Sioux Falls Economy Grows Heavily Dependent on Financial Fraud & High Interest Credit Card Debt

Residents facing 20% unemployment should the Derivatives Market collapse

 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. Stunning allegations have recently surfaced from an article published out of ProPublica implicating lengthy episodes of extensive financial fraud being perpetrated by the privately owned Federal Reserve Central Bank of New York, and Wall-Street titans Goldman Sachs.  This following recent revelations from Reuters whose figures account that over 100,000,000 Americans are currently unemployedwhile additional accounting out of CNN has concluded that 1 in 3 Americans currently have debt in collections. With several plutocratic financial market gurus betting heavily on a collapse of the stock market, as was reported on by MarketWatch,  and a surplus of oligarchic billionaires buying excessive quantities of gold bullion, which came out of the UK Telegraph, it becomes quite over-apparent that an ailing American economy, crippled by widespread Byzantine styled banking fraud, may soon lead to a 1929 flavored disaster. One can’t help but ponder the worst case scenario, if a financial market collapse of a rarely precedented nature were ever to take place, how would Sioux Falls be affected in the face of a 2nd Great Depression?


After doing some digging around City and Town Information, and through Sioux Falls Development’s Labor Statistics, the answers don’t appear to be promising. Major employers in Sioux Falls seem to be implicated as partly, if not entirely, responsible for America’s present financial calamities facing many millennials today; including some of the most corrupt banks seen in the world to date, Citibank and HSBC, whose combined support of over 4000 hardworking Sioux Falls families may be tainted with the miseries of entire third world nations. Although Citibank and HSBC have each been fined only meager amounts, considering their cornerstone involvements supporting countless murders and violence in Columbia, and in Latin America,  by aiding drug cartels in laundering untold sums of money, as was reported by The International Business Times and Bloomberg,  they each deserve far more drastic examples to be made of their insults to humanity.


As if an insult weren’t enough for humanity why not a crime? Both Citigroup and HSBC perpetrated the largest manipulated financial fraud scheme ever documented with their involvement fixing the LIBOR interest rates, subsequently stealing billions of dollars from depositors, charities, and retirement accounts as covered by the BBC, where yet again HSBC and Citigroup were faced with a slap on their wrists for systematically destroying the life savings of countless families. How can so called “lawmakers” justify punishment for an unarmed robbery to carry a sentence of two years in prison, minding first that the suspect is subjected to due process of his/her occupational achievements within the banking industry? How well does it sit with the city of Sioux Falls that one of our largest employers has caused the American working family’s savings so much harm? Apparently well enough for South Dakota, the second most corrupt state in the country, to dish out additional corporate friendly business taxes, to Citibank and their partners in crime; Wells Fargo, as detailed further by South Dakota’s Department of Revenue.

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Employing over 3000 Sioux Falls citizens, Wells Fargo, is a behemoth of damnation whose largest shareholders are amongst the practitioners of the most corrupt business dealings imaginable. Wells Fargo’s largest shareholder is none other than the likes the Warren Buffet who has recently financed the tax evasion of GMO carcinogenic sterilizing giant, Burger King, into Canada; as reported by the New York Post. Smooth move beings Buffet had been one of the largest beneficiaries of tax funds propping up his investment banking empire from collapse; sickeningly entailed to himself and his precious banking cartel buddies through the TAARP corporate welfare program by a clearly compromised Congress, who according to one Gallop Poll, sported a 13% approval rating earlier this year, right below King George as an all time low.

Wells-FargoBurger King Tim HortonsBuffett__Obama640

The next two major shareholders of Wells Fargo, Vanguard and State Corp, have together earned a combined sum exceeding 3 trillion dollars, and yet both have also commited some of the most heinous fraudulent financial scandals perpetrated upon man-kind; as detailed in documents published by SFGate and Scribd. Still, distregarding all that, coming from the Associated Press, Wells Fargo also was recently sued by the United States Government after being caught manipulating sub prime mortgages to, once again, take advantage of tax payer money.

46022first-premier-bank (1)

If that wasn’t enough to piss you off the next largest employer on the list is everyone’s favorite deceitful bastard, First Premier Bankcard Inc, who employs over 1000 Sioux Falls citizens and has been accused by Congressional Leaders of presenting credit cards with laughably legal 70% or higher interest rates to unfortunate residents hampered by sub prime credit scores. First Premier Bankcard is owned and lead by Denny Sanford who is also the CEO of United Nations Corp, which earns over $1 billion annually. Thankfully, First Premier Bankcard has intentionally sucked dry into debt enough Sioux Falls residents that that delightful robber baron Denny could, to his own credit of course, donate some $400,000,000 of his easy earned cash to the Sioux Valley Medical Center, re-titled for it’s master accordingly to Sanford Health in 2007. No worries though, United Nations Corp has earned 7+ Billion dollars since. For the time being, rest assured that First Premier Bankcard is now using debt slaves’ wages to help finance the Premier Events Center, where more circuses and bread will distract the masses from domestic asymmetric warfare being committed against them.


After throwing in Metabank, who employ some 309 people, and who has also been sued for deceptive business practices, a total of 8,300 Sioux Falls citizens, or roughly 6% of all the paychecks currently recieved in Sioux Falls are just one Lehman Brothers crises from a hefty stack of pink slips being delivered throughout the mail. What else would one expect after aiding in the arguable extortion that has taken place over the poor, middle class and even extortion of the top 1%ers by the group occupying the very top, of the top of the pyramid, those money  junkie 0.01%ers; as detailed further in an article published by Businesweek.

Those who will be indirectly affected may be far more staggering, according to publicly available Sioux Falls Metro Data from 2008, 18,700 employees in Sioux Falls, or nearly 14% of the workforce, are currently involved in the financial sector to some degree, many of whom work in customer service, in bill collections, as office clerks, or as receptionists lacking in higher education. Factoring in Sanford Health’s 7,000 employees who are all being bankrolled by the talented con-artist and CEO of United Nations Corp, Denny Sanford, and factoring in other companies in Sioux Falls dependent on the financial industry like Lawrence and Schiller, who employ 320 citizens, and whose top two clients are none other than, you guessed it, Wells Fargo and HSBC, there is no telling how near a mirror image of Detroit Sioux Falls may be destined to become.



With the United States Justice Department having guided us on a 50% decline in financial fraud prosecutions, as reported by Columbia Journalism Review, at least our exuberant Mayor can be depended upon to look out for Sioux Falls’ long term needs; Huether, the former 15 year subservient to Citibank before enjoying an Executive Vice President position concluding his private sector tenure at the blood sucking organization First Premier Bankcard. As covered by the Washington Post, considering the median household income has dropped dramatiaclly the past six years, who is it that Mr. Huether, with all his experiences in the banking industry, will rob blind now? Thankfully, Huether’s genius of doubling Wal-Mart’s corporate grip over our local economy pays off. Along with selling out the rest of our American countrymen and women dialing out those numbers collecting those slaves’ debts incurred primarily by the needy suffering on an account of massive unchecked banking fraud whose penalties are scooped up by Washington D.C., the next thing we undoubtedly need to do is to take money from small business owners and hand it over to the Walton family.

 Institutions in Sioux Falls  known to lie and commit financial fraud: 

Citigroup – 3200 Jobs, Guilty of Money Laundering for Columbia Drug Cartels, Foreclosure Scandal contributor, implicated involvement in the LIBOR Scandal, TAARP bailout recipient.

Wells Fargo – 3079 Jobs, Foreclosure Scandal contributor, Owned by Warren Buffet (TAARP Bailout recipient)/(Burger King Tax Evasion) and Vanguard/(Vanguard Public Foundation Fraud) and State Corp (CalPERS Fraud)

HSBC – 900 Jobs, Latin American Drug Cartel Money Launder, implicated involvement  in LIBOR Scandal

First Premier Bankcard Inc Jobs -1056, Owned by Denny Sanford CEO of United Nations Corp which earns $1 billion annually. Issuer of high interest credit cards to sup prime credit borrowers who pay 70+% interest rates.

Metabank – Jobs- 309, Sued for Deceptive Business practices

Indirectly affected Companies: 

Sanford Health – 7643 jobs received $400+ million from Denny Sanford CEO of First Premier Bankcard

Lawrence & Schiller Jobs 320 Two Top Clients Wells Fargo & HSBC