Citizens’ Militia in Sioux Falls Takes Up Arms in Defense of Freedom

“South Dakota Regiment Stands Guard Outside Military Recruitment Center on 57th St & Louise Ave”

South Dakota Regiment
South Dakota Regiment

7-22-15 Sioux Falls, SD. By Devin Saxon. Following an Islamic militant attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, fatally wounding 5 US marines, military installations across the nation have rapidly begun being voluntarily safe-guarded by freedom loving American citizens — many of whom are appalled that recruitment centers for U.S. Armed Forces remain sitting duck “gun free zones.” However, instead of welcoming these preservationists of human rights with open arms, according to a newly released document written by the U.S. Marine Corps Recruitment Command, armed citizens are seemingly being discouraged from defending liberty in America, claiming that, “these citizens, while well intentioned, will be counter-productive to our recruiting operations.” Recruitment Center Doc1 Wouldn’t openly demonstrating resistance to Islamic-State radicalism be exceptionally productive to American military recruitment operations? If the U.S. Marine Corps Recruitment Command feels that peaceful armed men holding civilian-grade Radical-Islamrifles outside a public building are scaring potential new recruits away, shouldn’t these minute-men be THANKED? Who wants to have Marines that are afraid of humbly armed civilians? What kind of military is the government trying to recruit? One that is afraid of facing off against heavily armed barbaric enemies across seas — deploying wimpy men who can’t even look past friendly local militiamen’s firearms to walk in the front door?

The local corporate media’s news coverage was even disconcerting towards the Constitutionally inspired South Dakota Regiment minutemen, who guarded the Military Recruitment Center in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, claiming that these two proudly armed citizens possessed “military grade” weaponry, which was either a statement of ignorance or a blatant lie. Marines use 3-Round-Burst M4 Assault Rifles and civilians use the semi-automatic AR-15, if you don’t know the difference between them — don’t quit your day job.

Rifle Comparison

SD Regiment Logo What is it that America is fighting for if not for our freedoms — including our freedom to bare arms and assemble peacefully in a well-regulated militia in the face of mad-men and tyrannical Islamic-State sympathizers?  When did “being necessary for the security of a free state” get erased from the 2nd amendment of the Constitution? But most importantly, why are brave men and woman in the military disarmed at recruitment centers to begin with? Are American Marines not the most skilled and well-trained professional marksmen in the world? What disaster is the government expecting to occur by discontinuing the insanity of disarming our bravest men and woman of the armed forces simply because they are at a recruitment center or occupying a military base? Or is it that the government is afraid of armed marines wandering around on American soil while Congress and the President have the lowest approval ratings ever recorded? Until the truth is finally revealed all we can really say is Kudos to South Dakota Regiment and Oath Keepers for ensuring the security of our free state! 2nd-amendment-800x594CLICK HERE and “Like” SOUTH DAKOTA REGIMENT on Facebook!

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