Governor Daugaard Targets South Dakota’s Students With Devastating Penalties

“New State Debt Collection Office to be Managed by a Computer, Operated by a Private Party”

  newsmeme22-2-15 Sioux Falls, SD By Devin Saxon. Governor Daugaard, whose leadership skills quietly oversaw more than $500,000 being stolen from a corrupted EB-5 program by his partner in Pierre, Richard Benda, now seeks to levy penalties on South Dakotan students. In the most disturbing fashion, South Dakota’s State Government is currently seeking to recoup revenue lost on an account of Governor Daugaard’s fallacies by issuing contracts out to private parties pursuing to collectivize South Dakotan students’ bank accounts and personal assets. Under Senate Bill 59, introduced upon recommendation of Daugaard appointed Department of Revenue Secretary Andy Gerlach, a new State “Debt Collection Office” would be instituted targeting students who owe any loans within the South Dakota Board of Regents system with strict penalties such as seizure of bank accounts, 100% wage garnishment, restrictions from obtaining vehicle registration, preventing access to hunting and fishing licenses, and the denying of professional licenses to obtain quality paying jobs. Not only would this bill prevent students from accessing these basic economy driving community services, this legislation would give contracted third parties access to students’ personal data to make collections for the state; Senate Bill 59 stressing clearly that no decisions made my the new debt collection office are to construed as being made by an elected body.

Andy Gerlach
Andy Gerlach, SD Revenue Secretary

This is after South Dakota’s Banking Commission voted 4 – 0 declaring that the British Virgin Islands Company Epoch Star, which was created solely to loan out 30 million dollars to the now bankrupt Northern Beef Plant at 29% interest, was not engaged in money lending, directly leading to the loss hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from revenue that South Dakota’s Treasury earns charging licensing fees, and taxing banking franchises operating out of offshore tax havens. Mercilessly, while hammering down on struggling students, Governor Daaugard has saw fit to retain the man who lead the decision to cheat South Dakota taxpayers on the Epoch Star decision, John Lillibridge, within South Dakota’s Banking Commission. Lillibridge claims to David Montegomery of the Argus Leader that he doesn’t “recall” missing out on an overly justifiably opportunity to tax a company earning 29% interest on a $30 million loan operating out of an international tax haven. Of course we are also lead to believe that Richard Benda, who work along side Daugaard in Pierre as South Dakota’s Economic Development Director, and was supposedly solely responsible for stealing money from South Dakotan tax payers during Daugaard’s tenure as Lieutenant Governor, and supposedly solely managed to suicide himself with a stick. Safely assumable on the credit of facts, let alone the words of Senator Mike Rounds himself, our Governor was either too incompetent to stop Benda, or had consciously allowed Benda to steal over $500,000 from South Dakota’s EB-5 program. And who does the State now seek to re-coup the losses incurred under Daugaard’s blind eyes? None other than the future leaders of this great country, honest and hard-working students, decimated by the recession not cause by them, but suffered terribly by millennials as they graduated into it.


Now, after a recession has been inflicted upon them, that was voted for to come into existence while they were still children, South Dakota’s students are being ordered to submit to the wrath of the State, which seeks to plug in every debt management decision conducted by education seekers into the limited capacity and thoughtless rational of a centralized computer, all of which will be established and maintained by a separate contracted third party. This third party operating and controlling the state’s centralized computer would be given students’ names, social security numbers, addresses, bank accounts, and the balances in each account. Goodness, I can’t imagine anything going wrong there. Thankfully, SD Senate Bill 59 claims to prohibit these contracted third parties, who would maintain the state’s centralized managerial decision making computer, which feeds only on collectivized personal student data, from disclosing any information of South Dakotan students other than to the State Debt Collection Office; similar in fashion to the Apple Corporation’s assurances to Jennifer Lawrence, and JP Morgan’s empty promises to more depositors than there are people living in South Dakota.

ramen_t700Although more than just students who have borrowed money to obtain an education are being targeted by SD Senate Bill 59, beings that parents who are behind on child support payments are already barred from accessing hunting licenses or acquiring car registrations, and beings that the majority of South Dakota’s financial aid services are provided primarily to those seeking an education nearer to home, SD Senate Bill 59 is clearly designed specifically to target South Dakota’s esteemed students. Not only would the state’s new debt collection office issue administrative wage assignments on employers to garnish the paychecks of their employed students, this bill would allow students’ employers to charge fees for the homely service of providing their employee’s personal data over to bureaucrats. Incredulously, SD Senate Bill 59 would garnish the entire paychecks of students should they give notice that they are quitting their jobs, essentially a loophole towards legalizing debt slavery. Hoping the courts will be able to resolve this horrid dilemma would likely be a fruitless endeavor, as SD Senate Bill 59 insidiously gives employers and financial institutions immunity from civil or legal penalties for disclosing their employees or clients’ information.student-debt

In essence SD Senate Bill 59 would create an office that does absolutely nothing to benefit society other than establishing another bureaucracy to issue contracts out to “third parties” to store private citizens data, all while issuing out even more contracts out to additional third parties to construct and operate a decision making computer, and issuing other contracts out to other “third parties” to collect on debts that this centralized managerial decision making computer claims are to be made. Who in their right minds on this side of hell could have written SD Senate Bill 59, if not but satan himself? And who in their right minds would ever vote for this bill, other than being in right with corruption, and in right with the devil?

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” -Revelations 13:17

college cost trendsMontana and Iowa are currently the only two States with penalties on students bogged down by commercial banking running amok as strict as those that would be levied under SD Senate Bill 59’s Debt Collection Office, and beings there are no penalties imposed on struggling students in the 47 other States, should SD Bill 59 become enacted as law, South Dakota’s Senate might as well institute a bounty hunting office to track down South Dakota’s youth fleeing nationwide.

National Financial Institutions were caught stealing over 1 Trillion crop380w_20100812edloans_vs_ccards_2461_image002dollars over a 30 year period manipulating LIBOR international interest rates. According to SD Senate BIll 59, if a 20% fee on the principle balanced of student loan debt is to be imposed on hardworking students, similarly, collecting the stolen $1,000,000,000,000 from national commercial financial institutions, and imposing a 20% collection fee on that principle debt would raise $1,200,000,000,000. Coincidently in America today, the total amount of debt owed by all American Students is also $1,200,000,000,000. I may not be a managerial order issuing computer that is centralized and operated by a contracted third party for an unelected debt collection office, but I do know quite simply that America’s education has been hijacked by hedge fund gamblers.


How has Governor Daugaard, who in 2013 was skydiving to honor Dakota State college students after they participated in purchasing over 32,000 Blizzards at a local Dairy Queen to raise money for charity, now today become their Judas, as he is seeking to recover debts owed by that same spirited youth, to recoup taxpayer money Daugaard lost under his leadership as Governor, and revenue squandered away while Daugaard was conveniently the sleeping Lieutenant Governor under Mike Rounds? SB59P