Marty Jackley to Star in New Comedy This Fall

“Residents Grow Weary of the Attorney General’s Vindictive Sense of Humor”

Marty Jackley without Lokki’s Mask

10-13-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. Much to the dismay of South Dakotans state-wide, Attorney General Marty Jackley has once again made the public aware that his office is keen on subjecting the citizenry to yet another show playing out his horrible taste in comedy. This comes as residents are still unable to determine whether Jackley’s initial blockbuster premiere was a horror flick, satire, or just some sick sadistic mingling between the two genres with a dab of perverting justice to add some wild card spice.

The Mask2Who could forget Jackley’s first motion picture where he donned a man playing the Attorney General of South Dakota who just so happened to find a mask with magical powers that, when worn, conjured up the ancient Norse god Lokki to posses him — turning Jackley into a supernatural playboy exuding charm and confidence allowing his office to break the law at will through-out the movie, which went on to be aired through-out South Dakota on every corporate owned local news-station.

With his magic mask, Jackley was then able jester his way past reason and logic into covering-up countless transgressions perpetrated by criminal elements currently plaguing South Dakota’s now the_mask___removing_by_hyperomegasonic-d5auwtpinfamous state government. The irony to Jackley’s show (spoiler alert) is that Marty made certain to only wear his magic mask when not in the public’s eye, assuring that only his victims were privy to seeing it.

Towards the end of the movie, Richard Benda, playing South Dakota’s Economic and Development Director, was found shot dead in the woods. Following this event came perhaps one of the best one-liners in the entire flick with the state’s investigation, lead by the masked-man Jackley, concluding that Benda had “secured a shotgun against tree” and “used a stick to press the trigger, shooting himself in abdomen.” The state went on to blame Benda for millions of dollars in missing money from a corrupted EB-5 program which Benda was managing — signed off on by the then Governor Mike Rounds.

Green Jackley 4

Critics are unsure whether this aspect of the plot-line was a joke, or simply a sinister tragedy involving a cover-up at the highest levels of government.

Despite the critic’s concerns, fans roared last year at the release of the classic sequel to The Jackley Mask starring Bob Mercer, a reporter with the Rapid City Journal. Last year’s second installment brought a showdown between Mercer and Jackley resulting in Mercer suing the Attorney General to disclose details of the DCI’s investigation into the highly questionable “suicide” of Richard Benda.

Later on in the much anticipated follow-up film, The Jackley Mask: Part II, Mercer gets a hotly debated ruling handed down to him from 2014’s best supporting star, Judge Kathleen Trandahl, playing herself. Trandahl nearly won an academy award for best actress for what many are saying was the best line of the film:

“There is no evidence that the attorney general abused his discretion by making consent from a member of Benda’s immediate family a precondition to disclosure. Recognizing that Benda’s family may have personal and privacy reasons to keep the details of his suicide confidential is not unjustified or unreasonable.” – Judge Kathleen Trandahl

Green Jackley 16

Perhaps the most controversial installment of The Jackley Mask Trilogy was Part III, which aired earlier this summer starring Dr. Annette Bosworth, a political heavy-weight upon launching her first candidacy. In the movie Dr. Bosworth challenged The Jackley Mask’s regime’s handling of the Mettle Rape Scandal, Richard Benda’s Death, the missing EB-5 money, and Brady Folkens’ murder among many other talking-points. In doing so she out-raised the establishment favorite, Senator Mike Rounds, in campaign funds — leaving Jackley no choice but to dust off and take up Lokki’s mask once again.

Arguably the best joke aired on TV this past summer season was when Jackley’s character finally donned Lokki’s mask in Part III, and filed felony charges against Bosworth for “perjury” and filing a “false instrument” over petitions she signed. The charges stemmed from this statement found on the bottom of petitions being circulated throughout South Dakota:

“I, under oath, state that I circulated the above petition, that each signer personally signed this petition in my presence, and that either the signer or I added the printed name, the residence of the signer, the date of the signing, and the county of voter registration.” 

Jackley’s evidence? Dr. Bosworth’s signature states she “under oath” witnessed 12 signatures on a Hutterite colony sign her petition while she was on a Christian medical relief mission in the Philippines, so Bosworth couldn’t have been present in South Dakota to collect the 12 signatures personally.

No word yet as to what the term “oath” in this statement is actually pertaining to or what the contents of the “oath” are to begin with. Speculations are running wild as South Dakota’s law-books and statutes don’t explain it either. Many residents are now asking themselves, who is actually supposed to be giving the oath to the circulator and who is supposed to be witnessing it? The Notary? Notaries don’t have any “oath” to read off that a circulator repeats and swears to while holding up their right hand.

With this many unanswered questions swirling around some legal advisers are informing notaries NOT to notarize any petitions at all in an attempt to prevent notaries themselves from committing “perjury” and “filing a false instrument” which they may be guilty of, according to South Dakota’s laws, by notarizing a petition without witnessing a specific oath being given to each particular petition circulator to swear to.

Regardless of the  faulty “oath” vendetta, Bosworth’s hired attorney and legal counsel for her campaign, Joel Arends, advised her that she was “good to go” when she asked if it was ok for her to sign as the circulator for a petition with 12 signatures he knew she had not been physically present to witness. Arends was later found to have been helping to raise funds for Bosworth’s opponent, Senator Mike Rounds, before Arends gave her his faulty legal advise.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-16-at-12.16.57-PMIf that wasn’t enough, Arends was recently accused of illegally raising funds and running a campaign event for Donald Trump with an unrecognized and likely criminal political action committee — with Arend’s knowing full well that the IRS had revoked his PAC’s non-profit status. 

Unfortunately, none of that stopped the masked-man Jackley from his overzealous prosecution and convincing the courts to find Dr. Bosworth guilty of 12 felonies — effectively stripping away an esteemed doctor’s medical license.

As audiences were expecting the credits to roll following Bosworth’s persecution and sentencing, another plot twist occurred in Jackley’s show that blew everybody away. With many holding out in anticipation to see if the mad-man Jackley would be back at it with his mask again, sources have indeed confirmed that it does appear that a spin-off series is now in the making to be released this fall featuring Dr. Bosworth’s husband, former Libertarian candidate for Attorney General and outspoken critic of ‘Ol Marty, Chad Haber, who is now being charged by Jackley’s office with the same crimes as his wife, but this time for only two signatures he signed as a circulator for “under oath,” under the same legal advice and counsel as Bosworth.

This comes as a shocker to viewers, many of whom were expecting to see charges filed against former state representative Steve Hickey, who also signed petitions he was not personally present to witness according to an affidavit filed by former Independent candidate for lieutenant governor, Lora Hubbel. Hickey has since fled to Scotland to study “ethics.”

After searching for days on the Internet for an answer to how an American can be charged with a crime pertaining to filing a petition, #DakotaZFreePress came across an old document written by some people way back in the day. These people claim to be “founders” of some sort, and must of all had children because they also claim to be “fathers” of a country. This document contains a list of ten unalienable rights given by our creator — rights that the federal or state governments are forbidden to interfere with in any manner what-so-ever. Luckily I stumbled upon the first unalienable right right away and jotted it down quickly before losing interest and forgetting about it, as many in the K-12 public education system are likely to do now that the Revolutionary War has been cut out of the history curriculum. The passage is quoted as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT for a redress of grievances.” – 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, also known as THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND 

Abridging seems to be a key word in that passage. Whatever abridge means is something that Congress can NOT do UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHAT-SO-EVER to any person who petitions the government for a redress of grievances. According to this “Constitution of the United States of America” written by “WE THE PEOPLE,” if Congress did pass a law which did “abridge” a persons God-given FREEDOM to petition the government for a redress of grievances, that law would need to be ruled as unconstitutional by the courts, because if the courts failed to do so in their duty as Americans, then the government would in fact lose it’s consent to govern the people of the United States of America — who have agreed to allow their government to exist so long as that government does not violate simple unalienable rights listed in their Constitution.

Sounds fair enough to me! “Abridge” according to my dictionary says, “to shorten a book, movie, speech, or other text without losing the sense.” Consequently, this document does appear to in fact state that God, an omnipotent being, has given to the whole of man-kind an opportunity to practice liberty and freedom, and in doing so to petition their government for a redress of grievances, grievances of which can be redressed by nominating a new candidate, perhaps a beloved pro-bono doctor, to be placed on the Republican party ballot, without anybody worrying about the government “shortening” any aspect of American freedoms to petition for that idea, or any idea seeking a redress of grievances from the government.

Thankfully for Americans everywhere, these so-called “founding fathers of our country” wrote the Constitution to protect their posterity from something they fought dearly against called “tyranny,” which they found was evident and a-foot when the government no longer had the consent of the people to govern. One founding father even foretold that the government may one day claim to be “protecting” the people by “abridging” their freedoms away from them – he invented electricity on his spare time.

Funny, Marty Jackley also coincidently claims that his prosecution of Dr. Bosworth’s family is on an account of his “protecting the integrity of the elections” by criminalizing people petitioning for a redress of grievances from the government. In that case, to end this bad movie, there seems to be only one more thing left to do:

Jackley Mask 2


Native Americans Advance Human Rights, South Dakota Freaks Out!

“Local Media has a Hissy Fit Over Marijuana Legalization”

6 – 17 – 15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Like whining lap-dogs bowing to the state looking for their treats, local media outlets around South Dakota immediately took to the airwaves making adorable little lists of things South Dakotan residents, “need to know,” about the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe’s recent decision to partially legalize God’s creation on Earth, also known as the harmless plant cannabis. Here to remind whining dogs of their place in the world, #DakotaZFreePress has also made a cute little list of things South Dakota’s citizens need to know about advancing human rights:

1.) The Testimony of GOD.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.43.02 AM

2.) The Testimony of Peter Christ, Police Captain with 20 Years Experience, THE DRUG WAR IS A SCAM ON TAXPAYERS

3.) The Testimony of Robert Tosh Plumlee C.I.A. Veteran Pilot and Army Captain, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS THE MAIN DRUG SUPPLIER IN THE USA

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.00.22 AM

4.) The Testimony of Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father of America, 3rd President of the United States, Founder of the University of Virginia, Member of the First Continental Congress, and Author of the Declaration of Independence:




5.) The Testimony of George Washington, 1st President of the United States, Leader of the Continental Army, Victor of the Revolutionary War, Founding Father of the United States of America, and President of the 1st Continental Congress.



6.) The Testimony of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, Signer of the Emancipation Proclamation, Won the Civil War, Ended Slavery, his face is carved on Mount Rushmore.



7.) Attorney General Marty Jackley Says he is Concerned About People Driving While High, but SUPPORTS DROPPING CHARGES FOR CHILD MOLESTERS.

8.) Police say they will need more military equipment and police dogs for hippies, but they still haven’t done anything about Marty Jackley sending Criminal Investigations Units after Shirley Schwab for protecting the Mette Children from CHILD MOLESTERS.

9.) The Corporate Media isn’t covering the Mette Rape scandal because they are the lap-dogs of the state, and that is more dangerous for the citizens of South Dakota than a plant created by God that sows seeds and grows naturally all over the planet EARTH.


Marty Jackley Claims Justice Department is Playing Politics as he uses Courts to Persecute Political Rivals

“Jackley Accused of Widespread Voter Suppression on Hutterite Colonies”

“We will NEVER vote again!” suppressed Hutterites claim

Gun-Annette-Bible (1)
Dr. Annette Bosworth

5-19-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. A perversion of justice has taken place, that much is abundantly clear, the only question to ask now is who perpetrated this perversion upon individual rights ordained by GOD, and what to do with the scum of which they certainly are. Over in corner #1 we have an independent physician, Dr. Annette Bosworth, stunningly successful at managing to survive outside the realms of both Avera McKennan and Sanford Health. She is renown for helping to pay her low-income patient’s medications not covered by Obamacare, all while quietly raising more senate campaign funds than her counter-part, Senator Mike Rounds.

Attorney General Marty Jackley
Attorney General Marty Jackley

In corner #2 we have the estranged attorney general, Marty Jackley, accused of covering up allegations of fraud pertaining to the EB-5 scandal, covering up child molestation perpetrated by the Department of Social Services, and covering-up the murder of former economic development director Richard Benda. Jackley also stands accused of aiding the state in covering up the  homicide of 17-year-old Brady Folkens, and in kidnapping Native American children from their families; what some are considering systematic genocide.

Round 1 – Standing resilient, former U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth is charged with not being personally present to witness a few signatures on a petition to put her candidacy on the mid-term election ballot while she had been using her medical skills on a Christian mission in the Philippines.


Round 2 – Running scared back to corner #2, Attorney General Marty Jackley tosses a clumsy jab, claiming Bosworth’s actions aiding in the medical relief of the Philippines while on a Christian mission, and not being present for just a few signatures on a petition signed to put her on the ticket last November were, “serious, deliberate and must be addressed in order to preserve the integrity of our elections.”


Round 3 – Appearing flustered, Jackley with a heavy left hook in April 2014 sent Criminal Investigations Units to FOUR Hutterite Colonies intimidating members in front of their families prior to nation-wide elections last fall. He misses and lands filed complaints to the FBI, and recommendations of further investigations of election fraud committed by Jackley to the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice.


Round 4 – Bosworth, dodging another missed uppercut by the feared Hutterite Bully, now with the support of the crowd, prominent Christian groups, and Political Gurus on Capital Hill, who are all charging Attorney General Marty Jackley with extreme conflicts of interest in picking a fight with Bosworth, as he was appointed by Mike Rounds, the man who was running against Bosworth through-out the spring of 2014 and an undeniable major player in possessing the political motivation to be behind Jackley’s mindless bulldogging, clearly Bosworth is favored by the judges tonight.


Round 5 – Like a madman, Jackley uses his office to threaten witnesses away from telling the truth in court. But WAIT! The Honorable Judge John Brown is stepping into the ring, I’ve never seen this in all my years. Judge Brown is offering Jeff Beck protection from the Hutterite Colony bully, to ensure the law is upheld as it was meant to be. You are a TRUE Judge John Brown, bless you bringer of justice and hope!

Round 6 – Jackley is on the floor, wounded badly, 9, 8, 7, 6, Jackley makes a dumbfounded face as he struggles to stand back up on just ground, 5, 4, 3, Jackley still struggling to stand justly, he is arguing now that the Federal Courts and Justice Department are playing politics, the crowd is booing him, 2, 1 THAT’S IT FOLKS WE HAVE A WINNER BY KNOCK-OUT!


Judges Decision– Tonight’s fight between the The Christian Missionary and the Hutterite Colony Bully has concluded, tonight’s host Chuck Norris is now on stage to announce the final judge’s decision.




Have You Ever Been Cheated On? If You Live in South Dakota, the Answer is YES

“STUNNING New Revelations of Mass Election Fraud, and State Mandated Child Abuse!!”

Sioux Falls, SD. 3-23-15 By Devin Saxon. Not that long ago, on August 1, 1946, a highly anticipated election was taking place in Athens, Tennessee.  Although in celebration of the long awaited conclusion to WW2, for many residents in Athens, unfortunately only an unnerving alarm could be felt returning home from serving multiple tours of duty in Europe and in the South Pacific, finding that in their absence defending their country, and in an inconceivable fashion, that their local governments had been profiteering off of arresting and incarcerating innocent American citizens throughout McMinn County. Knowing that the votes of the returning veterans would offset the incumbents’ chances of victory, throughout the election of 1946, some 200 armed deputies patrolled the voting precincts, shootingbattle one man before confiscating the election ballot boxes, and fleeing to hole themselves up at the local jailhouse to illegally tally the results of the vote. In order to preserve the election process that countless GI’s had fought and died for in the Islands of the Pacific, on Normandy Beach, and in the bitter German winter, more than 2000 returning World War Two Veterans took up arms from the Tennessee National Guard Armory, dynamited the jailhouse open, and counted the ballots for the first time in years in open view of the public, breaking wide open one of the largest election fraud scandals in history. 

Historical Reenactment of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946

Coincidently, not that long ago, on November 4, 2014, an election was held across the State of South Dakota. Similarly, many residents have grown increasingly alarmed that since Governor Daugaard has taken office, child abuse cases have dramatically skyrocketed, leading many to believe understandably that their Governor, along with their Attorney General, Marty Jackley, are unethically profiteering off of the inhuman practice of removing children from the custody of their innocent parents, and instituting them into physically abusive, emotionally damaging, and unsafe foster care homes.  

“It’s a tough thing for your children to be begging for help, and mom and dad, are not allowed to speak with our children on the phone… It’s not about truth, It’s not about justice, It’s about the dollars they made stealing my children. Innocence should not cost you everything.” -Wendel Hiland, Butte County South Dakota

Brady Folkens
Brady Folkens

In one instance, citing that because her son had consumed a natural herb, the State insisted that it was now more suited to care for the well-being of her child than her herself, and threatened Dawn (Folkens) Van Ballegooyen to turn over custody of her teenage son, Brady Folkens, to the STARS program, or face potential criminal charges. Shortly there-after him being instituted into state custody and STARS academy staff assuming responsibility over the safety of her son Brady, age 17, he began suffering from a serious medical ailment under the full knowledge of STARS officials, and which went ignored by STARS staff members for over four weeks. Trapped in the state’s nightmare, Dawn’s child then found himself being treated by unqualified STARS program officials, who negligently failed to inform Brady’s mother of his prolonged illness, and then failed to immediately seek medical professionals for an examination; instead self-prescribing Brady a cocktail of assorted over-the-counter medications, definitively implicating multiple officials of the STARS academy as being complacent in further complicating of Brady’s health, leading to the unmanageable deterioration of his condition, and in doing so having committed multiple counts of criminally-negligent manslaughter. One staff member reportedly claimed to Brady’s mother that he thought Brady was only, “faking it,” further admitting that he foolishly complimented Brady for doing, “a damn good job,” of acting while Dawn’s child was in a chronic and alarming state of nausea. Only when Brady was near death did the State finally make a decision to transfer him, frail and clinging to life, by air to Sioux Falls for emergency medical treatment, where the pronouncement of his death was delayed until after the arrival of his mother, who had only been informed hours prior that her son had ever been ill to begin with. Unnervingly, in a true Gestapo fashion, Marty Jackley had state custody of Brady transferred back to his mother moments before doctors officially declared that Brady was medically deceased, effectively delivering back, after kidnapping her child, a deceased son, before heartlessly transferring over to Brady’s grieving mother financial obligations amounting into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency medical transportation bills, all of which the murderers at the state’s STAR program in Custer are liable to pay. Further complimenting this tasteless gesture, Attorney General Marty Jackley denied Brady’s mother Dawn, Brady’s own personal journal for several months; Brady’s mom only receiving her child’s final journal entries, upon them being tampered with, and erased. 

Heartbreaking Testimony from Dawn (Folkens) Van Ballegooyen, Mother of Brady Folkens

“There was in a report even that one of the people who work at STAR mentioned he didn’t understand why Brady was even there. That’s who Brady is, just a nice smart kid. Brady was the type of boy he always tried to protect me, he didn’t want me to worry… When I saw him, he was yellow. They had a curtain around his bed, on the other side was the doctor and 5 other gentlemen from STAR academy, they were whispering..  Brady was already going into shock when he was on that ambulance, before they even loaded him onto that plane, but someone made the call to continue that airplane ride, which is very very hard on you when you are sick, to be up in that high of an altitude. The state said I was present, but I wasn’t present when Brady died. His lips were blue, and his ears were blue, and his fingertips were blue, and his body was very very cold. He was already gone.”-Dawn Ballegooyen

Is it any wonder, as was the case 68 years prior in Athens, Tennessee, that armed deputies were once again illegally patrolling the voting precincts this 2014 Mid-Term election? as it grows ever clearer that the men these officers call their bosses, Marty Jackley and Dennis Daugaard, are involved in yet another sick endeavor endangering the lives, safety, and health of South Dakota’s children!? Why would a sitting Attorney General fire Brandon Taliaferro? the prosecutor who was suingmette-phor the Department of Social Services, and the man who was finally taking the initiative fulfilling South Dakota’s needs to reign in on unbound reports of sexual abuse by predators posing as foster parents!? And what officer of the law would choose NOT to assist in the investigations conducted by Taliaferro, who is quoting as saying his dismissal by Marty Jackley’s office was due to an account of Taliaferro’s refusing to, “cover-up in misconduct.”  But most of all, if not but to sacrifice their victims’ innocence for the purposes of the devil, and to pocket more murder money from hard working South Dakotan parents, why would Dennis Daugaard and Marty Jackley ever plot to do this to the outstanding citizens of this great state?

“Whoever, being an officer of the Army or Navy, or other person in the civil, military, or naval service of the United States, orders, brings, keeps, or has under his authority or control any troops or armed men at any place where a general or special election is held, unless such force be necessary to repel armed enemies of the Unites States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both; and be disqualified from holding any office of honor, profit, or trust under the United States.” – 18 U.S. Code>592

53d841020143f.preview-620Adding to the heartland’s ever worrying plights, earlier this past election season, Richard Benda, South Dakota’s Economic Development Director, was found dead with a shotgun wound to his abdomen. For the sake of pitying insanity, the same armed deputies who were documented illegally patrolling polling places on November 4, 2014, all of who also answer to Governor Daugaard and Marty Jackley, and whose investigations unanimously concluded that the man found dead with a shotgun wound to his abdomen was solely responsible for the millions of dollars in revenue stolen from South Dakota’s corrupted EB-5 program, coincidently are all the same authorities whose ill-placed audacity also believes that although the length of the shotgun prevented Benda from shooting himself, that that gap in the official report was adequately explained and filled conveniently by the Attorney General’s office with the classic, “Suicide by Stick,” theory; a theory which is barely a notch above the believability that, “my dog ate my homework,” which, ironically enough, was seemingly the excuse used by South Dakota’s Secretary of State this last election year, whose dog evidently ate out of the section of his law books where it clearly spells out that it is illegal under state law to not automatically add to the ballot a candidate who is running unopposed in their party. Consequently, two candidates running on restoring the principles of the U.S. Constitution, and who were running unopposed in their parties, were illegally removed from the ballot by SD Secretary of State, Jason Gant, during the 2014 mid-term elections.

 “Unopposed candidate automatically nominated–Primary not held if no contest. A candidate for the nomination to an office, or election to a party office, having no opposing candidate within his party, shall automatically become the nominee of his party or elected party official for said office, and his name shall not be printed on the primary election ballot. If there are no opposing candidates for the nomination or election of either state or county candidates in any county, no primary election shall be held in that count, and the candidates shall be automatically nominated or elected.” – SD Statute 12-6-9

Although it is clear, that unlike the people of Athens, Tennessee, from 1946, the people of South Dakota in 2015, in keeping with ideal justice, and in ever-minding our sublime American honor, are not going to raid the local National Guard Armory in Sioux Falls, and dynamite state administrative buildings open until our votes are truly properly counted, still, one can’t help but wonder, what if South Dakotans possessed an identical freedom loving spirit as to what Americans had shared in 1946? and that our votes were counted by hand for a change; fairly and openly in front of the public? Would we, as the people of Athens had, also uncover our own case of potentially one of the most expansive schemes of election fraud in U.S. history? According to research conducted by esteemed mathematician and election fraud specialist Richard Charnin, and the frugal investigations conducted by the Chairwoman of South Dakota’s Constitution Party, and former Secretary of State candidate, Lori Stacey, the answer is a conclusive, clear as day, and definitively casted (YES) ballot. 

Lori Stacey must now be considered one of the best election activists in the unending battle for election transparency. I had the pleasure of working with her in developing the cumulative vote share analysis. The graphics reveal election fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. This article (Questions Loom Over South Dakota’s Mid-Term Elections), written by Lori is one of the best I have read in my 14 years of election fraud analysis.” -Richard Charnin, MS in Applied Mathematics, author of Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts, and the author of Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes, and the National Exit Poll

Excerpts from Lori Stacey’s Article on “Questions Loom Over South Dakota Mid-Term Elections”


 “For this county (Minnehaha) to end in a highly improbable 15% margin of victory in the most heavily populated county in the state is a glaring finding of suspected, significant election fraud.” -Lori Stacey


 “Brown County’s graphs show even more cause for concern as to the rightful likely county winners. I heard people joke about Rick Weiland’s campaign slogan, ‘Take it back!’ Well now, maybe Weiland needs to try to do just that.” -Lori Stacey

newsfff“You will, find a very similar, suspicious pattern with the margin between Krebs and Schultz beginning at less than 3%, and ended up spreading out to an unbelievable victory margin of 25.7%. Add to this the mysterious record low turnout numbers and I believe this race’s final numbers statewide are also literally Unbelievable.” – Lori Stacey

President Andrew Jackson once said, when ending wide-spread corruption committed by the Second National Bank of the United States, “Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you’ve won, you divided the profits amongst yourselves, and when you’ve lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves, and by the Eternal I will rout you out!”

Finally full circle, in the spirit of Andrew Jackson, and in the spirit of true American patriotism, should we all now nobly admit today, that we have all been hoodwinked by false gentlemen, that for far too long we have had men and women watching that hydra beast of corruption roaming freely throughout our beautiful countryside, and in doing so allowed the destruction of tens of thousands of families’ lives, our good names may endure some shame, but in exposing this new den of vipers and thieves ‘We the People’ allowed to manifest in our backyards, there sins will not be on our hands; but should we go on and ignore these transgressions taken against us, against our families, and against our Dakotan ways of life, and in doing so allow more innocent children to be devastated by our compliance in ignoring these dire issues pressing at hand, leading 50,000 more families to devastation, then these sins that had been dealt out by Dennis Daugaard and Marty Jackley will most definitely land squarely on our plates. For it would have been ‘We the People’ who had knowingly allowed the work of the devil to occur, and to shamelessly forsake our neighbors while we sheepishly awaited to suffer all the same, as was what came to be the conclusion of these guys’ horrifying fates. 11010619_1563273740615939_6427211855400678344_n

Why is South Dakota’s State Government Covering up Richard Benda’s Murder?

Richard Benda
Richard Benda

10-29-14 By Devin Saxon. The Former Economic Development Secretary of South Dakota, Richard Benda, who at the time of his death was facing accusations of embezzling money from South Dakota’s Treasury using his administrative position handling a controversial EB-5 program, which was approved by then Governor Mike Rounds, was found dead near Charles Mix County’s West Goose Lake Township in Lake Andes, South Dakota under mysterious circumstances on October 22, 2013. For days no media coverage, only one local reporter detailed the incident. It is painfully curious that out of every self labeled journalist in the entire state of South Dakota, only one was truly dedicated enough to justice, and haloed in his duty, to provide the facts for all the good people of this great state; especially when it is an obvious high profile case pertaining to the unexplained death of S.D.’s former Economic Director. Thankfully for us today, due to the punctual reporting of Luke Hagen from the Mitchell Daily Republic, we may have had all along uncovered the smoking gun. Within Hagen’s Oct. 24, 2013 report may quite possibly reveal the true culprits of an obvious incident of foul play which after careful examination of all the evidence, is unquestionably involved with this incident.

Abandoned farmstead where Jim Johanneson said he found Richard Benda's body
Abandoned farmstead where Jim Johanneson said he found Richard Benda’s body

According to the Mitchell Daily Republic, Jim Johanneson, the first to find South Dakota’s deceased former Economic Development Secretary, claims he found Richard Benda “laying face down” and immediately reported his findings to the local Sheriff’s Department; stating to Luke Hagen of the Mitchel Daily Republic that he thought Benda had collapsed at that particular location from a “heart attack,” adding that he “did not see any blood” upon his discovering the body. Ray Johanneson, Jim Johanneson’s older brother, spoke with Jim shortly there after. According to Hagen’s October 2013 report,  Jim told his older brother Ray that he witnessed Benda’s body laying “dead in a grove of trees near an abandoned farmstead, along side some trees or whatever” and again affirmed that he “couldn’t see any blood, no nothing” but did “find his gun” also “laying along side a tree.” Most peculiar is that Ray Johanneson later claimed to the Mitchell Daily Republic that the “U.S. Marshals Service and state attorney general’s office had been involved with the investigation” at that time. The Johanneson family says Benda was hunting on their property while they were away and have since remained silent, and refused comments except in their initial prompt, but critical bombshell interviews with Luke Hagen.

U.S. Marshals
U.S. Marshals

Besides missing the boat on uncovering why U.S. Marshals were present investigating Benda’s death less than two days after it occurred, or better yet why a U.S. Federal Agency whose jurisdiction regularly pertains to the apprehension of fugitives,  the transferring of prisoners, or the managing of seized assets acquired through illegal means, were on scene in the first place investigating Richard Benda, who at that time, had already been deceased for two days, was not a fugitive, and had no known property seized.

Apparently not one word from the corporate media concerning this story was deemed worthy to print. That is until over thirty days after Benda’s body was found dead, “along side some trees or whatever” did the main stream media finally begin to ask some serious questions. One key question pertaines to Richard Benda’s Death Certificate, a public record, which was withheld from journalists covering the story; as was reported on by Amicus Lector of the Argus Leader. Lector claims that even after paying his $15 fee for a copy of the record, at least thirty days had past with no word from administrative authorities on the medical examiner’s determinations regarding the circumstances of Richard Benda’s death. Comparatively in just over one week, Lector claims that he was able to attain a death certificate for Tyrese Ruffin, the son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson who died brutally in a case of child abuse.

S.D. Attorney General Marty Jackley accused of refusing to release Benda's death records
S.D. Attorney General Marty Jackley accused of refusing to release Benda’s death records

However finally, after patiently waiting more than 60 days, Richard Benda’s Death Certificate was finally released, and what the State government concluded is unnerving. Stunningly, although a key eyewitness to the body saw “no blood” at the scene, according to the Medical Examiner, Benson had died on an account of a “penetrating wound of the abdomen with a shotgun.” State officials concluding in the death certificate that Benda had “committed suicide” by “securing the shotgun against a tree,”  before using a “stick to pull the trigger to shoot himself.” 

Bob Mercer, Journalist who sued the Attorney General for Benda's Death records
Bob Mercer, Journalist who sued the Attorney General for Benda’s Death records

Since this outlandish claim of “suicide” by “stick” was the best police work that the South Dakota State Government could answer for to all the hard working taxpayers of this great state, it is no wonder Bob Mercer of the Aberdeen American News brought the issue to the courts, as was reported on by David Montgomery of the Argus Leader. Unfortunately for the cause of justice, Mercer’s noble attempt at receiving more answers pertaining to Benda’s suspicious passing this past October 20, 2013, were struck down by Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Trandahl who ruled in favor of the State Government represented by Attorney General Marty Jackley.

As if the United States’ Foreign Intelligence Court’s Lady Liberty mocking rulings deeming without shame that the National Security Agency’s Classified Spy Programs, all of which were controversially passed by a U.S. Congress currently sporting a 14% approval rating,

approval rating were unconstitutionally considered recently as NOT being  an invasion into the American peoples’ privacy, wasn’t already enough of a hard pill to swallow, the honorable Kathleen Trandahl of South Dakota concluded that the releasing of additional details into Richard Benda’s questionable death was an “unwarrented innvasion of personal privacy” outweighing evidently the public’s best interests, the taxpayers best interests, and the citizenry’s frontier truth seekers’ best interests against the “personal privacy” of Richard Benda’s ex wife Cathy Benda, who is representing Benda’s immediate family. The same immediate family of whom Cathy Benda has been so courteously threatening to sue, according to David Montgomery, if any of them, even Richard’s own blood relatives, give their consent to the honest South Dakotan tax payers to view Richard Benda’s death report. Taxpayers of whom Kathy Benda’s ex-husband has been found to benda tweet bighave embezzled money from during his tenure as South Dakota’s Economic Development Director. Embezzled money that she, as Richard Benda’s immediate family representative, would surely have participated in helping Richard spend. What would the American people do if they didn’t have the sensible court system South Dakota enjoy’s to protect them from the intrusions of the other branches of government, or the obvious injustices occurring to the people of whom they are supposedly serving?

Once again that corporate “de facto” beast cast down onto us by the the American BAR Association, hell bent on only distorted facts over the equality of laws, has laughably dismissed several clear facts pertaining to the death of Richard Benda. Of them the fattest fact of them all, inexcusably overlooked by the 6th Circuit Court which insidiously arrived at a truly perverted conclusion to ignore it; that fatty being the recent revelations that Senator Mike Rounds, who was at the time South Dakota’s Governor during Richard Benda’s tenure as

Mike Rounds signed off on EB-5 which Benda used to embezzle money.
Mike Rounds signed off on EB-5 which Benda used to embezzle money.

South Dakota’s State Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, had not only approved of Richard Benda’s economic plan to use EB-5 programs to line Benda’s pockets, but appointed Benda to his position to begin with. One can confidentially assume with high probability that Mr. Rounds may have also approved of Benda’s embezzling to line his own pockets as well.

Also overlooked by the Judiciary is that Marty Jackley, who was first appointed as Governor Round’s Attorney General, is the same Attorney General holding office today currently interfering with journalists getting access to any information regarding the pathetically explained death of Richard Benda,

No worries though, the honorable to her lone self Circuit Court

Judge Kathleen Trandahl
Judge Kathleen Trandahl

Judge Kathleen Trandahl did manage to take at least one fact into consideration. That fact being that because of one D.C.’s judges refusing journalists access to crime scene photos of another suspiciously ruled suicide involving Vincent Foster (aid to then President Clinton), whose bureaucratically plagued court ultimately ruled that the immediate Foster family members had an interest in being, “shielded” to “secure their own refuge from a sensation-seeking culture for their own peace of mind and tranquility”, that that meant to the honorable Trandahl of South Dakota thousands of miles from the practices of that Washington D.C. “sensation seeking” culture, that all common logic and reason should be cast swiftly aside, as the un-honorable Trandahl found justifiable to cite that entirely irrelevant decades old D.C. Vincent Foster case, which was deliberated within a Wall-Street pal pocket-booked 90’s D.C. courtroom, as her factual reasoning to forget her duties of upholding the Constitution in curtailing executive overreach highly suspected of corruption.

Are South Dakota’s hard working taxpayers not to have any peace of mind or tranquility in knowing that their courts and state government, who have recently been found, of all 50 States, as ranked second worst in allowing corruption, are themselves not being tranquil and honest? Only to a fool Is it to be just brushed aside that unlike Richard Benda, Vincent Foster wasn’t under investigation for embezzlement, or that unlike Richard Benda Vincent Foster wasn’t given the go ahead to embezzle money by his boss, or that unlike Richard Benda Vincent Foster’s death records weren’t being contested in court by the same Attorney General appointed by the same boss who gave the same go ahead for the  supposedly coincidentally and now conveniently dead former Economic and Development Secretary Richard Benda.

Where is it that the South Dakotan taxpayer’s are to take refuge from their Government beckoning out to all the world that only by personally knowing insiders in South Dakota is it allowed for businesses to thrive? Will our State Officials insist that they found the economy “dead, along side some tree or whatever” when the free market tanks into the gutter as is generally subsequent of economies filled with corrupted courts and corrupted state officials? Will the State Government then declare that the economy taxpayers alone support has simply murdered itself by securing a shotgun against a tree before it decided to pull the trigger with a stick?  Will the State Government then tell the taxpayers that the economy only blasted a hole in its chest; no need to review the death records we need to protect the economy’s immediate family, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, the Berkshire Hathaways Club, the Koch Bros, the Walton family, the Mars family and Barclay’s from you silly Americans with your silly “sensation-seeking culture”?

What we have managed to learn so far about the death of Richard Benda is certain one day to come full circle. Hidden within this mystery are few clues which are sure to reveal a yet an even bigger picture, likely an all encompassing corrupted plague sweeping across the American countryside. Who were those U.S. Marshals? How did they arrive so quickly on scene, and why were they investigating a case out of their jurisdictions? Why was their a discrepancy between the man who initially reported Richard Benda’s dead body and what was reported on his Death Certificate?  Why did the State Government take so long to produce basic documents to journalists? Why is Benda’s ex-wife threatening to sue her own family to keep them quiet? Why is the Attorney General so keen on preventing Bob Mercer from inquiring in Richard Benda’s death records? Who all had a hand in that loot of EB-5 taxpayer cash the State Government has so conveniently entirely blamed on Benda? But most of all, how long are South Dakotans going to remain asleep at the wheel as their government is walking its boots all over them?