Why is South Dakota’s State Government Covering up Richard Benda’s Murder?

Richard Benda
Richard Benda

10-29-14 By Devin Saxon. The Former Economic Development Secretary of South Dakota, Richard Benda, who at the time of his death was facing accusations of embezzling money from South Dakota’s Treasury using his administrative position handling a controversial EB-5 program, which was approved by then Governor Mike Rounds, was found dead near Charles Mix County’s West Goose Lake Township in Lake Andes, South Dakota under mysterious circumstances on October 22, 2013. For days no media coverage, only one local reporter detailed the incident. It is painfully curious that out of every self labeled journalist in the entire state of South Dakota, only one was truly dedicated enough to justice, and haloed in his duty, to provide the facts for all the good people of this great state; especially when it is an obvious high profile case pertaining to the unexplained death of S.D.’s former Economic Director. Thankfully for us today, due to the punctual reporting of Luke Hagen from the Mitchell Daily Republic, we may have had all along uncovered the smoking gun. Within Hagen’s Oct. 24, 2013 report may quite possibly reveal the true culprits of an obvious incident of foul play which after careful examination of all the evidence, is unquestionably involved with this incident.

Abandoned farmstead where Jim Johanneson said he found Richard Benda's body
Abandoned farmstead where Jim Johanneson said he found Richard Benda’s body

According to the Mitchell Daily Republic, Jim Johanneson, the first to find South Dakota’s deceased former Economic Development Secretary, claims he found Richard Benda “laying face down” and immediately reported his findings to the local Sheriff’s Department; stating to Luke Hagen of the Mitchel Daily Republic that he thought Benda had collapsed at that particular location from a “heart attack,” adding that he “did not see any blood” upon his discovering the body. Ray Johanneson, Jim Johanneson’s older brother, spoke with Jim shortly there after. According to Hagen’s October 2013 report,  Jim told his older brother Ray that he witnessed Benda’s body laying “dead in a grove of trees near an abandoned farmstead, along side some trees or whatever” and again affirmed that he “couldn’t see any blood, no nothing” but did “find his gun” also “laying along side a tree.” Most peculiar is that Ray Johanneson later claimed to the Mitchell Daily Republic that the “U.S. Marshals Service and state attorney general’s office had been involved with the investigation” at that time. The Johanneson family says Benda was hunting on their property while they were away and have since remained silent, and refused comments except in their initial prompt, but critical bombshell interviews with Luke Hagen.

U.S. Marshals
U.S. Marshals

Besides missing the boat on uncovering why U.S. Marshals were present investigating Benda’s death less than two days after it occurred, or better yet why a U.S. Federal Agency whose jurisdiction regularly pertains to the apprehension of fugitives,  the transferring of prisoners, or the managing of seized assets acquired through illegal means, were on scene in the first place investigating Richard Benda, who at that time, had already been deceased for two days, was not a fugitive, and had no known property seized.

Apparently not one word from the corporate media concerning this story was deemed worthy to print. That is until over thirty days after Benda’s body was found dead, “along side some trees or whatever” did the main stream media finally begin to ask some serious questions. One key question pertaines to Richard Benda’s Death Certificate, a public record, which was withheld from journalists covering the story; as was reported on by Amicus Lector of the Argus Leader. Lector claims that even after paying his $15 fee for a copy of the record, at least thirty days had past with no word from administrative authorities on the medical examiner’s determinations regarding the circumstances of Richard Benda’s death. Comparatively in just over one week, Lector claims that he was able to attain a death certificate for Tyrese Ruffin, the son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson who died brutally in a case of child abuse.

S.D. Attorney General Marty Jackley accused of refusing to release Benda's death records
S.D. Attorney General Marty Jackley accused of refusing to release Benda’s death records

However finally, after patiently waiting more than 60 days, Richard Benda’s Death Certificate was finally released, and what the State government concluded is unnerving. Stunningly, although a key eyewitness to the body saw “no blood” at the scene, according to the Medical Examiner, Benson had died on an account of a “penetrating wound of the abdomen with a shotgun.” State officials concluding in the death certificate that Benda had “committed suicide” by “securing the shotgun against a tree,”  before using a “stick to pull the trigger to shoot himself.” 

Bob Mercer, Journalist who sued the Attorney General for Benda's Death records
Bob Mercer, Journalist who sued the Attorney General for Benda’s Death records

Since this outlandish claim of “suicide” by “stick” was the best police work that the South Dakota State Government could answer for to all the hard working taxpayers of this great state, it is no wonder Bob Mercer of the Aberdeen American News brought the issue to the courts, as was reported on by David Montgomery of the Argus Leader. Unfortunately for the cause of justice, Mercer’s noble attempt at receiving more answers pertaining to Benda’s suspicious passing this past October 20, 2013, were struck down by Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Trandahl who ruled in favor of the State Government represented by Attorney General Marty Jackley.

As if the United States’ Foreign Intelligence Court’s Lady Liberty mocking rulings deeming without shame that the National Security Agency’s Classified Spy Programs, all of which were controversially passed by a U.S. Congress currently sporting a 14% approval rating,

approval rating were unconstitutionally considered recently as NOT being  an invasion into the American peoples’ privacy, wasn’t already enough of a hard pill to swallow, the honorable Kathleen Trandahl of South Dakota concluded that the releasing of additional details into Richard Benda’s questionable death was an “unwarrented innvasion of personal privacy” outweighing evidently the public’s best interests, the taxpayers best interests, and the citizenry’s frontier truth seekers’ best interests against the “personal privacy” of Richard Benda’s ex wife Cathy Benda, who is representing Benda’s immediate family. The same immediate family of whom Cathy Benda has been so courteously threatening to sue, according to David Montgomery, if any of them, even Richard’s own blood relatives, give their consent to the honest South Dakotan tax payers to view Richard Benda’s death report. Taxpayers of whom Kathy Benda’s ex-husband has been found to benda tweet bighave embezzled money from during his tenure as South Dakota’s Economic Development Director. Embezzled money that she, as Richard Benda’s immediate family representative, would surely have participated in helping Richard spend. What would the American people do if they didn’t have the sensible court system South Dakota enjoy’s to protect them from the intrusions of the other branches of government, or the obvious injustices occurring to the people of whom they are supposedly serving?

Once again that corporate “de facto” beast cast down onto us by the the American BAR Association, hell bent on only distorted facts over the equality of laws, has laughably dismissed several clear facts pertaining to the death of Richard Benda. Of them the fattest fact of them all, inexcusably overlooked by the 6th Circuit Court which insidiously arrived at a truly perverted conclusion to ignore it; that fatty being the recent revelations that Senator Mike Rounds, who was at the time South Dakota’s Governor during Richard Benda’s tenure as

Mike Rounds signed off on EB-5 which Benda used to embezzle money.
Mike Rounds signed off on EB-5 which Benda used to embezzle money.

South Dakota’s State Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, had not only approved of Richard Benda’s economic plan to use EB-5 programs to line Benda’s pockets, but appointed Benda to his position to begin with. One can confidentially assume with high probability that Mr. Rounds may have also approved of Benda’s embezzling to line his own pockets as well.

Also overlooked by the Judiciary is that Marty Jackley, who was first appointed as Governor Round’s Attorney General, is the same Attorney General holding office today currently interfering with journalists getting access to any information regarding the pathetically explained death of Richard Benda,

No worries though, the honorable to her lone self Circuit Court

Judge Kathleen Trandahl
Judge Kathleen Trandahl

Judge Kathleen Trandahl did manage to take at least one fact into consideration. That fact being that because of one D.C.’s judges refusing journalists access to crime scene photos of another suspiciously ruled suicide involving Vincent Foster (aid to then President Clinton), whose bureaucratically plagued court ultimately ruled that the immediate Foster family members had an interest in being, “shielded” to “secure their own refuge from a sensation-seeking culture for their own peace of mind and tranquility”, that that meant to the honorable Trandahl of South Dakota thousands of miles from the practices of that Washington D.C. “sensation seeking” culture, that all common logic and reason should be cast swiftly aside, as the un-honorable Trandahl found justifiable to cite that entirely irrelevant decades old D.C. Vincent Foster case, which was deliberated within a Wall-Street pal pocket-booked 90’s D.C. courtroom, as her factual reasoning to forget her duties of upholding the Constitution in curtailing executive overreach highly suspected of corruption.

Are South Dakota’s hard working taxpayers not to have any peace of mind or tranquility in knowing that their courts and state government, who have recently been found, of all 50 States, as ranked second worst in allowing corruption, are themselves not being tranquil and honest? Only to a fool Is it to be just brushed aside that unlike Richard Benda, Vincent Foster wasn’t under investigation for embezzlement, or that unlike Richard Benda Vincent Foster wasn’t given the go ahead to embezzle money by his boss, or that unlike Richard Benda Vincent Foster’s death records weren’t being contested in court by the same Attorney General appointed by the same boss who gave the same go ahead for the  supposedly coincidentally and now conveniently dead former Economic and Development Secretary Richard Benda.

Where is it that the South Dakotan taxpayer’s are to take refuge from their Government beckoning out to all the world that only by personally knowing insiders in South Dakota is it allowed for businesses to thrive? Will our State Officials insist that they found the economy “dead, along side some tree or whatever” when the free market tanks into the gutter as is generally subsequent of economies filled with corrupted courts and corrupted state officials? Will the State Government then declare that the economy taxpayers alone support has simply murdered itself by securing a shotgun against a tree before it decided to pull the trigger with a stick?  Will the State Government then tell the taxpayers that the economy only blasted a hole in its chest; no need to review the death records we need to protect the economy’s immediate family, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, the Berkshire Hathaways Club, the Koch Bros, the Walton family, the Mars family and Barclay’s from you silly Americans with your silly “sensation-seeking culture”?

What we have managed to learn so far about the death of Richard Benda is certain one day to come full circle. Hidden within this mystery are few clues which are sure to reveal a yet an even bigger picture, likely an all encompassing corrupted plague sweeping across the American countryside. Who were those U.S. Marshals? How did they arrive so quickly on scene, and why were they investigating a case out of their jurisdictions? Why was their a discrepancy between the man who initially reported Richard Benda’s dead body and what was reported on his Death Certificate?  Why did the State Government take so long to produce basic documents to journalists? Why is Benda’s ex-wife threatening to sue her own family to keep them quiet? Why is the Attorney General so keen on preventing Bob Mercer from inquiring in Richard Benda’s death records? Who all had a hand in that loot of EB-5 taxpayer cash the State Government has so conveniently entirely blamed on Benda? But most of all, how long are South Dakotans going to remain asleep at the wheel as their government is walking its boots all over them?