Tumor in Sioux Falls is Culprit of Over 400 Traffic Collisions, Dozens of Injuries

“At the Heart of Sioux Falls, 7 of the 10 Worst Intersections Encircle Two Golf Courses”

5-10-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. While City Councilors go on another mass annexation spree, removing five segments of land and property from their rightful owners by sinister agents of the state, for purposes unasked for by a fair majority of the populace, Sioux Falls continues on in a haze, as if their resources are being proportioned amongst the population automatically in an honorable fashion. Never-mind that tumor clogging the very center of the city causing an additional 15-minutes of hazy driving time through an idiotically established, and purposely hidden detour, of which city planners have evidentially deemed necessary that any residents who do not golf, or own a golf course, are to be considered peasant-folk, and they must travel around.

Statistics Since 2013
City Statistics Since 2013

It is clear that these so-called city planners are either morons of an absurd nature, or that they are in fact treating the citizens as cattle to be prodded throughout their ranch, desperately forcing residents into commercial districts through the use of only two routes to travel from east to west or vise versa. Why else would city officials assume that the traffic collisions are the fault of residents themselves? Silly, clumsily traveling local residents, shopping and not paying attention, that must be to blame if they are traveling on 41st St or West 12th St? What type of preposterous people come up with this crap?

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To push the bounds of ridiculousness even further, on behalf of the same residents the city blames for having poor driving ability, while blatantly ignoring their own lack of leadership skills kissing ass to golfers, the city is claiming to be focused on the annexation of land that contributes little to the costliness burdened upon the populace, such as the land currently forcing the majority of residents to drive around for miles every day to and from work, or when visiting family and friends. How long in the tax-payer’s name, will city planners continue to ignore this obvious blood clot currently clogging up the commercial center of this city? The answer to solving what is causing so many hard working people to suffer the costs incurred by 1-2 ton vehicles colliding with each other consistently like Hotwheels Racers once every other day in South Dakota’s largest city, is so simple that it’s insane in 2015 it has yet to be discussed.

DZFP Proposed Road connecting E 26th ST & W 26th St with onramps to I-29
Pat Costello - Economic Development Director
Pat Costello – Economic Development Director

These golf courses are marking on the Sioux Falls map, in full display, a clear symbol of who this city really belongs to, the money junkies. South Dakota has become the 8th most corrupt state in the country. Not only are these golf courses held as divine and untouchables, many golf courses in Sioux Falls are receiving, or have already received, unheard of benefits on an account of tax-payers. Back in 2009 as city councilor, the ever wise and noble Pat Costello voted for a $1.7 million tax-payer funded expenditure to be used to renovate the Prairie Green Golf Course, which ended up passing, and was supposedly intended to attract business owners to Sioux Falls. Afterwards Costello quietly voted against renovating the downtown library, laid off his employees, and sold his own business, the Timberlodge Steakhouse, before moving to Pierre after being offered the job he holds now, the economic development director of South Dakota serving under Governor Dennis Daugaard; hardly a noble example indeed. On top of that dabbling in genius, $5 million was awarded to the city to renovate a Sioux Falls-Owned Golf Course by the FAAstamping bright and clear for the whole nation to see Sioux Falls listed first in the National Spending Waste-Book. 

Excerpt from the National Spending Waste-book —>

Excerpts from National Waste-Book
Excerpt from National Waste-Book

Beings that the top 5 worst intersections in Sioux Falls are 41st Street and Kiwanis Ave, 41st Street and I-29, 41st Street and Louise Ave, 41st Street and Western Ave, and 41st Street and Marion Road, I can clearly see now, as the city council does, that our problem here must be on 57th Street and Bahnson Avenue on the south-Side, which is where there just so happens to be a small segment of land our greed-stricken city planners have their sights on annexing next. Perhaps the money junkies can use that land to move their sacred golf courses to the outskirts of town, as opposed to bottlenecking the entire city on two main routes, sparing the residents of Sioux Falls from 400+ traffic collisions every few dozen months, just so that the money junkies don’t have to go through the horror of driving an additional 15-minutes outside of town to go golfing.

Sioux Falls: Economic Plan

Sioux Falls Economic Plan