South Dakota Makes Example Out Of A 9-Year-Old: We Will Charge YOU! For Your Parent’s Pot

“Child in Sioux Falls Finds Himself Caught-Up in Mindless Drug War Crossfire”

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.36.00 PM5-14-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Often throughout the journey of time, the intrusive nature of crude barbaric recourses are burdened upon the lives of children. In America we founded a nation to combat that barbaric activity, and instituted protections against such ignorances from the state. Gladly it seems however, that South Dakota casts aside that sublime American ideology in favor of the failed policies of medieval chastisement. On May 8th, 2015, in the 8th most corrupt state of our country, a 9-year-old boy brought his parent’s marijuana to school and was charged for possession of a creation of God. Not since a fourteen year old boy’s head was hacked off for cutting down a ‘liberty-tree’ during the French Revolution has such an ill perversion of justice been committed by a compliant people idly standing by. Thankfully for the essence of liberty, ‘justice for all’ still rings out in dozens of concerned citizens who have pledged to protest this absurd atrocity. concernedparents3 concerned5joshua-heldreth-mdTo blatantly put it, any grown adult who would consider a 9-year-old with pot as a danger to society, is themselves either a coward, or a total psychopath, and more of a danger to society than any mere child still learning. By filing charges against this child these sociopathic lawyers seemingly wish to take South Dakota down the same route the guillotine fanatics of the French Republic traveled ages ago, not for themselves mind you, but for the rest of us, and especially for 9-year-olds in possession of a creation of God. Is there any doubt then that these senile prosecutors are by far the greatest threat to South Dakota? of whom essentially are the same attorneys responsible for our state as being rated the 8th most corrupt state in the nation? Is it not beyond an absolute certainty that this 9-year-old boy poses ZERO danger to society? Of course that is until he begins a long life of resentment against the state for destroying his family over a natural herb that grows from Earth’s soil. Even the child’s school didn’t feel as if the 9-year-old was a danger to the rest of the students at Hawthorne Elementary, or parents would have been informed that a child had brought a creation of God into the classroom for show and tell. concernedparent concernedparent2 Science tells us that perpetual motion machines are not possible in regards to the laws of physics, so what blasphemy to the natural order of the world is a political machine that brews criminals, hires criminals, and prosecutes children with criminals to create even more criminals, manifesting the highest incarceration rates of juveniles in the country, so much so that the entire world is laughing at us? Hawthorne Elementary Mission Statement: (EXCEPT for children carrying plant matter) Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.18.35 PM