Testimony from Dawn (Folkens) Van Ballegooyen, Mother of Brady Folkens

“There was in a report even that one of the people who work at STAR mentioned he didn’t understand why Brady was even there. That’s who Brady is, just a nice smart kid. Brady was the type of boy he always tried to protect me, he didn’t want me to worry… When I saw him, he was yellow. They had a curtain around his bed, on the other side was the doctor and 5 other gentlemen from STAR academy, they were whispering..  Brady was already going into shock when he was on that ambulance, before they even loaded him onto that plane, but someone made the call to continue that airplane ride, which is very very hard on you when you are sick, to be up in that high of an altitude. The state said I was present, but I wasn’t present when Brady died. His lips were blue, and his ears were blue, and his fingertips were blue, and his body was very very cold. He was already gone.”-Dawn Ballegooyen

Is it any wonder, as was the case 68 years prior in Athens, Tennessee, that armed deputies were once again illegally patrolling the voting precincts this 2014 Mid-Term election? as it grows ever clearer that the men these officers call their bosses, Marty Jackley and Dennis Daugaard, are involved in yet another sick endeavor endangering the lives, safety, and health of South Dakota’s children!? Why would a sitting Attorney General fire Brandon Taliaferro? the prosecutor who was suingmette-phor the Department of Social Services, and the man who was finally taking the initiative fulfilling South Dakota’s needs to reign in on unbound reports of sexual abuse by predators posing as foster parents!? And what officer of the law would choose NOT to assist in the investigations conducted by Taliaferro, who is quoting as saying his dismissal by Marty Jackley’s office was due to an account of Taliaferro’s refusing to, “cover-up in misconduct.”  But most of all, if not but to sacrifice their victims’ innocence for the purposes of the devil, and to pocket more murder money from hard working South Dakotan parents, why would Dennis Daugaard and Marty Jackley ever plot to do this to the outstanding citizens of this great state?

“Whoever, being an officer of the Army or Navy, or other person in the civil, military, or naval service of the United States, orders, brings, keeps, or has under his authority or control any troops or armed men at any place where a general or special election is held, unless such force be necessary to repel armed enemies of the Unites States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both; and be disqualified from holding any office of honor, profit, or trust under the United States.” – 18 U.S. Code>592

53d841020143f.preview-620Adding to the heartland’s ever worrying plights, earlier this past election season, Richard Benda, South Dakota’s Economic Development Director, was found dead with a shotgun wound to his abdomen. For the sake of pitying insanity, the same armed deputies who were documented illegally patrolling polling places on November 4, 2014, all of who also answer to Governor Daugaard and Marty Jackley, and whose investigations unanimously concluded that the man found dead with a shotgun wound to his abdomen was solely responsible for the millions of dollars in revenue stolen from South Dakota’s corrupted EB-5 program, coincidently are all the same authorities whose ill-placed audacity also believes that although the length of the shotgun prevented Benda from shooting himself, that that gap in the official report was adequately explained and filled conveniently by the Attorney General’s office with the classic, “Suicide by Stick,” theory; a theory which is barely a notch above the believability that, “my dog ate my homework,” which, ironically enough, was seemingly the excuse used by South Dakota’s Secretary of State this last election year, whose dog evidently ate out of the section of his law books where it clearly spells out that it is illegal under state law to not automatically add to the ballot a candidate who is running unopposed in their party. Consequently, two candidates running on restoring the principles of the U.S. Constitution, and who were running unopposed in their parties, were illegally removed from the ballot by SD Secretary of State, Jason Gant, during the 2014 mid-term elections.

 “Unopposed candidate automatically nominated–Primary not held if no contest. A candidate for the nomination to an office, or election to a party office, having no opposing candidate within his party, shall automatically become the nominee of his party or elected party official for said office, and his name shall not be printed on the primary election ballot. If there are no opposing candidates for the nomination or election of either state or county candidates in any county, no primary election shall be held in that count, and the candidates shall be automatically nominated or elected.” – SD Statute 12-6-9

Although it is clear, that unlike the people of Athens, Tennessee, from 1946, the people of South Dakota in 2015, in keeping with ideal justice, and in ever-minding our sublime American honor, are not going to raid the local National Guard Armory in Sioux Falls, and dynamite state administrative buildings open until our votes are truly properly counted, still, one can’t help but wonder, what if South Dakotans possessed an identical freedom loving spirit as to what Americans had shared in 1946? and that our votes were counted by hand for a change; fairly and openly in front of the public? Would we, as the people of Athens had, also uncover our own case of potentially one of the most expansive schemes of election fraud in U.S. history? According to research conducted by esteemed mathematician and election fraud specialist Richard Charnin, and the frugal investigations conducted by the Chairwoman of South Dakota’s Constitution Party, and former Secretary of State candidate, Lori Stacey, the answer is a conclusive, clear as day, and definitively casted (YES) ballot. 

Lori Stacey must now be considered one of the best election activists in the unending battle for election transparency. I had the pleasure of working with her in developing the cumulative vote share analysis. The graphics reveal election fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. This article (Questions Loom Over South Dakota’s Mid-Term Elections), written by Lori is one of the best I have read in my 14 years of election fraud analysis.” -Richard Charnin, MS in Applied Mathematics, author of Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts, and the author of Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes, and the National Exit Poll

Excerpts from Lori Stacey’s Article on “Questions Loom Over South Dakota Mid-Term Elections”


 “For this county (Minnehaha) to end in a highly improbable 15% margin of victory in the most heavily populated county in the state is a glaring finding of suspected, significant election fraud.” -Lori Stacey


 “Brown County’s graphs show even more cause for concern as to the rightful likely county winners. I heard people joke about Rick Weiland’s campaign slogan, ‘Take it back!’ Well now, maybe Weiland needs to try to do just that.” -Lori Stacey

newsfff“You will, find a very similar, suspicious pattern with the margin between Krebs and Schultz beginning at less than 3%, and ended up spreading out to an unbelievable victory margin of 25.7%. Add to this the mysterious record low turnout numbers and I believe this race’s final numbers statewide are also literally Unbelievable.” – Lori Stacey

President Andrew Jackson once said, when ending wide-spread corruption committed by the Second National Bank of the United States, “Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you’ve won, you divided the profits amongst yourselves, and when you’ve lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves, and by the Eternal I will rout you out!”

Finally full circle, in the spirit of Andrew Jackson, and in the spirit of true American patriotism, should we all now nobly admit today, that we have all been hoodwinked by false gentlemen, that for far too long we have had men and women watching that hydra beast of corruption roaming freely throughout our beautiful countryside, and in doing so allowed the destruction of tens of thousands of families’ lives, our good names may endure some shame, but in exposing this new den of vipers and thieves ‘We the People’ allowed to manifest in our backyards, there sins will not be on our hands; but should we go on and ignore these transgressions taken against us, against our families, and against our Dakotan ways of life, and in doing so allow more innocent children to be devastated by our compliance in ignoring these dire issues pressing at hand, leading 50,000 more families to devastation, then these sins that had been dealt out by Dennis Daugaard and Marty Jackley will most definitely land squarely on our plates. For it would have been ‘We the People’ who had knowingly allowed the work of the devil to occur, and to shamelessly forsake our neighbors while we sheepishly awaited to suffer all the same, as was what came to be the conclusion of these guys’ horrifying fates. 11010619_1563273740615939_6427211855400678344_n